The Predator (2018) – Movie Review

The ultimate hunter has returned. The Predator sees the return of the titular alien and writer/director Shane Black. Easily one of my most anticipated movies of 2018, The Predator gave me high hopes that it would finally be the sequel the original classic deserved. Were my expectations met?
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58 Replies to “The Predator (2018) – Movie Review”

  1. The movie is bad but I don’t think that youcan blame it on studio execs, they let Shane Black make the film that he wanted but it tested so poorly that they had no choice but to change things. The first half of the film was just as bad as the second half and I think that he was just the wrong choice.

    1. Cody Leach The original movie sucked too. You need to take off the fanboy glasses and just admit this *fully* sucked. Stop going easy on it.

    2. How can you say don’t blame the execs ?
      Shane would have sat down with them for a week with The plot
      The story board and his list of actors and would have been given the green light because they loved it .
      Studio executive is just a name for a well paid idiot

  2. you could tell just front the trailers alone it was gonna be trash, studios had nothing to do with how bad this was. GARBAGE FROM THE GET GO

    1. The first trailer interested me, but as soon as the joke trailers started coming out I was starting to feel awkward. Easily one of the worst films I’ve seen in recent memory.

  3. I hate this film!! AvP Requiem to me, is a masterpiece next to this and I’m dead serious. I’m affraid this movie will be the end of the entire predator series.

    1. +Reptile Fanatic maybe because predator is my favorite film franchise and I felt like they’ve spat in my face after seeing the ending and leaving the theatre.

    1. +Cody Leach Oh ok I’m sorry I haven’t finished the video yet. I typed that before I finished it. But yeah I think that the studio had some part of it but it mostly falls on Shane Black. Especially the controversy behind the scenes that almost made me not want to watch it.

    2. Studios ruin their own movies, 9 out of 10 times they interfere for the worst. Also look at the DC universe, give the fans the movie not the masses.

    3. I don’t know man, I don’t think studio interference matters much in this film. I understand that you acknowledge that it was still bad outside of that, but I feel like you’re giving Shane Black too much credit. This was a disaster from top to bottom. Your video comes off like this was 90% studio, 10%, apologetically, was Shane. I disagree, but I respect your opinion.

  4. I’ve never seen an audience so unanimously disappointed and embarrassed by what they just watched as I did the other night walking out of The Predator

    1. Did you notice that Marie Sue teleported herself to where the spaceship crashed after one of the loonies killed himself? She was suddenly there…. Just because.

  5. The writers had it all wrong. Predator was portrayed wrong and not true to form: badass savage killing machine at top of food chain. plot of movie all over the place and instead of letting audience connect to the character of the Predators, they try to make us care about the plot armored protagonist and his supporting characters. The movie is like a bad anime.

    1. The Predator isn’t a badass savage killing machine, it’s an arrogant hunter, hunting for sport and trophies. It has the physical and technological edge over its prey, but arrogance is what leads it to lose to Dutch. It underestimates him. You can see in the scene where Dutch hits it with the explosive arrows, and it just starts firing around randomly because it can’t see him, that it’s a sore loser and it’s lashing out in rage because it has been outsmarted. That’s what was interesting about the Predator; it had flaws, it wasn’t this perfect killing machine, it was cunning/adaptation overcoming technology/raw power.

    2. +borderline
      no dude, that’s ur interpretation of wat u seen on screen. For me and most people who enjoy the Predator would definitely agree and approve the label: Badass Savage Killing Machine. Ur view and opinion is simply ur view and opinion

    3. And did you notice that the scientist teleported herself to where the spaceship crashed after one of the loonies killed himself? She was suddenly there…. Just because.

    4. +Blue G
      U need I did. That was absolute nonsense. I hate when writers try to force a plot instead letting a good story unfold with rational cause and effect. It’s like because they needed to have a protagonist we have a Sniper who can’t beat a black bear 1vs1 contend with a super alien; because they wanted to include the little boy in the story (instead of giving him 1 part or killing him off) he’s deciphering never seen before language and playing with alien tech like legos. Stupid sh*t. Like I said if all characters died would’ve made better since. I would’ve expected that kinda out-come/ ending

    1. AVP R is good compared to this movie
      And AVP R is hideous gore porn. Yet I’d rather watch that film again before seeing this movie again

    2. Predators was awesome. I don’t get why people look so unfavorably on it. Yeah it had a lot of references to the first film, so did the sequel, so do a lot of sequels, but it was still it’s own thing and expanded upon the Predator lore and actually showed us bad bloods on screen.

    1. You said it, Jazz King! Predator 2 comes closest to the feel of the original, where there’s a protagonist doing his job and is confronted with an almost supernatural force that seems unstoppable and trying to cope…I thought predator 2 was a solid sequel to predator following the lines of the Original story.

    2. Predator 2 is the movie where the audience truly get to see close up and personal just what the predators can do, their arsenal, looks, nature and culture. This is what makes it so successful, we get an understanding of the creature. I too at 1st wasn’t so keen but looking back since then only AVP and Predators have come close to representing the true creature that is a predator. Too many egos involved I fear in the making of the latest film all with different ideas. Leaving the viewer (this viewer) feel as though I’m watching many different ideas of what should and shouldn’t be. That they’ve put everyone’s ideas in leaving a lot of bewildered fans confused and piss*d off. The people who made this are all a bunch of “one ugly motherf*****s” when it comes to expanding a concept. And the script ???? Oh I can’t even go into the cheesiness of some of the things that come out of characters mouths. Especially the most important one πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜²πŸ˜­πŸ˜πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΊπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή

  6. I saw the movie but I hated, they change is about creating predators with genetic DNA. I hate that. For me until now the best movie ever is the classic predator 1..this new movie something is missing, the hunting, the horror, the suspense, etc this new movie is a joke to laugh..

    1. I can’t handle how all of these franchises are turning into genetic bullshit. I mean ALIEN went right down the tubes with over-explanation. Last I heard David, a damn android we created, made the xenomorphs. WTF. Now we have Predators trying to take our planet and create genetic hybrids; complete with dreadlock-sporting preda-dogs. Every one of these films serves to remind us all just how ahead of their time the originals were.

  7. My problem is that I expected too much from this movie. Its characters are dumber than the ones from AvP Requiem. A kid with autism worked in Mimic (1997) but not here. Predators were never called predators but in this movie they finally did it. Why? Oh and predators talk with humans. I’m done

  8. I tried to be a bit more optimistic but damn, Shane Black rearranged the concept of the Yautju Predator…

    Predator’s now hunting for DNA, well now that ruins everything that we know about are beloved Predator Yautju…

  9. Better to watch 1987 Predator Movie again (may be for 100th time) to enjoy the suspense that they were able to create in 1987 (sick)

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