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TOMB RAIDER 2018 MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Reviews – We don't touch on video games a whole lot, folks, although like most channels ran by nerds we do play great games on PS4, Xbox One, and do like to watch the best of video gaming content by people like IGN and others, but today we reviewed something we could not avoid. Tomb Raider is back as well as Lara Croft and in this funny video we show clips from the trailer, showing off the physicality, the great soundtrack, and the great attention to detail of the film! However, will that be enough to get a praise from the Double Toasted podcast in this review? Find out in this video game movie that quite a few of us have been waiting for!

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65 Replies to “TOMB RAIDER 2018 MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Reviews”

    1. I didn’t like him at first, but now I couldn’t imagine the normal line up without him, his leaving is going to suck

  1. I was hoping since the Tomb Raider version this is adapted from was Rated M that this movie would be Rated R.
    It’s atleast more understandable than making Max Payne PG-13 and Mortal Kombat PG-13.

    1. Mark Hazleton
      They want this movie for the masses and an R rating would limit thier audience. Plus throwing in some F-bombs/blood wouldn’t add anything to the movie.

    2. undrtakr900
      No, but maybe if they actually properly adapted the gritty survival tale the first reboot game was with an R, it could have been something instead of a generic adventure film. But once again, no one wants to take a goddamn risk on adapting a video game. At this point these adaptations need to stop playing safe and take creative risks.

    3. Brendan Milburn

      That’s easy to say but hard to do especially with tens of millions are on the line. The studio would rather gamble and try for the pg-13 crowd. It just brings in more families.

    4. JEFFREY
      You say that but we have risky R-rated comic book movies like Logan, why can’t video games get the same treatment of risk. And yes money is on the line but I rather get a good video game movie that bombed in box office than an awful forgettable pandering to masses cash grab.

    5. Brendan Milburn

      The only reason Logan was made a R rated film is because Deadpool took the risk and made bank. If deadpool failed Logan would be getting the same pho-13 treatment every comic movie has gotten.

      As for good movie, the studios care but money trump everything. They aren’t risking a R for tombraider.

    1. *Just seen the movie and it is the best thing ever!*
      *Really recommend it!* [ ]

    2. I remember being at Disney World in 2016 and was at a Wal-Mart. I saw Rise of the Tomb Raider on the shelf and laughed because I forgot it came out. My Florida souvenirs were Disney merch and Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox One.

    3. harrison jananto Lara croft is a bigger mary sue than rey from star wars. A normal woman lime Lara croft can’t beat military trained men. Plus in the last game she somehow doesn’t some type of infection from being impaled on a metal pole.

    4. *It was sooooooo good! Recommend it to everyone!*
      *No matter what their taste in movies is.*
      🔴 *This movie avaiIabIe here: [ **** ]*

  2. I feel like I’m going to Rehab at the end of the week, and I’m trying to get as much Girts as I can before I go 🙁 he goes)

    1. *It was sooooooo good! Recommend it to everyone!*
      *No matter what their taste in movies is.*
      🔴 *This movie avaiIabIe here: [ **** ]*

    1. yah, it’s honestly not that hard for a good film to sweep the floor. If Ruthless People, Falling Down or Nothing to Lose would come out this weekend, they’d be at #1 for months probably.

    1. In the movie, Himiko is known as the god of death, and was imprisoned in Yamatai. In the game, Hikimo was the mythical SunQueen with an army, and Yamatai was her homeland. She is known to be mysterious and calculating (which makes her dumber in the movie) Her ancestor’s were one of Lara’s friends, who is part of the reason Lara went to that island, and the person missing in this movie.

      Lara’s training came from Roth to train her as a Archaeologist, she flatout explains it in just a few sentence in the game, where as the movie had to take minutes more to show her training in MMA, bikers, and in the Croft Manner.

      Lara’s thought her father was a lunatic. This version did not.

      The reason the soldiers couldn’t leave the island in the game is because they were stuck their by the island’s curse. They needed a sacrifice of Himiko’s decent to escape, and being marooned made them crazy. In the movie, there were no curse. They could’ve easily left anytime, but they couldn’t because…they wanted the treasure.

      None of Lara’s friends where there, which destroys the purpose who her trying to kill to save and rescue her friends.

      I could name so many detail from the game the film missed.

    2. *It was sooooooo good! Recommend it to everyone!*
      *No matter what their taste in movies is.*
      🔴 *This movie avaiIabIe here: [ **** ]*

    3. Agreed, just watched a pirated version, so many missed opportunities. I knew this was going to suck when they refused to cast Camilla as Laura

  3. Last weekend I literally found the camcorder my parents had and was able to open it, hit play, and see my 8th grade graduation from what 13 years ago? I’m 27 now so that took me for a trip. Then I saw the start of this video lol. Battery on camcorder was still good too haha

  4. NAh Girts why must you leave, your comedic chops went so well with the rest of the cast. You were a valuable addition to the crew 🙁 Godspeed!

    1. ds37 u liked girts?!?😂 dude was a negative Nancy and Debbie downer on every single movie review repeats what korey and Martin say all the time and gave Logan a matinee and gave sausage party a better than sex

    2. It’s as if movies were like subjective or something like that. I like DT because not every member is a yes man to Korey. They have strong opinions and sometimes they all agree on a movie and sometimes they don’t which makes it more entertaining as long as they can back it up.

  5. I think that a movie on Uncharted 5: The Lost Legacy with Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer would have done a bit better.

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