Tested: Centrifugal vs. Masticating Juicers

hey guys I’m welcome tested northen tested norm juicing is a thing these days it’s very popular yeah we’re not talking about steroids or those orange squeezy things you put the half the orange in and you know turn the orange well there’s that kind and then there’s also the one that you have but has the lever in it mashes and mashes like grapefruit well and then there’s the other one that they have like at bars to get a little bit of juice out of a lime right now talk about any of this you know what the the one where you turn the or it’s called a reamer it’s called a reamer yeah reamer think about that in a minute we’re talking about juicing vegetables and other kinds of fruit so there’s basically two kinds of juicers that are available in the market today yeah and we have representative of both here the one on the left is a Breville and it’s a centrifugal centrifugal centrifugal centrifugal sent like centripetal force that’s not a real thing but this is a real product if the centripetal juicer so the way this works is that there’s a feed tube in the top it’s three or four inches across three inches across I need exactly you Jam the food down in this hole and then there’s a basket with some blades inside that spins at a really really high speeds a circular blade and what happens is the juice goes through the basket the liquor goes straight out and when the baskets fillable pulp and it spills over into a reservoir I think it probably blasts out I bet it’s gonna get real gnarly up here spins very fast 6,500 rpms to 13,000 rpms that’s for this specific law very high speed for this particular your mileage may vary depending the model you get there’s some benefits to this it’s typically easier to clean it’s easier up and set up and break down it also can induce tougher yeah so things like carrots and beets and turnips you can you can adjust the rotational speed exactly the other competing technology is this it’s called a macerating juicer masticating masticating basically what it does is forces the product that’s gonna get juiced pulped into a very small area where it smashed through a fine-mesh and some kind of rough blades they’re not sharp blades they’re just hard metal with straight edges so masticating means chewing so Yessica lee you have an auger inside I can show you which is it’s it’s like what yeah it’s a drill bench really the take material out so this is the auger it rotates at a very slow speaker that turns in seventy sixty five hundred thirteen thousand rpms this runs at about eighty to a hundred yeah very very high torque it’s a very strong motor so this the vegetables come down this whole get caught in these blades pushing forward into this guy and this you can see there’s some blades inside here and then there’s a fine mesh that that the juice will come out there’s a couple of different ends for this kind of juicer typically this one comes with a juicer that has a strainer end there’s also ends for making pasta and things like that because it’s basically the same motion if you want to make it sale immediate better to music like that and so the centrifugal juicer will will juice faster and but the the masticating juicer will actually get more juice potential so yeah I we were looking at these we read reviews on a bunch of different sites the wire cutter review rounds up rounds up all of the different reviews relatively well basically they say if you want to do fruit and vegetables and hard stuff the centrifugal one is okay but there’s a fair amount of waste and the Breville one is fine model for that exactly if you want to do green leafy vegetables focus on a masticating juicer like this Omega and they’re very comparable in price from $200 oh yes so this one was I think two it’s three hundred forty list but in reality it’s turning 50 bucks on Amazon all sorts of places this is around 200 so let’s demonstrate some juicing let’s just use some fruit because there’s a lot of juice in it and people like you know they’re making orange juice or apple juice at home and we want to compare how much liquid you actually get so again neither of these are really optimal for juicing oranges but but yeah you the reputation is that with the masticating you’ll get better yield than you will with this terrific also we have we’ve prepared some stuff we have about 240 grams of orange and 160 grams of oranges yes in each and let’s start this I’m going to set the Breville juicer to mode 2 which is citrus juicing juicing level 2 and you can get a little loud I’m gonna demonstrate how loud this gets actually by turning it on sounds like a like a yeah it’s like a big fan big vacuum and if you look down the tube you can actually see it’s spinning very fast okay so let’s start at the same time and I have a plunger here to push you you don’t put your hands down in the hole no definitely don’t do that these are both kind of scary it’s like if you get your hand stuck in here bad jinx man Wow that is violent Oh already coming out the side it’s like those scenes the torture scenes