Venom – Movie Review

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Chris Stuckmann reviews Venom, starring Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scott Haze, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott. Directed by Ruben Fleischer.

64 Replies to “Venom – Movie Review”

  1. I took a chance with my $20.
    Look, I do have mixed emotions about “Venom”. It’s not bad. It’s not good either. I’m in the gray area. Though, it’s way better than “The Predator” more enjoyable than “Fant4stic”.

    1. +M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews They said “the best movie I’ve seen all year”. So maybe they haven’t seen any of those other movies yet. Or maybe they have but they still decided that Venom was their favorite of this year so far. Have you ever thought of taht or is that high horse of yours making too much noise?

    2. same here. but i was told to view it as a comedy origin story. so that is what i expected and what i got. i do think that it should have started with him in the grocery story being approached by the lady scientist.

  2. Totally disagree here, Chris. In fact I’m actually a little disappointed that your review sounds like every other critic’s review, as I was eagerly anticipating hearing your thoughts. Venom has always been my favorite Spiderman villain and I thought this movie was pretty solid. The humor and everything was on point, moreso I feel than even some of the recent Marvel movies that have felt severely cookie cutter and “so late 2010s humor”
    *EDIT: Please re-read what I originally wrote if you think I’m disappointed in Chris or dislike his opinions. Not at all. I was disappointed to find that his review that I was looking forward to was just more of the same that I read elsewhere by other critics. Of course he can have his own opinion, I was just hoping he’d add a little something different to the mix, but that’s not really what we got here. Chill.*

    1. This is true. But anyways, they can say whatever they want to say against the movie. but the movie is about to cross 500million as of October 21st without china and japan yet. The movie is enjoyed by practically everybody who watched it. Only the “critics” magically came up with a 30% rating Their rating did not matter.

  3. I miss the times where Chris was genuinely enthusiastic about reviewing/talking about movies. Now he seems like a full-on “critic” who has been tired of seeing disappointing movies for a long time. I want the dude from Ohio who just friggin loves movies back.

    1. I think Rodri is referring to the young, energetic and fan-boyish personality that Chris has in his earlier reviews. He’s changed drastically if you compare this Chris to old Chris.

    2. This is so true. I thought i was the only one that noticed. I used to watch his movie reviews without even caring to ever watch the movie because of how his enthusiasm and love to review them carried out through the video. but i wonder what happened that made him change. I guess over time it just shifted :”/

  4. I hated the movie as well it was strange and lack luster. Why was all scene done at night like Venom is Batman and only come out at night. The action scenes were hard to watch they didn’t show anything bad and the story made no sense. This is the best review I seen thus far everything you said I agreed with. The should have used Anti venom a nd when Brock asked what change your mind and Venom say you it felt like Transformers because their was nothing that could be pin pointed to Brock to change his mind. This felt like a revamp of Starkid. I gave it a D and that was being nice. Even the end credit scene was trash.

  5. I’m seeing a trend with this film. Everyday people love it, and critics say the same thing, that it’s a bad movie with some good scenes and missed opportunities. I for one, enjoyed it, but I could tell it was a bad movie and that it was missing a lot and they could have polished it up a bit

    1. +buttons551 I think you at mixing up quality and entertainment. It is fun, but its got a weak villain, weak characters, mediocre at best writing, tonal issues, some plot holes, and the action is stupidly shot in the dark and is shaky for most of it. Its not a good movie, it’s a fun movie, there is a clear difference between the two

  6. Zero character development, terrible dialogue, characters motivations aren’t realistic, action scenea the only good parts of the movie are all spoiled in the trailee including the ending, poor representation of Venom and Eddie Brock. Everything about this movie is wrong. If you enjoy a good plot, character development, good dialogue in your movies this really is not for you. If you only care about action sequences and the storey is an afterthought, stick to the trailer it literally shows everything

    1. +The Sherminator Good development on paper that was poorly executed as a result of the pacing. Also the period of time in which Eddy was trying to understand Venom should’ve been much longer.

