Laija Movie Review 2018

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35 Replies to “Laija Movie Review 2018”

  1. Thank you Mami Taibang for giving platforms to the common man to express things. This way everyone will learn to talk or face camera or even to speak out their gut feelings. We have been kept in silence for years. Hainingba Kaya haifam khangdana haifam leitana mangkhi. You gave the platform to everyone now.
    Even our Celeb doesn’t know how to review or promote their films. They tend to tell away the suspense or even the entire story, killing the thrill of the movies. Such kind of program can improve them alot.
    Well done and keep going.

  2. hanjin² yengninge film se eidii… ym fjei.. ado silheiba su c film se yengubadei i ngaojare chak chare eina 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Cachar macha eikhoidi manipuri film ama release oiraba matunda matam kuina ngaiba tai atabida 4 month lom ngaijei aduna Aina hyningbadi aikhoigi cachar dasu manipuri hall amatan sembina ningsingjhari masi hyraga ai loisingjare good night

  4. Dear viewers and production team,as I live outside Manipur I couldn’t see this film but through Mami taibang I commented about it after seeing its tailor uploaded on 27 August 2018. Please let me know if my comment is somehow matching with this film??? With regards Thounaojam from Delhi ❤️

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