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Chris Stuckmann and John Flickinger review Slender Man, starring Joey King, Julia Goldani-Telles, Jaz Sinclair, Annalise Basso, Javier Botet. Directed by Sylvain White.

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    1. it’s the figure of this very unnatural looking stalker, that is actually always out there between the trees, only you don’t see him cause he looks like one. The scary part isn’t the monster itself (tho he’s pretty creepy I admit), but the fact that the mere thought of him gets you slightly paranoid. Then maybe you look into the nearby woods, and you don’t see anything but… that branch in the distance is kinda odd. It’s too far, you can’t really see it. You look away, maybe you look back just to make sure, but you lost track of what branch you were looking at. Or did it move? Was it there in the first place? It did look odd.

      That’s the sensation this move should have went about. In my opinion, it actually should have never shown the slender man until the very end. The entire movie should have been shots of the empty woods, with eerie music. A jumpscare sometime, maybe. You should be the one going: “Is there something in this shot that I’m not seeing?”, because the protagonist also shouldn’t see him. But this movie went for the classic cliché teenage horror story. That’s a shame.

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    1. We call those “cash grabs”, Age of Ultron, Jurassic Park 3, Alien 3, and when I mean by bad movies with memorable characters, I mean by awful sequels that nearly ruined great characters. Tbh, it sounds like a title for a screen rant video. Awful relationships, unnecessary deaths or devolving characters that we know & love are perfect examples of this.

    2. No this is Patrick
      Wait a minute…didn’t I see you in the comments section of Top 10 Movies That People Still Don’t Understand?

  1. I recall the guy who invented slenderman was actually inspired by lovecraftian horror when he came up with the character. And boi, pulling off lovecraft would require more than just jumpscares and used-up horror movie tropes I can tell ya that.

    1. killer92173
      Thing is that’s not how it’s supposed to work in Lovecraft, the “cosmic horror” isn’t the scary monster, it’s facing the horror of the Enlightenment, “What if we really are just a bunch of monkeys dancing in the blood of a dying star and nothing we do could possibly even matter?” The monster is the very image of the grand scheme of things that you are not part of, and insanity is your illusions being torn away. Your only hope is that it will eat you first.

    2. slenderman should play out very differently, because he is not human. nobody actually knows what it is, or what it does. yeah people made up shitty backstories but in essence slenderman is only a weird and alien figure in a photoseries from somethingawfull, and thats great. the movie should have only used those images as reference, instead of taking the stupid backstory. they missed the point of the original creator of the creature; you are not supposed to know what or how it does things, or why. in a proper slenderman adaptation the characters would have no idea what this entity is that they might catch in the edge of their sight when they go out with their dog, and yet they are strangely intrigued by it. slenderman is an uncomprehensible horror, ignore the edgy backstory about child eating. the characters are confronted with something they can’t make sense of, thats a premise for psychological horror.

    3. +JessNess That’s part of the origin story that Knudsen created. It wasn’t the inspiration, it was equally fictional.

    4. Could have been Lovecraftian but this film is just a failure… a bore… where’s the talent in writing?!!

  2. That’s too funny. I was literally just talking to my husband and I was like this is so stupid. If they were intelligent they would have made it more like a blair witch project type vibe in the woods. That would have been much better. Then a minute later, he said the same thing 😜

  3. One thing that bothers me is that they actually showed Slender Man, they shouldn’t have done that, It would have been better to just keep him in the shadows or something.

    1. StuffedDigiDestined – The Poplio N’ Bros Show Forreal, he looked scarier like that. Up close he looked cheesy and hilarious

    2. StuffedDigiDestined – The Poplio N’ Bros Show It would be worse, but did they attempt to explain his origin at all?

    1. SlewedBoot25934 wait does that really happen? I’m not gonna lie, the old pictures of Slender Man where his appendages carried him like Dr. Octopus really intrigued me. I always wanted to know what that would look like. Did it look cool?

    2. SeMTeX Plague it looked cool with the dark lightning (not pitch black) but the cgi kinda made it look stupid a little

  4. Just got done watching Slenderman. Didn’t enjoy it at all. I kept falling asleep during the film. A Slenderman movie does not belong in 2018. They should’ve made this film in 2013 when I was in highschool & was still interested in Slender stuff.