in those movies like hostile this is an Eli Roth production yes I saw that movie good not very good oh thanks Joey all right I’m saying I’m done with my orange on mine you can see the pulp is coming out the front I’m spilling everywhere apparently or your toes oh wait it’s around a little bit of spill but everything’s fine which which is a good thing to note because you need to make sure that your containers are because ideally you need two containers I forgot this you need one to catch the pulp on the masticating yeah and one to catch the juice and they come out different rates the pulp comes on the this front hole you can see that it’s pulp in there right now it’s kind of poopy it’s fibrous and a lot of fiber yeah a lot of juice left in there it tastes like the remainder no it doesn’t taste good it tastes like everything it tastes like pee land and seeds and if I look at the pulp inside the centripetal juicer it looks very wet yeah it looks like something you could dump that into that orange juice and call it grump Stan charge – all right half gallon poured um so you can see the pulp comes out and it’s pretty dry here there’s a strainer that you put on top of the catch if you if you want it’s optional and that’ll pull out any big pieces that make it through but even with the amount of juice that guy soaked up by the paper towels I still ended up with a pretty okay glass out of one navel orange which is not bad and this is very frothy it spins and so oxidizes of juice yeah so that means that there’s more time for the liquid to come in contact with the air which theoretically can break down nutrients I haven’t seen good science either way on that but the consistency looks a lot different between these two juices I don’t know if you can pick that up on camera but yours looks like Tropicana from concentrate and this is nice and bright orange it’s still both are much better than Tropicana or anything okay I’m gonna up taste as well that’s really good juice no trade you wanna trade all right well how are we gonna know I’m not sharing juice with you we should have had shot glasses so here we have about about 200 grams of carrots I set up the same amount of carrots in each of our glasses and words can go juice it I’m gonna set this to a higher spin speed okay I’m gonna set mine to on again same speed now you also have on and reverse that’s if it gets jammed up you can back stuff out it makes a little bit easier and again I’m usually quite pleased my plunger yeah you can get a reverse on the body for you at the right food let’s see let’s kind of see how long this takes do i minister so I think yours is gonna be a lot faster than mine this go-round absolutely ready oh I love the character Jesus jamming that keratin before trip is up damn that lost another charity so years a little faster a Lajeunesse sir we’d finished about the same time I I was done much earlier um it looks as happen let’s get the pole because I want to see what the difference of hops look like yeah this is dry flaky I mean if you taste it there’s a hint of carrot taste there this is probably the most dietary fiber I’ve ever eaten in one bite try the pulp oh yeah I’m gonna take some pulp out as well this also looks very very dry in fibrous people deal with I hope you can do things like make carrot bread and you can make those recipes a ton of recipes it is kind of a nutritious thing because there’s a lot of dietary fiber in it apparently it’s very sweet mmm still yeah that tastes a lot like careful okay so now let’s look at the juice yield I’m pulling orange juice out of my mustache doll we’ll put it back together okay I have care juice I two of carrot juice same amount of carrots I’m using the same glass again there’s my yield nice lovely bright orange color you again have some foam on top of yours norm you have a lot of stuff still in the bottom there I’m use different loss frothy and you can see that yours actually has more juice just a little tiny bit just a little bit these are the same glasses we should set them down on the table so again you can see the froth there’s more attention more oxidation and in the second go-round with the centrifugal juicer my taste it’s to a taste it’s carrot juice don’t taste matter juice yeah take care juice still not my favorite now let’s clean all the machines and we have a big batch of leafy green vegetables so you can see what’s next kale kale [Music] next up norm Hale it’s the wonder of edgy yes I bought this kale and bunches at my grocery store was about three bucks a bunch so this is about 1/2 a bunch it’s about 120 grams of kale I like to take kale and cut into circles then toss olive oil and salt and pepper on it and then they bake it until it’s like a potato to a crisp very good yeah you can also ingest it as a juice you can eat it raw I just had some raw a minute ago it’s delicious but yeah you get so it’s it is a juicing additive food now this is where the difference in the masticating juicer in the centrifugal juicer will probably show the masticating should theoretically be much better than