BLACKKKLANSMAN MOVIE REVIEW 2018 – A good spike lee movie?

BLACKKKLANSMAN MOVIE REVIEW 2018 – A good spike lee movie? – We’re back with another Double Toasted review and today we have a funny movie review for a new Spike Lee movie called Blackkklansman. Some people on the internet are just searching Black Klansman movie review but the official spelling of the title is with the three K’s. In this funny video, we take a look a brief look at Spike Lee and discuss his filmmaking style. Then we take a quick look at the trailer before going in-depth into our movie review. Will this be a good Spike Lee movie? Find out in this video. And, as always let us know your thoughts on the film in the comment section down below!

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71 Replies to “BLACKKKLANSMAN MOVIE REVIEW 2018 – A good spike lee movie?”

    1. I don’t like the thimbails either, but what you’re saying doesn’t make sense. How would you improve the design?

    1. No f*****g way has that racist negro made a masterpiece. You have to be a Jew to make masterpieces. Maybe the Jews will appease negroes again with another Oscar.

    1. Kendra .frederick I don’t think him and Trump are friends. I think Donald Trump threatened to blow his country up with nukes and called him little rocket man. Just because you don’t like Donald Trump doesn’t mean he’s friends with Kim. Like just because I don’t like Obama as a president doesn’t mean I think he’s friends with Kim. Every Democrat love Donald Trump and he was like a God of Hollywood until he ran for Republican. Too many bias Democrats out there who don’t do any research of their own. Just watch a couple CNN headlines and run with it.

    1. I’d like to say the same, but it keep feeling like he’s doing bits, instead of knowing movies. Not to mention doesn’t like any of them it seems. I can’t explain it, and I’m sure it’ll smooth over in time. I hope it does, since he kinda reminds me of Tommy.

    2. Were you guys around during the Spill days? Because Billy was very much the same except he wasn’t on any movie review podcasts. Him and Allan on Let’s Do This was among some of the best comedy I ever heard.

  1. Spike Lee is the best director out of black cinema, he has arguably the best filmography out of the black directors, his cinematography is own, his scores are some of the best and he gave us Denzel, Wesley, Samuel L etc.

    My Top Five Spike Films

    1. “X”
    2. “The 25th Hour”
    3. “Jungle Fever”
    4. “Miracle at St Anna” – very slept on war epic
    5. “Clockers” – Though it loosely covered the themes of the book, it still is a socially conscious “hood” film

    1. Rob W Ryan Coogler has potential but now that he gotten the “Rocky” & “Marvel” bag, he’ll undoubtedly become this generation’s John Singleton. Remember John Singleton in the beginning, was innovative and labeled a visionary because of his inner city presentations but the majors gave him an installment in the “Fast” series and now he executive producing on FX with a cheap Narcos ripoff. Ryan is slowly abandoning what I liked about him, his depictions of the everyman for the bag. Which is why he will fade into the fray.

    2. Robert Lockhead Steve Mcqueen has skill but he doesn’t have mainstream appeal because he seems to want to make his audience as uncomfortable as possible . He is like a black Denis Villenenve without the thought provoking morality or bizarre art direction. Though I am looking forward to “Widows”. It’s good to see Liam Neeson back in a proper acting role.

    1. Merlot Jones no, they settled out of court. Back in 2003, when the suit was initially filed. Lawsuits can take a while, but not 15 years. The name change is just a rebranding, like when they changed it from TNN to Spike.

  2. So Tofford Grace decided to embrace being a white villain instead of being a black villain……I’ll give you guys a second to realize what I’m referencing.

    1. I laughed at the spelling of his name more than I did the joke itself but even then, I hate that you made that connection 😂👏🏾

    1. tyrone kinard Jewish can be and IS a race, not just a religion. The Jewish people originated from the land of Israel (formerly Judea) in the Middle East

    2. israel and middle east are pseudo geographies an is a fictional place and that area was named israel in the 1940’s prior that its always been palestine those “jews” are polish slavs and eurasian caucasoids. middle east was created by alfred thayer manh. jew is not a race race is mongoloid caucasoid and negroid/australoid.

  3. I love Billy on the team, Martin and Korey are great, but it’s nice to have someone they can bounce off of like Girts and Goodwin on occasion to change it up sometimes.

    1. I just rewatched, I didn’t really dig it. It felt like something was off there, couldn’t put my figure on it

  4. Am I the only one who thinks Billy reminds them of Conway Stern off of Archer. The Star of David confirms it.

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