Halloween (2018) – Doug Reviews

Michael Myers is back and so is Laurie Strode, but is there a good story to go along with it? Doug gives his take on the sequel reboot Halloween.
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Halloween is a 2018 American slasher film directed by David Gordon Green and written by Green, Jeff Fradley, and Danny McBride. It is the eleventh installment in the Halloween film series, and a direct sequel to the 1978 film of the same name, while retconning the continuity of the previous sequels.

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85 Replies to “Halloween (2018) – Doug Reviews”

    1. It’s mainly a Halloween movie since it focuses so heavily on the halloweentown characters but it is secondly a christmas movie. It has nothing to do with thanksgiving

    2. It’s a Tim Burton movie. As with all Tim Burton movies, it thematically explores the interconnection and intertwining of Light and Dark, and thus the directly associated themes and concepts (e.g. Good and Evil).

    1. 11: Halloween 5
      10: Halloween 2 Rob Zombie
      9: Halloween 6 Curse of Michael Myers
      8:Halloween Ressurection
      7:Halloween 2 (original)
      6:Halloween 3
      5:Halloween Rob zombie
      4: Halloween 2018
      3:Halloween 4
      2: Halloween H20

    2. The only films in the series I’ve seen are the original (which was awesome), the remake (which was ok) and the remake’s sequel (which was terrible).

    1. @Roberto Hernandez

      Actually, the movie is getting mostly positive reviews from critics. Fans think it’s average to pretty good. And what is the problem with Jamie Lee Curtis looking old? It’s been 40 years since the original Halloween. She and her character SHOULD look a lot older.

  1. Timelines:
    Halloween 1 – 6 (not 3)
    Halloween 1 – 2
    Halloween 1, 2, h20
    Halloween 1, 2, h20, resurrection
    Halloween remake
    Halloween remake 1&2
    Halloween 1 and Halloween 2018
    Halloween 3
    Halloween 1 (1978)
    Halloween (1978), Halloween (2018)

    1. +Squi Nos Well you can see the damage to his face (particulary his eye) in the new movie. Its a slasher film, so as always, the villian is an absolute brute. Still though, the timeline is: he Tried escaping after the 1st movie, but got caught/couldnt fight back due to his injuries. So he obviously recieved medical care, and was sent back to the mental institution. Its not unreasonable for a movie, and its not unreasonable when you take into account that yes, Micheal is “pure evil”. I liked that the new movie drove in that fact. He’s not invincible, he’s not some mentally challenged dumbass, and he’s not someone to feel sympathetic for. He’s the shape, and he is the embodiement of evil, and thats what drives him to kill.

    1. Going by the script that they decided to shot ( a script that needed polish )
      I would say HALLOWEEN: REUNION would be an even better and more
      effective title. Halloween —- Halloween: Reunion. Done.

      Halloween (1978) ———— (40 Years) ————- Halloween: Reunion (2018)

  2. If you don’t do a review on Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 for Nostalgiaween, I’ll be seriously disappointed. I NEED to see you rip that trainwreck apart!

    1. +van8ryan its not touching the remake. different doesnt mean good. this movie was raw. Halloween 2 is good too but mostly for the trippy feel

  3. I am a person who has never been interested in the slasher genre, but i know enough about the first Halloween to understand references and the trailer for this movie really hooked me. I’ve never really seen a slasher movie where the “prey” is prepared and ready to fight back. So i went and saw this movie with my friends. I loved it!! Like a lot! So maybe I’m in some weird category of people who aren’t really interested in slasher movies but loved this one

    1. +jaden torres yes like Friday the 13th has a simple story and they just recycle it every movie. Kid dies and is somehow redirected and goes around killing everyone but leaves one person until the end and the person goes around camp seeing all the dead people. It’s so cliche. Halloween is not like that it has a good story with a guy stalking teens and trying to kill them and at the same time being unkillable I’m not gonna try to argue anymore

    2. All that information is given to you upfront. The trailer spilled that much information, the description on Netflix does too. But, I’m the jackass I guess.

  4. I love the fact that they actually got the guy who played Michael Myers in the original movie to come back and play him again. That was insane.

    1. @ComicWriter 2020, I had someone say the same thing about Kathleen Kennedy once. “You never even heard of her til Disney put her in charge of Star Wars.” Except I already knew her from about two thirds of all the behind the scenes specials I had watched on cable growing up, and when DVD’s were invented when I was a teenager she was in tons of special features. For most of my life she was Steven Spielberg’s right-hand woman. She often made suggestions to Spielberg that he actually followed. Say what you will about Last Jedi, but she’s had a bigger influence than people realize.

    2. She should have stayed in the Kitchen. As a matter of fact, she should go make me a sandwich and fetch me a beer while she’s at it.

    3. KlingonCaptain
      But she’s a woman, and women have no place in a Star Wars film unless they’re wearing the slave outfit from ROTJ, according to the rabid fans.