    2. The Sherminator yeah it’s nothing but cliche character development, if you want good character development check out GOTG 2

    3. The fight scenes are just “oh venom throws someone, oh venom punches someone, oh venom throws someone again but this time he was mid-air”, as plain as a loaf of grocery bread if you ask me

  7. I’m a hugeeeee marvel fan and comic nerd, and yes from a cinematic and comics point of view of this movie was absolutely terrible. I would have given it a 4/10 but I didn’t focus on all the little details the many plot holes and the fast paced plot a, and I just let my childhood self enjoy the movie and it was one of my favourite marvel movies not in my top 5 but very close up there I think it had a great dialogue between Eddie and Venom, make me chuckle a few times and overall I loved seeing them bond over the fact that they were two losers in the eyes of their society’s and decided to become great partners. Something about me just loves seeing underdogs rise to the top and people you can relate too (not saying I’m a loser 😂) but I love that connection you build with Brock and the venom , this is why my favourite superhero is Spider-Man because I’m an 18 year old guy and I can relate to him the most , and venom to me was the darker more evil Spider-Man in terms of movies even though Spider-Man wasn’t even included. I’d like to just summarize that this movie to me was absolutely one of my favourites 8/10 and if you wanna watch it and you agree with my theme , PLEASE go watch it!

    1. This movie was garbage there’s like 10 potholes and doesn’t know what kind of movie it wants to be and Tom hardy script was dull at and made him a sweaty weirdo the whole movie

    2. Mohamad Mahmoud well that’s called an opinion…..and most people did like it that’s why it’s breaking box office records lmao sorry your the minority here

    3. Unidentified Being woah calm down big boy. See people have these things called OPINIONS. Sorry your so triggered by someone else’s but your in the minority because most people loved it….that’s why it’s breaking so many box office records….lmao

  8. I honestly don’t get how so many people liked Venom. I mean I went in with very low expectations cause of the metascore and still didn’t get suprised at all. It feels like a 5 or 6/10 to me but never ever like a 7/10!
    Also stop spamming how you are disappointed in Chris. He was just honest, get over it.

    1. +Russian Homecat i don’t think anyone went into this expecting this movie to be like Infinity war. In my opinion, this was Hardy’s worst performance from him in a while. It seemed like a cheap way to make the character feel unique but ultimately it was inconsistent and made the character sound stupid. The plot, heck, the whole movie reminded me of your average Super hero film before 2008. It just feels like a huge missed opportunity and nothing more.

    2. legit stuff I suppose you would like Venom to be R-rated. In this case you might be disappointed cause the jokes and dialogues were written for a PG 13 movie. Btw, I don’t like to much CGI and to me it is like a breath of fresh air, and no Sjw agenda in the film.

    3. +Russian Homecat in the end, don’t care that much about the rating but an R rating may have allowed for better dialogue. From what I know of the character, an R rating probably would have suited Venom. The ‘funny’ scenes in venom weren’t that bad imo because the movie glossed over them pretty fast compared to alot of MCU movies that would allocate a lot more time to jokes in between action. I also thought venom’s CGI looked very weird.

    4. Judge movies by critics and reviews is shallow it shows people your not able think for yourself as adult you are critics love movie blade runner and revenant I was boarded out of my mind and both movies have 98 percent score rating answers that I have always and judge movie on my own opinion that’s what adults do make there own decision in life

    5. +bat prime Well _that_ was hard to read ^^’
      And I would like to add that you should ofc not trust just the critic % number on rottentomatos but rather also check the metascore and if already able to, also the average audience score in IMDb. This in combination with some movie rating experience will get you an approximate idea if you will like that movie or not 🙂

  9. I bloody loved venom. Saw it twice in 3D. Its critics really piss me off. They can’t have been watching the same film!!!

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