The Predator – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews The Predator, starring Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, Yvonne Strahovski. Directed by Shane Black.

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    1. Like he was about to break up with some crazy chick, but she told him she’s pregnant. Or his kid destroyed a bunch of priceless artifacts at a museum, and Chris just found out the cost of the damage. 😂

    1. Yeah’ the movie just didn’t scar me which all the predators. have and also Shane add. where to much humour and the CGI predator was not needed.

    2. The Nice Guys is awesome. Iron Man 3 sucks, but compared to this Predator film, it’s a goddamn Oscar winner. It’s like every decision made is the worst possible choice. Be good kids. If you go to hell, this might be the film you have to watch over and over for eternity.

    3. I recommend to you all watching more CinemaWins (especially IM3) and less CinemaSins because their team is a band that can not decide if their videos are just comedy or actual reviews (*spoiler* they are not)

  1. Was it good? No, not really. Was it the funniest goddamn movie I’ve ever seen? Yes.

    EDIT: So since everyone is now fighting in my reply section for no goddamn reason, I find it logical to have to clarify myself. I didn’t mean that the movie was necessarily funny in the intentional sense. However, this was the best time I’ve ever had watching a movie, mostly because of how bad it is.
    Now everyone please calm down

    1. *_Well I don’t know about the movie being so funny. There were (some) parts that were. Just like the (original) movie._*

    2. I only laughed about 3 times not a loud laugh either what a mess I don’t normally complain about movies but they had a really good chance to revive the whole franchise:(( I cant see a sequel for over a decade now

    3. I went with 5 friends and we spent the whole film in hysterics. It’s a bad, bad, terrible film but damn if it wasn’t entertaining to watch that cocaine fire burn.

  2. Chris. What the heck is it with movies today, and having to shove humor into them? The Predator and Thor are not comedy franchises. I feel like it’s something the producers of these movies push. A good example of cramming silliness into a movie where it doesn’t belong is Superman (78). The goofy humor was pushed by the producers in that one.

    1. Exactly. That’s what I have been saying for a while. Idk why films need to break dramatic moments with a dumb unfunny comedy. Or breaking suspense for a cringey quip. It’s like people have forgotten how to make movies these past 8 years. Emotion is all over the place you have no idea how the film is supposed to make me feel by the end.

  3. Funny thing is, it started out and I was like “ok now we’re going somewhere” then as soon as the scientist and the guys link up and then the son is introduced, it all went downhill. Everyone’s character had no depth. There was no narrative as he says. It just felt like they patched a bunch of scenes together. I could go on and on but I’ll just leave it as BAD. Perfect to play in the backdrop while doing chores at home when it finally comes out on Netflix. Save your money. It felt like Transformers 2 all over..

  4. Yeaaaaaa, there goes all hope for a decent Predator universe . This movie is like watching an episode of the GI Joe cartoon from the 90’s. enjoyable…in a way

    1. *Did you see the part towards the end, when they open up the space tech, and it grabbed one of the scientist? And it cover the guys entire body.*
      *Then the space-tech separated itself… And the lead actor soldier said, that his…*

  5. top action movies of all time
    1. Die hard
    2. Terminator 2 judgement day
    3. Robocop Original of course
    4. Predator
    5. The terminator
    6. aliens
    7. Mad max fury road
    8. John wick 1 and 2 they are equally good
    9. The matrix
    10. Speed
    To be honest this list was extremely hard to make This list changes a lot. Die hard is the definition of just a straight action movie is with out sci-fi.
    T2 is The best sci fi action movie ever made. Robocop, Predator, Terminator And Aliens Are soooo iconic so well known 80s action movies to be honest I love all of them the same. The Matrix has the most interesting story of all of time same with T2. Then I saw Fury road in theaters and I was so shocked I loved that movie so much because It was the best action since the 90s. 2010s were bad with action movies. Also John wick 1 and 2 were huge surprises as well. Speed another Keanu Movie that was awesome. I also loved point break and Total Recall, Commando and True lies. And I am 17 born in 2001

    1. +lschroter2020 You must be stuck in past nostalgia if you think the _Mission Impossible_ films aren’t any good at all whatsoever. I understand if those films aren’t on on your list (because those movies you named out are damn good) but they received equal praise from the strong majority of audiences, fans & critics and defied itself each movie even more. If that’s your opinion, fine, but don’t state it as if it were a fact when it’s not true.

  6. I was disgusted by this movie… as a fan of Predator since childhood, I waited almost a decade and a half for a new predator movie and was psyched for this one… I watched it yesterday in cinema… I was excited to see the new predators and the language they used was awesome, the new predator was also really awesome… but the thing that killed it for me.. was they turned Predator, a scifi thriller/horror… into the fucking A Team/Suicide Squad using old cliches that were Cringeworthy… not cool… then on top of all of that… the ending (wont spoil it) made me cringe even more, I walked out of the cinema, disgusted and disappointed… thinking… this is Not Predator… IT’S FUCKING IRON MAN RESKINNED. Thanks Shayne Black… you destroyed it… you turned an awesome world of ancient tribal alien hunters into super heroes and villains.

    I honestly thought this was going to be a movie to end the franchise (or to revive it) and we’d get to see the Yautja Prime (predator homeworld) and entire clans fighting each other or maybe a lone unblooded predator, stalking the human world so he can return to his clan and homeworld victorious and celebrated. Even the plot line of Alien vs Predator (made by Rebellion) had a better plot than this movie ffs. Upsetting.

    1. I m a Marvel fan.
      But Shane Black Marvelised The Predator with a ton of jokes.
      He deserved a new Nickname
      Shame Blac.

    1. Gotta say it to you, The Predator is not a good movie but for me it was a fun time, if you go with friends I’m sure you’ll laught a lot about the absurdity of this movie.

    2. FrakU2 I partly agree. On one hand, I agree that you should check out movies on your own, because your opinion/reaction may be different from others; on the other hand; I am not too happy about throwing money at someone who did nothing to deserve it. For this particular movie I wanna say, watch it for free when it’s on Netflix/TV or w/e other way. 😛

  7. Hey Chris, have you seen a norwegian movie called The Troll Hunter?
    It’s a fictional documentary about a dude hunting trolls in the deepest woods of Norway. So I guess you’d call it a found footage movie, BUT it’s really awesome and entertaining!
    CGI is lacking in some parts, especially the close encounters with the trolls, but in general, it’s an awesome monster movie with alot of trolls (and they’re big AF), the acting actually isn’t too bad and it has a very creepy vibe to it. If you haven’t seen it, you should totally check it out.

  8. I actually really enjoyed this movie. I am a fan of the Predator films, I loved the design of the new Predator. Aside from the awful ending I would say it was decent.

    1. The ending was pretty bad, but yeah I agree. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. It doesn’t try to be anything else than it is. I was entertained.

    2. Well as of now. Its one of the biggest flops of 2018, so good judgment of movies buddy, keep it up, your taste in movies is outstanding, you should be become a critic lol

    3. +krishtian Sev not everyone is going to hate the movie pal. Look at The Last Jedi. Just because a movie is a flop as you call it doesn’t mean every movie fan is going to hate it.

    1. If you’re confused, then that means you just watch movies for flashy effects. Plot and such are secondary concerns

    2. +Gmr4life 88 🗣️That is why most people watch these types of movies moron 🤦‍♂️. You apparently don’t get it.

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