    1. +IsaiahChavezCA I am saying regardless of how much you cared about slenderman at the time the movie still would have been terrible.

    2. The film wasn’t made specifically for you. Matter of fact, it wasn’t made for anyone in particular. I know what you mean, and sort of agree, but a 2012 or 2013 Slender Man movie still wouldn’t have been that great. Certainly not memorable. FNaF came out in 2014, and that overshadowed anything Creepypasta related. Movies nowadays are made for profit. Not to entertain, not to please, and not out of passion. Out of greed. This is something that I intend to change when I get into the entertainment industry. I love to write and draw. I love to make stories for people to enjoy or to dissect. I don’t care all that much about the profit I make off of it. So long as people are seeing it and enjoying it in some way, that’s all that really matters to me as a creator. And if expensive, studio-driven films are the only types of films that make it big, then I’m fine being in their shadow. Because at least I enjoy entertaining.

    3. averythesuperhero It was though. Movies like these always cater to someone and Slenderman catered to a fanbase that was prominently strong in the early 2010’s. This movie *did* come out too late. Would that make it any good? Nooope, but it’s not a lie.

      And movies are made to please because if they please they get more money. It’s just what Holywood thinks is going to please people isn’t always right or done well.

    4. They did. This newer one is more mainstream but there was an indie film (kickstarted or similar) that actually knew it was doing.
      It’s not as unnerving as Marble Hornets, but it does respect the material and the presumably much lower budget means they actually had to focus on things like writing and atmosphere.

    1. MAybe 20-30 years ago it would be huge because there were very little CGI special effects happening. Candyman was scary because of the suspense but if that same movie came out today people would think the same way

  5. The 3 reasons why the Slenderman Movie was doomed to fail.

    1: The tasteless timing. They made a movie after an incident where someone was almost stabbed by her friends to death in the name of the fictitious creature slenderman. It’s so obvious they are riding off the fear of just that one incident and not actually using the right material for a movie, which brings me to my second point.

    2: The lack of good inspiration. The creators of the movie clearly did not know slenderman like people making a movie about him should. they did not use any of the good slenderman material out there, like Marble Hornets, Everyman-Hybrid, Tribe Twelve, Dark Harvest, and many many more ARGs. All of those series’s I just mentioned popularized slenderman BEFORE the game slender even came out. They dumped 99% of the writing and universe creation over what looks like a fricken 2 page creepy pasta. This brings me to my last point.

    3: Cliche and Crap. Since the movie relies entirely on jumpscares and imagery, they missed the one chance they had to make slenderman not look like a joke again. Nobody will ever take slenderman as seriously as intended because this movie will attract more people, and disappoint them. This will result in more people disliking and making fun of the concept of slenderman. The cliches and this movies failure will be slenderman’s downfall in culture… unless somebody renews it with either another new and fresh webseries around a year from now, or they add the tag “Comedy” to the slenderman movie making it look like a parody. Calling it a parody is probably the only thing to make their failures and flaws look like jokes.

    1. It’s mainly because both tried to do something and talk about something unique, their execution was just awful. People praise Blair Witch because of it’s originality being one of the first popularized found footage horror films. There are of course too many cliches to count in modern horror movies. Also you can write a review on a movie without seeing it depending on the website used. You can still tell whether the movie sucks or not by watching reviews or explained videos here on YouTube to get if the movie sucks or not. Movies like Slenderman pay certain companies to add bias in their favor for good reviews. Countering this with a large number of viewers all voting the movie sucks would counteract this, but people either don’t want to waste any more time on the movie and don’t even leave a review, left a meh review, or was being completely blind to facts and decided to leave an overwhelmingly positive review. The amount of reviewers trying to stop this nonsense and the number of idiots leaving super positive reviews is what I feel a 50% to 10%, the other percentage of people just not caring to pick a side. It there were less money bias, less dinguses leaving super positive reviews, and more people choosing a side on the matter then companies probably wouldn’t do this to make money anymore. Too bad bias and dinguses are a thing :I

  6. I don’t know why they didn’t make it Found Footage. It was such an obvious choice and a clear way to pay homage to all the Web Series and ARGs of Slender Man. People are—well, were—passionate about this Urban Legend/Creepypasta.

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