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VENOM 2018 MOVIE REVIEW (Starring Tom Hardy) – Double Toasted Reviews – You've seen the DT crew review movies like Marvel's Avengers Infinity War, and DC's Justice League, and even Black Panther but now we are back to the realm of Sony as we are reviewing Venom, while both giving you a spoiler free review with no spoilers, and then saving the spoilers for the end of our review. We show movie clips and scenes that you may have not seen in the trailer, and a whole Hell of a lot more. Grab your popcorn, your Venom action figure, and some headphones 'cause we're about to go all in!

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    1. +EgocentricHead Really. Their some of the most skilled and understandable critics out there. They just use humor to different themselves from the rest. Go watch your typical pretentious snobs if want. I fucking hate critics that think their better then just because they went to school for it or worked on a “masterpiece”. DT is not like that, which is why I stay with them

    2. TimeMakerMan, if these guys are the most skilled critics out there, then movie criticism is in a very bad position right now. I watched/listened a lot of their reviews, and in most of them, there is no substance or coherency. They just mumble for half an hour and laugh at their own jokes. And you don’t need to go to film school to be a good movie critic. Mike Cocklasa and Jay Blowman from Half in the Bag never went to film school, yet they know a thing or two about movies, and they, when they review movies, never sound obnoxious like these guys. They also like to marinate their reviews with some humor, but they are doing it smartly: they mostly separate their reviews in section, where the first few minutes will have some funny skit, and the rest of the video is them just talking about movie as it is and occasionally laughing at something.

    3. +EgocentricHead Those guys aren’t even funny, I hate those stupid skits and and they still come out as hubris. You don’t have to cut down a video into sections to make a point, and what’s wrong about laughing at your own jokes. It brings energy while still making it interesting. Both these guys can sit down and go word by word on how a movie is good or bad, They just don’t choose to or don’t have to, unless they want to be generic and forgettable

  1. I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and I was in pain, but when I saw a new vid in my notifications, I felt better. But Martin’s laugh ALONE made this video great!

    1. I just had an operation too! I only took novacane with no after pain until my teeth started moving, but I hope you’re feeling better!

    2. +The Misunderstood Assassin not OP, but it depends. I got all four of mine removed at the same time and I have long roots. I could barely open and close my mouth for several days. Was on a liquid diet because it hurt to chew. I think they had me on 800mg of ibuprofen but it barely helped. Was so uncomfortable trying to go to bed because I sleep on my side. Anyhow that was my experience. I say get it over with but i wouldnt get all of them done at once. It was too painful.

    3. +The Misunderstood Assassin Depends on the dentist, really. At least for me. Got all four of mine removed at once since they were poking out and coming in sideways ruining what my braces had fixed. My dentist put numbing stuff after numbing stuff on me (plus the needle in the gums) for over 30 minutes before taking them out. Didn’t feel a thing until I came home (another half hour or so later) and by then I had pain meds to pick up at the pharmacy. The bleeding was my biggest annoyance since it made it hard to sleep with all the gauze in my mouth. I wish you all the best if you decide to go through with it. Find a caring dentist that wants to ensure your comfort rather than just getting your appointment over with.

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      An óutstanding móvie that keeps you looking fór more until the very end of the movie

  2. Hearing Venom say: “Like a turd in the wind” in the trailer, why would I ever think this movie was going to be good? I’m just here to watch Korey and Martin tear into the movie. I even made popcorn!😁🍿

    1. Honestly, it was really bad in the trailer, but the place they put that scene in the movie was hilarious! People in my theater on Friday night ate it up!

    2. No, on this film being like a 2011 MCU film. It’s even more dated. It’s like a weird, time warped comic book film from the late 1990’s/early 2000’s where these films were made for money and the mentality was whatever the hell sticks to the wall, source material accurate or done spiritually true be damned. Right down to the lame, dated Rap songs that have come screeching from the 90’s! X)

    3. Master SHANGO Yes, it must be hard making up your own opinion. I mean that actually forces you to think for yourself. I bet you’re getting a headache just thinking about that.