my factory juice from leafy greens than the centrifugal but we don’t expect a lot of juice either way yeah you know we’re not gonna get 1/2 gallon of juice either way time to fire up the juicers let’s see how this goes [Music] I have a really bad angle for this I’m done I have to stretch I don’t hear it it’s a little a lot of let’s remind off the thing with this Revell juicers that really emits a tremendous amount of force yeah you wouldn’t want to get like well just it can make a terrible mess both of these can make it too um this one will make a terrible mess in a different way that looks like something unpleasant green cat poop yes yeah so the terrifying thing about this one isn’t so much the mess that it makes it’s the the fact that if your finger gets caught into a tight water lettuce and gets pulled in there real bad things are gonna happen to your people I think you could probably easily lose a finger in this machine it’s price is so high so the last of my veggies are in it is really this is coming out like mulch but it’s not particularly warm gonna turn it off let’s measure the juice I think I’m still dripping give it a minute that yours that is some bright green some Irish Spring type juice it’s like a shot of kale it is a shot of kale this is how you get your veggies every day if you don’t like eating veggies very much that’s a fair amount of juice to a lot more than I expected grams of kale 120 grams of kale here I’m gonna dump mine out here I think we’re measuring the two different kinds of guys this is probably the worst way imaginable to measure but yeah there’s a lot more there even more to your glasses a little over half yes same source material and these there’s a lot more waste with desirable for leafy green vegetables later again the difference in the carrot and the orange was a little bit less Browz you want taste absolutely hmm oh wow that tastes like mowing the lawn wow I feel so energized I have the strength of 5,000 Tigers hmm what can you lift right now you sing what can you lift Oh what can you let this entire table I’m doing I just want to flip it over lift it flip it over ah I want more juice let’s make more juice that’s more juice okay so a couple other things you can do with the educating that don’t really work well in listen if Iqbal uh wheatgrass if you’re into wheatgrass shots which your my if you’re not that type of JAMA do sky if you’re into that if you want to get some boosts then you know putting your wheatgrass in here it doesn’t work as well with the centrifugal if at all I’ve never tried that I couldn’t find any this morning or we would have already so lumpy vegetables best of them domestically the the masticating yeah and kind of hard stuff yeah apples and beets and pineapple works great both but yeah the hard stuff works great in the central I mean honestly though I found that the the masticating does a good job with the beets it’s a little scary and the whole thing kind of hops around it’s this is a really heavy machine and the real big lesson learned though as you could see is that it creates a big giant yeah this is an unbelievable mess I’m gonna just take this off right now and I want to show you what’s inside here like it is super gnarly and this is this is like my next 20 minutes so so buying a juicer and a masticating juicer is a commitment to not only juicing because you have to buy the fruits of vegetables some people get the liver but cleaning it up afterwards so while the actual juicing will take five to 10 minutes cleaning let’s get over 15 minutes yeah and especially with the masticating the way the the way the screen works it gets clogged really easily and you have to take it off it comes a little brush with a scraper end so you can scrape stuff off if it gets jammed in the screen I in order to make this spending 250 bucks on this worthwhile you have to like literally make 200 servings of juice like versus bout going to your local store and buying it from somebody locally vertically producing the same kind of process vegetable juice unprocessed vegetable juice rather so the other the other thing is the shelf-life of the juice I’ve taken juice that I made with the masticating juicer let it sit for three or four days it’s not as good in the second and third day but it’s it’s still ok refrigerator obviously refrigerated yeah with the with the centrifugal because of the amount of air that’s introduced in the process you probably don’t want to do that’s not gonna have as long a shelf life but you’re getting there day or two it’s an easier cleanup and an easier setup you don’t get quite as much material out of the fruit so if you’re worried about what wasting and stuff like that then that is a concern if you’re going to use the pulp for cooking though my hunch is the the the centrifugal will end up actually being better and you’ve had this for a while do you use it on a regular basis so the juicing experience as I have lived it is that I used it a lot for about a month and then I I needed room in the kitchen for something so it moved into its box in