Death of Superman 2018 Movie Review

Death of Superman Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer reaction & review 2018 DC animated movie! Doomsday vs Justice League!

Death of Superman Movie Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & review of The Death of Superman, the 2018 animated movie from DC and Warner Bros Animation! Doomsday takes on the Justice League but only Superman can stop him! But at what cost to Lois Lane? And what about Lex Luthor? Should you see this full movie? Enjoy The Death of Superman in 2018 and make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Death of Superman

Reign of the Supermen

Intro – 00:00
Peter J Tomasi – 00:27
Original Comic – 2:51
Lois Lane – 3:56
Martian Manhunter – 4:15
Batman – 4:48
The Supermen – 5:23
Cheap Animation – 5:51
Uninspired Directing – 5:57
O'Connell & Romijn – 6:15
Rainn Wilson – 6:50
Cress Williams – 7:26
The Boys – 7:42
WW & Hawkgirl – 8:20
Read the Comics – 8:51
Conclusion – 9:52

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!

56 Replies to “Death of Superman 2018 Movie Review”

    1. 👨 *”The Death of Superman” film 2018 **#now** available:* [ ]

      Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

    1. +Avatar The last air bender No one cares about 2D animation except DC fans because that is all they have got. The hundreds of millions of video gamers hardly give a damn about DC or Marvel games. And whatever comics are better is a subjective thing.

    1. Cool Man thats exactly wtf I’m saying, where the hell is shazam??? Every since aquamans animated movie, he’s been gone!!!

    2. 👨 *”The Death of Superman” film 2018 **#now** available:* [ ]

      Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

  1. the lois scene when she cries, throws a rock and days something along the line as i love you…as doomsday approaches her to kill her…..was just so emotional

  2. When doomsday takes out the whole squad except Diana and she goes in for a 1 on 1 😍😍 Their fight was amazing, so glad superman fought doomsday on his own though

    1. TheTalentRoller 44 man, everytime she fought flasg she won and fought him like 3 times, she defeated and dominated zoom lile flash, and if they are sooo powerfull why doomsday ko’ed martian manhunter with 1 hit??? And flash with 2???? And struggled on ww, martian manhunter ever defeated darkseid???? No. They ever defeated superdoom (superman combined with doomsday)????? No but ww did. They defeated zod and faora at same time????? No but ww did, she has wayyy more feats than him and by the way she defeated zoom blind

    2. TheTalentRoller 44 and if i remind corectly zod defeated easly martian manhunter while ww captured him with her lasso and in another time she defeated zod and faora at the same to save superman bc they kicked him sooo they kicked sup and ww kicked the.

  3. This movie was great! I pulled at the heart at the end. DC always knocks it out the park with their animated movies. This is probably one of my favorites.

    1. Well, I wasn’t around back then, but Tomasi knocks it out of the park every time I read him! And he knows the character, as proven by his recent run. But yeah up the animation budget!!

  4. Louis Lane needs to be put on a No fly list 😂 because whenever she gets on a Plane or Helicopter it ends up crashing 😂

    1. Robertjustafan Much better as the character than Lawrence. Even though she was okay.

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