THE PREDATOR 2018 MOVIE REVIEW – The Double Toasted movie review podcast are here to help you get past all the hype from whatever TV spot, movie clip, or any scene from the red band trailer 1, 2, and the final one, as we discuss everything about this film but the ending! We show some clips from the film and talk in full lack of bias while also refraining from discussing the 1987 movie a whole, as we've explained before that this film is a reboot and going in a much different direction than the others. Were we correct in our assessments in our trailer breakdown? Find out in this movie review and give us your reaction and opinions on the film in the comment section below!

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    1. Kylo Spencer there are no dark skin black girls in the movie so it should be worth watching. Its good the director aint a sjw and understands black girls that have darker skin than nicki minaj are ugly and irrelevant

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    1. ๐Ÿ”ด *The Predator 20I8 fiIm avaiIabIe: [ **** ]*
      Unglaublicher film! Sehr zu empfehlen, es auszuprobieren!

    1. Not really the reason the first one works is because it takes place in a secluded area and they give some loose logic as to how he was able to beat the predator. The second takes place in a city but somehow only a small group of cops are aware of him and Glover ends up abandoning the meat warehouse trap and just gets into an all out brawl with the predator in the city no one helps him or even witnesses the fight somehow.

    2. In rewatched it, after not having seen it in almost a DECADE! Predator 2 IMO is great! Iโ€™m surprised that critics have written it off as a bad film.

    1. When you’re dealin’ with some rasta-aliens trying to hunt you and kill you, you might as well go out in style WITH SOME DT MERCH AT DTMERCH.COM!

    1. +Ruben Baeza So you’re one of those powder puffs that would consider my original comment complaining? All I did was state it wasn’t their home world. Now go to some other video and make irrelevant comments, I’m sure you have a lot of complaining to do elsewhere.

    1. +Dino Sabaliฤ‡ you really complain too much. Maybe you should take up another hobby or something. I don’t appreciate people trying to sway my opinions or trying to “win” the argument by saying three paragraphs worth of nonsense to that lose sense after the second sentence.

    1. Lol one can only hope when Hollywood will stop pandering and seeking the approval of the sjws. THEY ARENT THE ONES SEEING YOUR FILMS HOLLYWOOD!

  1. I was gonna just let this film pass but yall sold me on it seeing it this weekend xD
    Edit JUST Saw it Originally I thought I was gonna Moan and groan through the new Predatorโ  โ movie but i thought it was Awesome!! It didnโ€™t take itself too seriously and was pretty much an Action Comedy movie, the characters were surprisingly really likable. I was Cracking up HARD intentionally. Also unlike JurassicWorld โ€˜s ending the set up for a sequel here had me like.. Damn that might be DOPE! Id def give this MATINEE rating tbh

    1. Bruh thank god! This movie honestly was super fun! Like not every predator movie needs to be the first one. Yeah thereโ€™s a good bit in here that can irk people. But dude! We all already know what the predators can do. Like they turn invisible and stab people. You canโ€™t keep me on the edge of my seat just by showing me a see-through silhouette and some glowing eyes. This movie did something different with the series. I can understand why people wouldnโ€™t like the humor, but seriously I ended up caring for these characters based on their personalities alone. And dude, you canโ€™t say youโ€™re a predator fan if you didnโ€™t enjoy every scene the predator was in. Like this is the most we ever get to see of a predator and we see why they are the greatest killers in the galaxy. if you go into this movie with the hopes that itโ€™s more like the first movie of course youโ€™re gonna be disappointed. But dude, if you go into it looking at it as a Shane Black film, this could be a predator movie that rivals the first. That is certainly a bold claim, but I havenโ€™t had this much fun with a predator movie since the first one. Like just enjoy the characters (while you have them), enjoy the badass predator scenes (which are pretty much every predator scene), and enjoy the badass action AND finally getting to see a predator use itโ€™s mandibles on something

  2. People need to take the nostalgia goggles off. Like the first predator didn’t have comedic and goofy dialogue. “Stick around” ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Yea it’s always like this tho just like Star Wars, godfather and many other films which the originals are classics. We should be happy and enjoy the continuation of the movies unless of course if it’s absolute garbage. I hope this new predator movie is at least fun to watch for me to satisy my craving for more predator films.

  3. Predator (original) is the one movie where I disagree with Martin the most. His complain about it being ‘too macho’ doesn’t make sense since all the top action movies in the 80’s were about macho men with muscles and guns trying to outdo each other. In that regard it was no different. Also I disagree that it was all about Arnold. Arnold was already established superstar of action movies by then. Compared to Commando (1985), where he is basically a one man army, Arnold was way toned down in Predator.
    It’s one of the few movies which is as much about the Antagonist as it is about Protagonist. The first half is all about the Predator.
    I still remember the suspense for better half of the movie on who/what the predator was. And the technology and effects used were top notch for its time. The sound effects were also superb. And the movie has aged well (which is rare for action movies from the 80’s that use CG).
    I have watched the movie once every 5 years or so and it surprises me that I still enjoy it every time.

    1. He’s just from a different era, and is real easy to pick out what’s wrong with today’s content

      Kinda like old folks complaint with how kids dress today in right clothing, when its exactly how they dressed in the 70s 80s…matter fact they wore straight up makeup in the 80s haha

      So its contradictory

    2. The original predator is a satire. The creators of original predator talked about it being a satire on multiple occasions. So, I’m sorry, but Martin is kind of right. It deliberately populated the movie with a bunch of OTT mucho stereotypes for satirical effect in order to make fun of mucho action heroes. And then all those mucho guys were killed by a predator with vagina dentata. And again, it’s not my interpretation. The predator was a satire, it’s a fact. Multiple people who made the predator have confirmed it.

    3. bad question
      So that’s where Martin got that idea in his head. It doesn’t matter what the creators were thinking when they wrote the script because during the course of making the movie a lot of things changed. Including the predator himself who was supposed to be one eyed ninja played by Van Damme.
      If this is satire then almost every action movie from the 80’s is also satire. I was born in 80’s. This is what every big action movie was about. In fact this was way more grounded in reality (with regards to human endurance) compared to rest of the lot. You had Arnold and Sylvester taking down whole armies single handedly with not a single scratch on them. If you watch those movies now they will all look like satires. But they weren’t in the 80’s.
      For this to be a satire it had to be a clear comedy to make any distinction from normal action movies at that time. Do you see comedy anywhere in its description? The Last Action Hero was a satire of the 80’s. This wasn’t by any stretch. Unless you think every 80’s action flick is a satire.
      And I am talking about the end movie product. Not what the creators had in mind when they first wrote the script.

  4. About the Robert Rodriguez film “Predators” that wasn’t their home planet but a game reserve they had if you watch Alien vs Predator Requiem you see their home world in the beginning of the film.

  5. If I’m being chased by a predator I want to be seen looking my best, I’ll go to DTMERCH.COM and get my spine ripped out of a lovely tank top or t shirt

  6. The Predator franchise better clean up its act before it ends up living right next to the Species franchise in the bad part of town ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. For what it is and what Shane Black does I did in fact have a fun time. I never really expected the magic of the first one or the brutish nature of the second one so I was just seeing what Black would do. Low and behold Black created something I can wholeheartedly say I enjoyed and had a great time with it

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