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    1. True this movie had the potential to be scary ,suspenseful, gory, and thrilling . But they opted to make it a comedy and make the war hero some cocky tough guy who shoots guy in front of his kid and jokes about it.

    2. Who are u people? What is scary about a predator who kills for sport? Who has thermal abilities, can be invisible, and had advance technology. I call that a badass. I’m rooting for the predator at that point. Maybe the lead too.

    3. +David Hernandez the predator is truly badass, but the fear that the commandos have of the predator, which logically they should have, adds tension and interest to the story. We arent actually personally scared, but we are acknowledging that the first movie portrays the predator as scary and it makes it good.

  1. If you want to recapture the magic of the original Predator movie, give it to a company like Blumhouse, wait until everyone has forgotten about the Predator, then have them produce a low key slasher horror flick with a title like “The Hunted” or “Prey”, market it as a serial killer type movie that has an unseen supernatural killer throughout the entire movie and is only revealed as a Predator near the very end, surprising everyone.

    People go into Predator sequels knowing what to expect and end up being let down because it isn’t living up to their expectations, what they don’t realize is, what made the original so special is the fact that it subverted everyone’s expectations because it was marketed as a Commando-ish Arnold Schwarzenegger type action movie but turned out to be a sci-fi horror flick. The only way you’re gonna get anywhere near the original is by pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes once again kinda like what M. Night Shyamalan did with Split, connecting it to Unbreakable by having Bruce Willis show up at the end generated enough hype to make people generally interested in where it could lead next. And now we’re getting Glass.

    1. Predator 2 was brilliant. They built upon the original with original ideas, then again what do you expect when both movies are written by the same people. All the others don’t expand, they simply rehash everything.
      Look at The Predator and AvP: R, so much similarities and yet everyone is surprised they’re the worst

    2. Hudson’s Skull PREACH

      I haven’t seen any Blumhouse horror movies XD
      I’ve heard that some of them are really good though, so that could work.

    3. How about a Vietnam War setting? the main cast would be Americans fighting the Vietnamese, maybe trying to take over a base in a jungle or whatever, and the predator cleared it before they even got there. They go into it and theres traps, like the Vietnamese would set up, and the Americans would think that its them when its actually the predator, and maybe the predator would start hunting the Americans whilst the Vietnamese backup team approach and theres a 3 way battle near the end, tension. Film the movie at night when its dark and eerie.Make it a lot more serious with less jokes, make it a bloodbath. Just my idea.

  2. To me… This predator movie looks like a movie you would scroll by on netflix and one night decide your so bored your gunna give it a shot…

    Then regret it 10 minutes later….

  3. They should of made a sequel to 2010 predators with Bryce trying to escape the Predator Planet after being captured on the Hunting reserve. Have him and Isabel don the predator armor and make it back to earth.

    1. Anonymous Anonymously but how? The only major thing wrong with it, is the mandarin plot twist and it was very very very bad, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the film goes down with, so in the end it was a good film, rather watch IM3 than the predator

    2. Anonymous Anonymously my only problem was that they ruined the mandarin completely, one of iron mans most formidable opponents

  4. Why the hell the predator want our dna when they a far superior race than us mentally/physically/technology? That just stupid.

    And now we going to fight predator at the end of the movie ‘POWER RANGER STYLE’ too? Who wrote this sh%t?? Wish it was Arnie or a f$%ken alien creature instead as a twist would of been better. Started off good but then went down hill real fast. Just focus on a new breed of predators, more predators or their home world, come on.

    1. +hendrik sunarto I feel like the earth colony thing was just them playing at the whole aliens want earth plot line that’s in every alien movie ever and not an actual realization of what they want. The predators want nothing more than to hunt, we’ve made their favorite list and with global warming we are becoming extinct. This has caused their visits to increase cause everyone wants a human skull before supply runs out. The smaller predator is something of a wild life activist who is trying to stop the human race from going extinct by giving us this weapons thus allowing them to hunt us longer which why he slaughtered alot of people. He still wants to get his in. I think alot of people overlooked this in the movie.

    2. +Charles Belonga the whole plot shat is moving at “that last part of the movie” too many things go on & people dying left & right so much you can’t tell who’s killing who

      Maybe if we watch it on blu ray….

    1. Scott? Really? He couldn’t even save his own Alien franchise. Scott’s form is wildly erratic. The man gave us the brilliant “The Martian” but then he gave us Alien – Covenant lol

      James Cameron would probably be your best bet now to save the Predator franchise.

  5. The Predator is the most Expensive Predator Film and has terrible CGI Effects and lame and Dark Action Scenes.
    Predator 2 from 1990 costs only 35 Million $ and has way better Action scenes and better Special Effects.

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