the garage where it has remained for the last 11 months so really is a commitment it is it’s a it is a fair amount of trouble to set up and break down actually getting the vegetables and storing them like you you really have to go to the grocery store or juice the stuff that night because if you let it sit in the fridge too long if the kale starts wilting the spin starts wilting it’s not going to be as good and you lose a lot of the moisture that’s gonna make the juice awesome so literally you go buy this off juice that night bottle it up and then drink it over the course of a four five day period or if you get one of those big boxes from like a farm co-op there they bring two offices and stuff like I could see that because then you just take everything that comes into that jam it in the juicer and and go crazy it’s not for everyone if you want to get any juicing find somebody that sells juice in your area and buy it from them for a while it can taste really good look at recipes online it does make you feel pretty good I feel pretty awesome yeah I mean I don’t feel like super awesome maybe 4000 Tigers we do have a lot of vegetables and fruit left so I think that’s finished by it’s making some juice and great the other thing I would say the other thing I would add is if you want to make like if you want to get cucumber juice and unusual juices for making cocktails or drinks or something like that then this is a great way to do that either one works the Sufi feel is probably easier to set up and take down which is probably more what you’re interested in and then wastage and getting nutrients for that use so yeah let’s make some juice [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor Review

hi guys this is the breville je98xl juicer we’re going to test it by juicing some kale carrots oranges and apples but before we do that let me tell you about some of the features of the juicer comes with this assist plug which is a great design because it’s easy to plug in and remove it has 850 watts of power comes with a jug to collect the juice and it holds about one liter or thirty four ounces this lid has a fraud separator built in this container holds all the pulp from the juicing and you can line it with a bag for easier cleanup the feed chute is three inches wide so you can juice some fruits and vegetables whole that’ll save you some time on cutting up the produce that’s two settings the low speed is for softer fruits and vegetables like melons and leafy greens and the high speed is for harder fruits and vegetables like apples and carrots the cutting disc is stainless steel and so is the mesh filter basket for spinning out the pulp the body is very sturdy and all the materials that come in contact with the food are BPA free the safety locking arm prevents the juicer from turning on accidentally so the juice is really easy to put together we put the bowl into the slot the mesh filter goes in you just have to align the arrows and push it down the cover goes right on top and just tilt this to the right a little bit and the pulp container goes right under put the arm on and tilt it the other way and just put the jug right in there the juicer also comes with an instruction manual which has good tips on using the juicer as well as some recipes so we’re going to juice some apples and oranges first the machine has to be turned on before we start juicing I’m going to set the speed to high and start juice so this is the juice from four small apples and three small oranges as you saw the apples and oranges fit hole into the tube so I could save some time on cutting up the produce so you see that the clear part of the juice is pouring out and the jug did a really nice job of separating the froth so this is the pulp in the container from the apples and oranges and you can see it’s pretty dry so the juicer did a good job of getting as much juice as possible out of the fruit and you can use this pulp in other dishes you can put it into a pan and cover it with a crumb mixture with oats and butter a little bit of sugar and you can make a nice dessert out of it so you don’t have to waste it so next we’re going to do some kale we have a beautiful bunch of organic red kale and organic green kale and they’ve both been washed so we’re going to choose the kale on the low setting we were only able to get a little bit of juice out of the two bunches of kale and I have all of this pulp so I’m going to try to reduce this and see if we can get any more juice out of it so we reduce the pulp from the kale and we got a little bit more juice out of it you can use the pulp from the kale and stews or casseroles so you don’t waste any of the nutrients so we’re going to juice three big carrots and about a two inch piece of ginger the ginger adds a nice zing to the juice we’re going to juice the carrots and ginger on high so this is the veggie juice we got a good amount out of the carrots the pulp from the carrots would be really good in a carrot cake if you don’t want to really do anything with the pulp you can compost it I took a sip and