  3. So I went into this film thinking I would hate the film besides the Venom parts cause Venom has been my favorite comic book character since I was 4 I’ve been religiously reading the comics for 20 years now and loved SM TAS and Spectacular Spiderman and I knew the character from the trailers wasnt gonna be done worse than that Eric Foreman SM3 version ecchh, But honestly, I thought the film was just alright, I loved the snarky Venom Bits cause thats true to the character in the comics, Hell if you play Spiderman 1 for PS1 you can see many similarities, Certain scenes Cracked me up and I was never really angry cause I was watching like an ELSEWORLD story & knew it wasnt connected to anything, The Voice I liked but I will admit there were quite a few bits I was meh on and did go “well they kinda rushed to get here” But with all that said, I’d honestly give it between a High Rental and Low Matinee for myself. It wasnt a film I was getting overly triggered and gritting my teeth over and I wouldnt honestly suggest it to most folks but I got enjoyment out of it for what it was and IDGAF I know its not getting a sequel or doing anything Spectacular so thats all I took it as a one off elseworld film movie xD the ending with that wig tho 🤣🤣🤣

    1. +tn 420 Again the characterization of Eddie Brock was changed. He was not the narcissistic brock of the comics. He wasn’t vindictive which is why he had hesitation to join the symbiote. He wasn’t selfish. Either way I find it a fresh take and head and shoulders above SM3’s version. SpiderMan isn’t needed and in fact i’ve already penned a story/scenario that can incorporate this venom story not only into the spiderverse but the MCU as well.

    2. +Ray spider man is needed in order for venom to exist. And this venom movie sucked. And I hope they don’t put this in the mcu they aren’t planing to. And compared to spider man 3. Spider man 3 has redeeming qualities even the amazing Spider-Man movies have it too. Unlike this boring movie that ruins venom and ruins eddies character by not having a spider man in the orgin like I said he looks like him so its off putting. Sony should of let marvel have venom then he could be introduced the proper way. Without spider man venom is pointless.

  4. The problem is venom can work without Spider-Man it just can’t be an origin story. Just establish his history with Spider-Man in the first few minutes, then send him off on his own. Even the comics this movie is trying to adapt are set after Spider-Man and venom have a truce, they have a history and venom is already an established character. Anyway great review DT been waiting months for this.

    1. +ShockyD exactly, and you are right it does get some things right, but the things it gets wrong far outweigh the right.

    2. Even more so when the other symbiotes have Spidey’s traits. So introducing all these symbiotes without the establishment of Venom with Spidey is even more dumb.

    3. +feyzal92 yeah and if I remember correctly in the comics they were made using the venom symbiote DNA, so they too got their existence from the venom/spidey union and mad scientists.

    1. @J Man There’s an end credits scene on Youtube where they showed off Cletus Kassady, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

    1. The concern now is if Sony says screw it and voids the deal next year to pull Spidey from the MCU for their own universe and play on audiences’ ignorance about if this film series connects or not. Bare in mind, Avi Arad and Amy Pascal are still at the wheel and the interview during Spider-Man Homecoming press tour should be clear they are jealous and hate Kevin Feige with a passion. They may make irrational judgment to screw Marvel and Disney over, to keep Spider-Man for themselves at the first chance they get (which Venom’s success may provide that opening come next year).

      As for Spiderverse, that looks legitimately good and the preview action set piece is inventive, energetic, and naturally funny especially as a New Yorker. They have a winner coming in and most likely akin to the game, a love letter to all things Spider-Man!

  5. SONY makes no sense

    Slenderman: Something that was supposed to be scary and made it boring
    Jumanji 2: Something that was supposed to be boring and made it awesome
    Emoji movie: Something that was supposed to be laughable and made it scary
    Venom: Something that was supposed to be awesome and made it laughable

  6. Fun fact: director Rubin Fleischer said that he wanted to make a buddy cop movie that people can laugh at and with. They also let Tom improv entire scenes and didn’t want to take this seriously. I can’t wait to see this good bad train wreck tomorrow afternoon 🙂

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