The Ending Of Halloween Explained

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2018's Halloween pushes beyond the limits of a normal slasher flick, particularly its rather abrupt ending. If you're itching to unravel the different moving parts left in the wake of Michael Myers' latest rampage, here's Halloween's ending and aftermath explained. Oh, and it should go without saying, but spoilers for the entire film are ahead…

The legacy of Dr. Sartain | 0:18
Karen Strode finds her power | 0:56
What price did Allyson pay? | 1:35
The legend of Laurie Strode | 2:02
The body of The Shape | 2:29

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109 Replies to “The Ending Of Halloween Explained”

    1. We can’t live in the past, we must also evolve. Maybe to you the actors weren’t good but what where they going to focus on other then Michael Myers killing 20+ people. I mean come on we needed a story line.

  1. Anyone who follows horror movies knows that you cannot kill evil and his breathing after credits with his body not being in the scene of the basement fire proves he’s still alive and coming back for revenge. It’d be kind of cool if the granddaughter picked up where Michael leaves off after killing Laurie.

    1. Actually, he can die, after he kills all of the members of his family.And since Laurie is his sister, yeah, wont happen soon.

    1. Jacelyn M. Well first of all… it’s a movie lol a character…
      I do somewhat agree, but when someone is that full of hatred and has evil running through their veins… they’re resilient to pain and things that would affect your typical human being. That’s the whole point. He thrives off of the killing.

  2. He waited patiently in a mental institution for decades for an opportunity, he might be a killer but like Laurie he is also extremely intelligent and resilient. If there was a way to survive no matter how slim he would find it.

  3. This film is probably the best horror movie of this generation. Halloween 2018 had gruesome kills, but way better than what Rob Zombie did. Nobody touches John Carpenter and Jamie Lee!

    1. Brian Ticas a few good clips doesn’t make it good though, every movie usually at least has a good few scenes with enough money but the movie as a whole was still a complete cinematic failure.

    2. JBG the kills were pretty inspired the cinematography was great and the story had actual depth. Jamie lee curtis wanted to kill him because he attempted killing her a long time ago and so we see her emotionally scarred by it and how it really ruined her family life and how she had to treat her daughter because of it. The acting was phenomenal, the kills were pretty decent and at least had some variety, the bathroom scene was fantastic, the characters weren’t all complete dumbasses like cliche horror movie characters usually are. And no kill is a “needless” kill for michael myers, he’s a serial killer which by definition is a person who murders a large number of people due to abnormal psychological gratification with little to no meaning at all, so arguing that Halloween had too many needless kills would be like saying a baseball player hit too many homeruns. And yes carpenters music was absolutely marvelous.

    3. zombies films still needed to be reworked. mike myers dosent vocalize and it sounds like he is blowing a load every time he hacks some one up in zombies films. one mistake.

    4. EnVy BloodReapZz no it’s not a direct sequel, it’s implied. it’s still a remake. don’t forget we got no explication on how he got in custody. so this is supposed to be part 2, 40 years later as if only part one happened? that’s why i say it gets 4/10. and next time around leave grandma home. kinda ruined the movie if you as me.

    1. +MaCeo Millions actually most people thought the comedy was misplaced. Only people who enjoyed it are the mouth breathers who take everything at face value.

  4. Anybody else feel bad at the end when Michael’s looking at the camera, and they’ve trapped him, about to set it all on fire? Only me? Okay.

    1. I know what you mean. He looked like a dog in a cage didn’t he? Just staring .. pretty sad tbh but then again hes a killer so 😂

    1. In the end, I saw his silhouette in the fire flames so I think he’s still alive!! And Allison might just be the next killer!!

    2. This movie is a sequel only to the first movie. Michael is a human being. Hes not cursed and he can be killed. Besides the first, all of the other movies never happened and are irrelevant. They just won’t kill him yet because theres more $$$ to be made.

    1. Jason could reconstruct himself with nano-ants just like when he was in outerspace. If we’re getting to that level of ridiculousness of bad sequels rather than dismissing them, then any argument can be made.

    2. I was looking at some magazines back in the day. There was a few pages of some ? Magazine like $6 back in the 80’s. It featured Jason vs Michael black and white comic.Both stabbing each other and when 1 was about to win. The comic panel got interrupted by other monsters such as… Pinhead, Chucky, Alien and Freddy.

    3. It would be goofy unless they really spent a lot of time and effort into it. I think Myers takes it just because he’s pure evil, he would actually kill his mother and anyone else who gets in his way, Jason seems soft at times, plus he’s shown fear of things, particularly water, not impressed with Jason as far as the most ruthless, evil character goes, plus I also believe Michael outsmarts him. I give it to Michael.

    1. I didnt like that. They spend all this time pumping him up as pure evil, 100% emotionless, then they have him making ethical decisions. Not true to character. If they were worried about the audience reaction, they should have scrubbed the baby from the scene. Poor choice.

    2. You’re saying killing a baby automatically makes the movie unwatchable and makes everyone hate it. Even though that’s very clearly not the case with movies like Mother have done that and got off fine.
      It’s a Horror movie it’s supposed to be HORRIFYING. I personally don’t care if Michael will or will not kill a baby but the idea that is would be a horrible thing to do in a fictional movie and that it should be an outrage is ridiculous.

    3. +Differ Ability Ur dumb. Not going to support another film if he had killed a baby ?! The guy is evil. Evil goes after anyone. Plus its a film.

    1. +J Hupp ya I know right all those guns but couldn’t kill Michael just lock him in basement an burn him , haven’t they done that already

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