it tastes much better than it looks the carrots gave it a nice sweetness and the ginger gives it a very good flavor also it’ll take just a few minutes to clean the juicer we’d recommend cleaning it right away because the pulp could dry and it will be harder to clean up later the unit comes with a cleaning brush all the removable parts are dishwasher safe except for the feed tube and the part should be put on the top rack of the dishwasher the breville juice fountain takes up a bit of counter space but if it’s on the counter you’re more likely to use it and incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet and that’s going to make you a lot healthier we like the Breville juicer because it’s powerful and fast as you saw it only took a few minutes to choose all of those fruits and vegetables we also like this sensor that tells you when you’re overloading the machine and it will shut off automatically to prevent overheating the breville je98xl is well-designed easy to clean up and very user-friendly the amazon length of this product is below please subscribe to our Channel thanks for watching. https://smartblogger.co.uk/Juicer

5 Best Juicers 2018 – Top Juicer Reviews

you [Music] you make it easy to live healthy turn delicious and nutritious juice from fruits and vegetables into your reward eat drink and live well with Omega juicers with the Omega 8006 multi-purpose juicer you can easily juice your favorite fruits and vegetables preserving their natural flavors and nutrition you can also squeeze juice from leafy greens spinach and even wheatgrass using the homogenizer you can make fresh soy milk and almond milk nut butters fruit sorbets all-natural baby food fresh salsa and extrude fresh pasta turn on the Omega 8006 system add your favorite fruits vegetables or leafy greens the unique feature of the 8006 is the low-speed juicing which enriches beneficial enzymes and nutrients normally lost in the average high speed juicer with 80 rpms of slow juicing speed the oxidation process is stalled producing healthy juice with longer-lasting freshness the Omega 8006 offers versatility with six nozzles for specific functions assemble the juicer in five easy steps the 8006 cleaned up quickly and reassembles in minutes the Omega 8006 also comes with a 15 year warranty covering parts and performance the Omega 8006 Nutrition system delivers the greatest versatility in a juice system eat drink and live well with omega juicers you [Music] at Breville we take juicing seriously creating fresh homemade juices is a great way to get your daily dose of nutrition natural energy boost refuel after a workout or supplement your diet the breville juice fountain plus has a patented juicing system that extracts more nutrients into a glass than other juicers or blended drinks let’s see it in action [Music] [Music] [Music] make fresh nutrient-packed juice a part of your everyday the juice fountain plus brought to you by the food thinkers of revel visit free thinkers calm to find great recipes using the juice fountain plus [Music] introducing the tribest slowstar – and one vertical slow juicer and mincer experienced the taste and nutrition of nature’s best with tribest best-in-class slowstar juicer start enjoying fresher nutrient-rich juices today with its low speed pressing method of 47 RPM the slowstar efficiently juices all your favorites from apples and carrots to celery and leafy green the slowstar is a two-in-one machine just simply replace the top of the machine with the mincing attachment to mince a variety of ingredients for your favorite recipes like sorbets nut butters patties and sauces unlike other slow juicers the slowstar features dual blade the dual blade auger creates a double cut for fewer jams less pulp and easily breaks down fibers produce and leafy greens duo blaze dual cutting edges do twice as much work as a traditional auger and it’s 47 RPM low-speed preserves more nutrients and produces juices with less foam and greater yield the slowstar is 200 watt motor and three-stage heat reduction gears creates the torque equal to that of a nine horsepower motor that’s twice the force of similar slow juicers unlike traditional slow juicers the three-stage reduction gears reduced noise and vibration while the low-speed 47 RPM motor ensures the juices retain their freshness and help the enzyme experience fresher better tasting nutrient-rich juice today with the tribest slowstar two and one slow juicer you and Dekker new ideas in kitchen science health and budget-conscious consumers it’s time for a fresh start with a black and decker fruit and vegetable juice extractor the dishwasher-safe stainless steel blades and strainer provide durability and strength 400 watts of power make juicing simple and easy the 300 milliliter picture easily captures the fresh-squeezed juice plus the dual safety locking mechanism and non-skid feet ensure ease of use and peace of mind the Black & Decker fruit and vegetable juice extractor let your creativity commence in the kitchen you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]