The Evil Dead – Movie Review


Chris Stuckmann and Rob Grant review The Evil Dead, starring Bruce Campbell, Ellen Sandweiss, Richard DeManincor, Betsy Baker, Theresa Tilly. Directed by Sam Raimi.

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    1. Hahah I am an idiot , I went back to the most recent video with to see if John was like super tan or something !! Then I realized we were talking about this video !!! Hahaha

    1. +Joseph D’Andrea I’ve got to go with Evil Dead 2. I think it’s the best blend of the horror and comedy side of the series.

      Army will always be a childhood classic for me, as I believe it’s the one I seen first.

  1. You’re awesome Chris. Your videos can sometimes be an escape for me when I need to laugh and smile. I’m a big fan. Please do more Hilariocity videos. And also I really enjoyed your movie reviews on older films. Sending love and support from Tallahassee Florida 😎🙌

  2. Chris, my favorite movie review channel. You have an amazing channel. You have grown to an amazing critic. Thank you for your videos. I appreciate you.

    1. Dude you have a dope channel. Very unique concept. You gonna blow. You have potential bro. 271st subscriber. Good thing you keep those videos short for now.💪💪💪

  3. Evil Dead: Great
    Evil Dead 2: Awesome
    Army of Darkness: Good and insanely quotable
    Evil Dead Remake: Surprisingly good interpretation of the original
    Ash vs The Evil Dead: Great mix of evil dead 2 and army of darkness. Sad it ended.

  4. I adore that in Ash vs. evil dead they explain that the differences in evil dead and the evil dead 2 recap is because of Ash’s shitty memory.

  5. The evil Dead is classic. Bruce Campbell is Ash Williams. Evil Dead is one of those movies that build the foundation of horror movies

    1. It deserves a lot of credit. Such a fascinating story too of some young film buffs that decided to make a movie with relatively little to no experience and end up making a horror classic. Did you know the Coen brothers helped out on this film?

  6. Fun thing…Joel Coen worked as an assistant editor. He,Ethan,Campbell and Raimi are good friends. Joel´s wife acted in Darkman,Raimi had a cameo in Miller´s Crossing and campbell has a cameo in Ladykillers.

  7. 😕 When I was younger, I didn’t find anything funny about this movie. Part II, yes. But the original was just pure horror. Exorcist level…

    1. Shawn Allen I’m with ya. Part two made me chuckle. Part 1 felt like i was watching something I shouldn’t have at a young age lol.

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