SKYSCRAPER MOVIE REVIEW 2018 – Double Toasted – Double Toasted do funny movie reviews and today we have a review for the new Dwayne Johnson film called Skyscraper. In 2018, The Rock has already fought giant flying wolves, now it’s time for him to take on a burning building. In this video, we have a quick look at the Skyscraper trailer before delving into our thoughts on the movie. So hold on looking for Skyscraper movie online, and see what we think In this funny video. And as always let us know your thoughts on the movie down below in the comment section and let us know, what would you like to see The Rock fight next?

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65 Replies to “SKYSCRAPER MOVIE REVIEW 2018 – Double Toasted”

    1. He doesn’t make bad/good movies, he makes ENTERTAINING movies. Critically I believe Baywatch is his worst and that was plenty funny and entertaining. Not good moviewise but funny and silly.

    1. Don’t give them any ideas if The Rock dies they will hire actors that have the same name as him and look like him and keep his name going just like they did with Bruce Lee

    1. I Control My Fate and its not even that hes in too many movies, big stars appear in multiple films per year all the time. But he made an action comedy set in the jungle in December amd in April he was all of a sudden in a big action movie, only this time the wild animals on in the city. And this movie Skyscraper looks like a sequel to San Andreas. Someone get this man another Pain and Gain or even a Be Cool supporting role, Dammit! He can’t make three special effects blockbusters per year and expect them all to be equally successful.

    2. Overton Jones how so? Did you reply to the wrong comment? Are you sure you arent projecting? Dwayne Johnson earned his status and I hope he maintains it.

  1. The “Die Hard” model has a major flaw. McClane was not a regular guy. He was a war vet (USMC tattoo) and seasoned, NYPD homicide detective. That’s exceptional and not the norm. The regular guy in Die Hard was the chauffeur—who spent most of the runtime trapped in a garage.

    1. Johnny Larson — Context matters not. Calling McClane a regular guy is like calling James Bond a civil servant or Dominic Toretto a car enthusiast.

    2. When we say regular guy tho…. We mean that he was a dude who wasn’t going out looking for trouble, nor was he the muscle-bound hero that Arnold and Sly were in that era. Also, when you actually watch the movie, he’s not the guy looking to make the first move, or spring into action right away. His first instinct is to actually call the fucking cops

  2. The rock makes like 3-4 movies a year which (for the sake of an argument) takes what like 3 months of production, he gotta work out at least 3 times a day to maintain his physique, and eat 6 times a day. So when does this man sleep?

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