TOMB RAIDER 2018: Movie Review [Cantada Force Reviews]

Here are my initial reactions and review on the new Tomb Raider movie, starring Alicia Vikander!

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18 Replies to “TOMB RAIDER 2018: Movie Review [Cantada Force Reviews]”

  1. I just hope it’s better than assassins creed cause I was so hype for that movie and look what we got have you seen assassins creed Chris?

    1. You’re right! I wanted to love Assassin’s Creed so much but it was a let down for me. Tomb Raider was a lot better in my opinion.

  2. I thought I saw in one of the released clips from the movie that she gets a puzzle from her dad and she talks about how he had them all over the house and they use to solve these puzzles together. I think that moment explains well enough that she grew up playing with different puzzles with her father which would explain why she is good at them or at least has some background in puzzle solving. There was also another clip where it looks like she is solving a more complex puzzle in her dad’s secret room where the symbols on the puzzle match the ones on the tomb on the island. At least that was my impression from the clips, maybe it plays out different in the movie which I have not seen yet. Anyways, glad you liked the film and I cant wait to see the movie this week. Nice Review!

    1. That could be! But let me know after you watch it. There’s a scene there where I thought, “Ok, how did she do that??!” Haha. But thanks for the comment. 👍

  3. I saw the movie twice. I think you should watch again. Because it was actually mentioned that Lara’s dad loved puzzles and they were always present in the manor. She grew up with them. I don’t know how you missed it.

    1. No I didn’t miss it. I just personally felt that that wasn’t enough of an explanation. Especially during the puzzle scene where she was turning those huge knobs. I guess I wanted to know more on how she was that good since it didn’t explain how she actually solved that particular puzzle. She was like, “I got this!” and solved it. But that’s just me. If you were happy with that simple explanation in the beginning, good for you! 👍

  4. Chris I played the Lara Croft game in 2018 after 5 years I completed game in 2 months after but it was still so good and after seeing Lara’s story I am also interested in myths and mystery and solving it the game showed me there are still many mystery here on Earth to solve and now I’ve excited to play tomb raider 2 game

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