Halloween (2018) – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann reviews Halloween, starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, Virginia Gardner, Nick Castle. Directed by David Gordon Green.


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    1. Agreed. This is a franchise where H2O is widely looked at as the second best movie (I’ll let that sink in)………Halloween 2018 was an awesome movie that ppl really need to take a step back and understand its not supposed to be citizen cain. I loved it.

    1. nope. You may want to read some more reviews pal including half the posters on here and even Roger Eberts review before posting.

    2. +Sean Mesler no they arent. He calls out the daughter and high school being focused on too much and her story takes up probably 15 to 20% of the film.

  1. *spoiler*

    I LOVED the part where the “predator becomes the prey” and the camera pans to where Laurie was just laying and she is nowhere to be found, as the theme jingle plays. Had the whole theater applauding

    1. Yeah that’s kinda a ripoff with characters changing there place in the original Michael was lying and suddenly disappeared and this time it’s her turn

    2. Straight-up Movie critic Grubb

      Actually, there are moments that subtly foreshadows that the basement is a trap, like Laurie giving away their position, which would look like people acting dumb in a horror movie, but was a clever way to bait him into the trap.

  2. Sorry Chris. You’ve quickly become my fave movie reviewer with your level headedness, but as a mid 20 something year-old, I saw the first one and had fun. I saw the 2018 one and had fun. It focused on the teenagers because that’s what the first one was about. Teenagers and babysitters getting killed.

    This definitely doesn’t deserve a C. You really come off as having rose tinted glasses for the first movie, and it makes your argument feel one sided.

  3. Sorry Chris your review was innacurate. Lori had a lot of screen time.The movie was really good and have a great ending for a slasher movie. Loved the way they called the 1979 events “The baby sitter murders”. B+ for me.

    1. Blue Thunder73 the original title to Halloween was supposed to be “The Babysitter Murders” but Debra Hill didn’t think that was scary enough so she had Carpenter change it

    1. What did you want out of a slasher? This is a franchise where h2o, H2O with LL Cool J reading his erotic novel!!! is looked at as the second best movie in it. If you didn’t like this maybe slashers aren’t your type.

  4. Sat through The Nun:
    – didn’t even get scared once
    – scares are stupidly predictable
    – added nothing to Conjuring franchise
    Sat through Halloween:
    – Actually scared me more than I expected
    – Good characterization
    – Michael is scary again
    – Suspense is very well developed under Michael’s presence
    Wtf is this C? Go into movies with very low expectations and you’ll never be disappointed.

    1. Really J Hupp? You came into this film thinking that Michael would be killed? Are you stupid? Of course they’re gonna continue milking this franchise. Even though you said it was a waste of your money, you know that in a couple years, you’ll be sitting down and watching the next one. Also, this film ignores all the previous movies. Laurie doesn’t know that burning won’t stop him. And Michael might not scare you, but you do acknowledge the fact that he is basically the embodiment of evil. Carpenter made him this way.

    2. William, that’s what you can expect in these films. Most of the characters are just there so that they can be killed later on. However, Laurie, Karen, & even Allyson were executed perfectly in my opinion.

    3. Yea the nun had so much potential but it just felt like they rushed it for money but this Halloween film had me jumping a few times and I loved it

    4. Fat and Furious
      He still has a supernatural element to him. Keep in mind that in the original, Michael not only survived 6 bullets to the chest, but walked it off 3 seconds later.

  5. the only bad scene in the movie imo is the cop lunch scene… that’s it. literally the best Halloween movie in almost 40 years so calm down its not a C, simple as that

    1. Irakli Kotiashvili so every Friday 13th, Hellraiser, Childs Play and Nightmare on Elm st must be unwatchable abortions cuz compared to this film they are cartoons!

    2. K Devil the movie that has an unmasked, talking bearded hobo that chases unicorns was better than this? Rob Zombies abortion’s made a mockery of Halloween, Zombie has never had an original thought in his life!

    3. That’s not saying much. The two movies that were fighting for 2nd best Halloween movie are both severely flawed at best. This adds nothing new to the franchise and honestly just takes a lot from the older flicks. Hell the concept is just a modernized version of H20.

    1. nlg070301
      It’s like everything they showed us in the trailer was only designed to get us to see the film. The mask at the prison scene? Where did that go? NOWHERE. I think Blumhouse makes their trailers first, and THEN builds a movie around it. No wonder every Horror film I’ve seen by them fell flat.

