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    1. vik saggu Yes!People bitched at people online back then.We didn’t have Facebook or Twitter or YouTube.Back then we had chat rooms.

    1. Daredevil Season 3 is my new favorite season of marvel television, topping Daredevil Season 1. Such a shame, they have finally been brought back to peak quality, just as Marvel Netflix looks like it’s ending.

    2. Universall in that case Jeremy will have to also review the following:

      Iron fist S1
      Punisher S1
      Jessica Jones S2
      Luke Cage S2
      Iron Fist S2

    1. @ricky Collins, they weren’t even that bad tbh, besides, there’s an easter egg in 2nd season the resurfaces in season 3 of daredevil

    2. +Edward Aucay I know but they are just easter eggs. You don’t need to watch those shows in order to watch dd s3. It doesnt ruin the overall enjoyment experience and is a stand alone season besides needing to watch S1 and 2 of Daredevil and defenders.

    3. +Siegfried Final they’re not just random easter eggs, they’re easter eggs that are DIRECTLY linked to Daredevil. And yes, for this instance you do have to watch the other shows because otherwise you won’t have any glimpse to any of the future enemies like Rosaline Carbone and Typhoid Mary.

    4. +Siegfried Final Also, this is more than just simple enjoyment for the action scenes. It goes way beyond that in terms of storyline and character development

  1. Thats all well and good Jeremy but lets not defer from the fact that In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire The A-Team….

    1. iwishicouldbefunny he didn’t say it was racist in intent or meaning, but has racial connotations even if they’re not intended

    2. brady that’s the dumbest reasoning. You’re the dumbest person if you actually believe everyone who isn’t black says it with a racist connotation. Delete yourself.

    3. brady if you identify as a democrat, then from historical context you are *for* and *support* slavery and the kkk, since it has negative connotations to it, since they were the party to create it and want to keep slaves as slaves. You’re literally so dumb.

    4. mrtheluckybucket connotation isn’t decided by the person using the word. You obviously don’t know what connotation means, given your stupid fucking example

  2. Coming from a millennial “that’s gay” is still a common and funny insult. Social media doesn’t represent all of us.

    1. Back in the 90’s when my teen nephews and their friends got their ears pierced their little sister sat next to one of the boys and just stared at him. When he finally sad “WHAT?” she calmly asked, “…can I borrow your earring girlfrien’?”. They all ditched the earrings and switched to gold chains. ….if you’re wearing an earring you GAY gurlfrien’

    1. He’s also in the house with a clock in its walls. Also don’t scroll below my comment. Someone posted a spoiler regarding Atreus. If you haven’t played the latest GOW, don’t look at the comment below mine.

    2. Isn’t the boy Loki?? Atreus sounds like never ending story kid whose horse drowned because of sadness. God 80’s movies were dark😂😂

  3. Tbh me and my friends still refer to things as “gay”. Are we bigots? Eh whatever.
    PS: I’m a liberal who grew up in the 2000s. Just some context for ya!

    1. Kevin Strom You really have no argument and it shows. All you do is warp my comments to make you sound morally superior and right. Which adds to the irony of you calling me a child who plays fornite, playing into how you yourself are susceptible to stereotypes. Instead of making you right, all this does is make you sound like the 12 year old you think I am (so you can’t argue, and you can’t guess. two for two!). You’re oblivious to how backwards your logic is.

      Here’s some honest advice: Learn how to argue a point, at least half decently, before you yourself prove how unqualified you are in contributing to the conversation. Because right now, there are more holes in your comments than a block of Swiss cheese.

    2. Ok. I’m basically replying to the entire thread thus far. I’m not 12. I’m a nine-year-old hella boss. NPC means non-playable character. It means you spout the opinions that are mainstream because you can’t think for yourself. NPCs like to call people nazis and klan members and white supremacists without any supporting evidence. They say stuff like “orange man bad” and “he will not divide us” it’s pretty funny 😄

    3. Thanks to Bruce Willis (who Has No Hair) and John Shepard (which might be a Mass Effect reference) for their original, thoughtful comments in this sea of verbal diarrhoea. Kevin is clearly, and ironically, a bigot himself if this conversation is anything to go by. I’d stop wasting time with him.

      Edit: On the plus side, at least our comments might connect with or challenge others who go through this thread.

    1. +Evan you can’t do it can you you’re a idiot you just keep making a fool of your self and I’m willing to bet u just liked your most recent comment how desperate do you have to be fag

    2. +Library Adjacent I’m just simply speaking the truth this so called joke needs to die and this idiot is not helping one bit truth hurts

    3. +MG3 Look, I understand you have an opinion and it’s frustrating at times when you want to try to voice it and aren’t getting the desired effect of doing so. However, insulting people and going about things the way you did will just exasperate that further. People won’t take you seriously that way.

    1. The 90’s ended when Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone in 2007 and then the 90’s REALLY ended when social media exploded into the mainstream.

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