  5. After seeing the new #HalloweenMovie, here’s my official ranking from worst to best:

    11. Halloween 6
    10. Halloween: Resurrection
    09. Halloween 5
    08. Halloween 2 (2009)
    07. Halloween 3
    06. Halloween 4
    05. Halloween (2007)
    04. Halloween 2
    03. Halloween H20
    02. Halloween (2018)
    01. Halloween (1978)

    1. I know we have all our opinions but h20 is so overrated and isn’t good at all besides the opening, h2 is so much better

  6. I get what Doug says about the killings in this film not being over the top compared to Elm street or Friday the 13th but I think the why Michael as a killer works. The best way to describe Him would be Subtle. All of his kills in this film are random and quick to the point and don’t make a scene that he is there.
     The Fact there is one long scene (Shown in one of the trailers) of him walking through a street and going into two houses and killing people then walking out without anyone noticing whats he’s done is extremely scary.

    Also remember that the Original Halloween was the Original Modern Slasher film. “since all the cliches Halloween created (or in some cases popularized) have now become genre wide cliches they are no longer frightening or even brilliant to younger viewers.” There is even a line in the film were someone says that Michael murdering five people now seems quaint given the real-life horrors of the 21st century. A mass murderer who killed only five people would barely even register in 2018.” – quoted from tv tropes

    1. Technically Halloween was the movie to start the Slasher craze but it wasn’t the first modern slasher. Black Christmas and Twitch of the Death Nerve came out years before and show many similar aspects.

    2. The origin of the Slasher Genre, is like anything else, a thing that evolved over time.

      While not slashers, the genre’s origins go as far back as The Phantom of the Opera. The films that could be pointed to as the seed however is Psycho, which introduced movie goes to what a true psychopath was rather then the overly theatrical variety that had always been used in film prior. While it came first, Bay of Blood (Death Nerve’s original title) on really introduced audiences to the idea of movies with body counts and bloody murders. Like Psycho its a step but not a true beginning. The first of what some call the “Proto-Slashers” was The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, which beat Black Christmas by a few days. These two films along with The Town that Dreaded Sundown and The Hills Have Eyes all lade the ground work Halloween would build on.

      Aspects of Norman Bates, Leatherface, Billy and The Phantom Killer were all used to make Michael Myers, but along with this many unique aspects were given to the character to allow him to stand apart.

    3. damas92 I found his kills to be quite realistic at times and quite scary. Except for the curbstomp. Gave me some f13 vibes there

  7. I really loved that self-aware, 4th wall humour about “the new Loomis” and teens saying that “By today’s measures, Michael Myers is nothing special, he killed just about 5 people”.

    1. SZ god I hope not. Well actually that might work if it’s treated like a my bloody valentine twist like “is the original killer back or is it someone else?”

    2. Well, Myers had no access to AR’s and only kills ‘whores’ and their dults so..

      But he’s a better villain and fascinating head-case.

  8. Didn’t really get into it. It felt too easy the way he was defeated. Didn’t like how they set up an opportunity for a sequel lol. There was a few cool scenes that I enjoyed. I liked JLC a lot, didn’t like all the side characters really. They tried making another movie surrounding the teens which I think they should’ve focused more on JLC and Michael.

    1. I don’t think the trap was dumb. We expected it as viewers but he’s been locked away for 40 years. He wouldn’t know Laurie’s daughter’s capabilities, and him going where he did is consistent with every other movie. He hasn’t had traps set for him before, but he generally indiscriminately busts through walls or whatever to get his prey when the final scene comes.

    2. There might be a sequel. They originally wanted to film 2 movies back-to-back, but decided to only film 1 and see if it would be worth it to work on the other

  9. I’ll sum up this movie like how Jeremy Jahn did:
    “Its a Halloween movie made for Halloween fans!”

    1. +Lunapokema I’m sorry but I can’t agree. This is the only good sequel we’ve ever gotten. Halloween 2 through resurrection and the two RZ films weren’t good.

    2. +KXNG Hunter Really? I loved all of the sequels (part 3 not included) for what they were – slasher sequels. I wonder sometimes if people just don’t know how to enjoy a movie and get caught up in critic reviews, story, cinematography, etc.
      I enjoyed 2, 4-6 because it was Michael and the irreplaceable Donald Pleasance. H2O was the first return of Jamie Lee and we actually got to see her fight him. Resurrection was fun because of the statistics inmate, the kids at the party watching the murders online, Tyra Banks dying, and Busta Rhymes. I don’t watch to be scared, I watch to be entertained. I would choose any of them over this new movie, because at least they kept Michael the smart, ruthless, family oriented, boogeyman he is.
      That’s not to say this movie wasn’t good, if it was a completely standalone movie I would have loved it There are just too many things that piss me off as a fan.

    3. I’m a Halloween fan, hated it.

      Was way to focused on referencing every other Halloween movie kills rather than coming up with it’s own.

  10. She did say “You’re the new Loomis.” I did not like the doctor or the twist with him. Jamie Lee Curtis, the little kid, and Michael Myers were the best parts about the movie. There was some lazy writing in certain parts in my opinion.

    1. I actually liked the twist because people were expecting him to be the new Loomis but turned out to be more of a crazed fan which works for the timeline because Micheal has become somewhat of a celebrity

    2. John Gallagher let’s be honest…that little kid deserved more screen time. I don’t care how much of a coincidence it would be, I wish he was in the end of the film.

  11. She also refers to him at the dinner scene as the shape, which was the what they referred to him as in the original script. The sherrif also refers to the original movie scenario as the babysitter killings and that was the original title before it was Halloween.

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