    2. Aiden Macleod it’s just clichéd and all the horror moments that could have made me jump were showed in the trailer. Poor character development meant I did not want any of the characters to succeed. If people actually like this film then they have considerably low expectations.

    3. I think it was more I didn’t care if the characters succeeded or not.
      As far as people liking the film, it appears whenever Blumhouse produces a movie, people flock to it like moths to a flame, no matter how bad the film is, it will still make millions.

    4. Aiden Macleod maybe you didn’t care but I found the male teenage characters in this so dislikeable that I literally wanted them dead. The daughter made annoyingly stupid decisions also. I know it’s a horror film so it’s going to be lacking in some areas but I prefer a compelling narrative rather than someone murdering random people.

  6. Wow. I love Chris but he’s been pretty damn critical lately. I thought this movie was so great, 2nd best besides the first. His complaints feel almost like nit picks.

    1. Kinda find it funny hes recently rated Halloween a C, and venom a C- …yet earlier in the year he gave the meg of all things a B…

    2. Seeing where the franchise was left by Rob Zombies abortion’s this was a great film with the 2nd best Michael Myers. I love how people nitpick Halloween and then say F13 part 86 is a good film!

    1. Ok, yeah I get that. I personally don’t see how it was exactly an “SjW” film per-say, but even still I just ignore the politics. Star Wars is pure escapism for me…I just choose to ignore political messages and enjoy Star Wars. I loved TLJ. I can explain why if you’re willing to hear me out…

    1. John Weed yeah, I’d say that it’s a fun movie because of some of the back and forth with Tom Hardy’s character and Venom as well as some of the action, but it’s not like the Winter Soldier or anything

    2. John Weed I mean, it depends on the person. I’m a huge Captains America fan, so I think that his movies are better, but I also think that Venom was better then Homecoming because I was a little let down by the writing for the new Spiderman

    3. Bad Pixel Productions I’ll probably like it more than homecoming, that was by far my least favorite representation of Spider-Man. But everyone seemed to love it

  7. Chris is Wrong, I am Right.
    Finally I have a moment to explain my thinking with this movie so here goes;

    This was if anything, the best Halloween movie within the franchise as the suspense, the brutality, the depth in character build up and the payoff was incredible. Kind of makes you wonder who the true monster of this story was; Michael for being loose on Halloween or Laurie for stalking Michael for 40 years, wanting to kill him. What a movie!

    Violence : What’s so brilliant about it is the off-screen violence; Michael Myers isn’t about the gore, he’s about the suspense as he is supposed to be a psychological/Visual disturbance, not a SHOCK VALUE one. Those who are disliking this movie are those who enjoy shock value visual-violence more than they do story and development which is unfortunately as this movies does a fantastic job with this. When was the last time that you watched a horror movie where each character was given enough screen time to show their humanity before being killed. That’s smart film making and makes each kill that much more disturbing. What is equally smart is how the movie confuses the viewer; I honestly didn’t know whether to root for Michael or Laurie. By the way, don’t get me wrong, there is violence, it is graphic but it’s not like what some were expecting and that unfortunately they can’t get passed that point to enjoy the movie. In other words, this movie is too smart for some viewers.

    Suspense? Absolutely, After the movie was over I went to the AMC restroom and there was one individual in there and I saw him check one of the stalls because the door was cracked open…at the same time the AC kicked on and he jumped. I was left completely satisfied with this movie, it wasn’t perfect but if you have seen any of the other Halloween movies, it was fantastic in this department.

    Cinephotographic was excellent and is being praised throughout the industry. There were some truly excellent scenes and takes. Very impressive.

    What about the music? This movie had one of the best soundtracks I’ve ever heard in a horror movie; so good that it is an entire character of its own.

    The Mask : The movie brings up connections with the mask that are truly intriguing. Michael is connected to it, knows of where it is at all times and at the same time, it has an impact upon the others who are in the hospital. I can’t wait to see further developments in the next movie.

    Humor? There are some funny lines but that’s it, it’s a few lines and it all takes place before the characters know of what potential dangers are amongst the darkness. There was nothing inappropriate or out of place with the humor as it continues to build the humanity aspect to the characters in the movie.

    All in all the movie, in my opinion was great and if you are entranced by the 1978 original, the newest one takes enough cues to make it that much better. Definitely worth the time and the money as it builds upon the lore that is Halloween.

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