HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 SUMMER VACATION MOVIE REVIEW – Adam Sandler is back again in the world of animation, and the Double Toasted podcast have to sit through it This time however, can this be at least better than Hotel Transylvania 2? Can it even top 1? We'll find out as we give our full review on whether this is the same old song and dance for Adam Sandler like most of his movies as we're back on vacation, but this time, our boy Drac is in love!

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  1. Haha Damn Martin is piss about this movie. Was hoping the movie to be good or at least better than the second one

    1. TimeMakerMan If you ask me it is better than the second one. There is a lot more creativty put in this time around and they do embrace the animation more here than they ever did in the 2nd one and even the 1st one to pull off some fun visual seqeunces. Even some with minimal dialogue.

  2. im sorry these thumbnails look like something i would do (and i am not a professional youtuber)
    too basic and not something that would catch my eye
    but thats just my take on it

    1. *HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 film (2018) now available :* [ ]
      Like the first film, this Hotel Transylvania movie will be released the same year as a Jurassic World movie.

  3. Can someone check out the video I uploaded of Korey and some others reacting to the trailer called Mom and Dad? It was funny, fun and I think it should not be forgotten

    1. Aaron Ventura if it was live-action; but since it’s animated, they could benefit much more from that bigger budget. If they went straight to blu-ray, they wouldn’t have enough of a budget to afford the cast and animation. Like Addams Family Values compared to The Addams Family Movie.

    1. *HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 film (2018) now available :* [ ]
      Like the first film, this Hotel Transylvania movie will be released the same year as a Jurassic World movie.

  4. #BringBackCoHost

    Seriously, I wanna know his excitement/disappointment on this entry, since I know he was nuts over the first one…

    1. TimeMakerMan I didn’t know his name was Tony. Is there a story behind why he chose not to ever appear on Double Toasted?

    2. Jacob if you google search cohost 3000 there is a vid on doubletoasted page on facebook. Korey drank with Tony and Tony just explained that he has other commitments.

    1. *HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3 film (2018) now available :* [ ]
      Like the first film, this Hotel Transylvania movie will be released the same year as a Jurassic World movie.

  5. It still makes me mad that Sony cancelled Popeye movie and two other animated movies when Emoji Movie went over budget and needed to get finished.

  6. This movie is honestly my favorite in the series and I think that has to do with how much the cartoon aspect is pushed more than it ever was in the last two which is mostly due to Genndy writing the script this time around instead of just directing. There are a lot of fun visual sequnces, some good jokes, good slapstick, and the  inspired animation is kicked up to an 11 and it’s a joy to watch it in action. Everything is clearly taking a big inspiration from Looney Tunes and I think the movie does suceed in being that type of cartoon. Very rarely can I say that I chuckled at how a character moves in an animated film yet this film made me chuckle at how the characters move. Letting Genndy write this installment was probably the best choice Sony Pictures Animation could have made. It’s definitely the most “Genndy” out of all of them.

    I’m more with Korey on this in terms of things I enjoyed and chuckled at but not to the point of giving it a rental. I give it a Matinee despite the climax due to how much I was enjoying the movie throughout. The climax didn’t anger me, it just made me roll my eyes. Although I did chukle at some character expressions and movements here and there within the climax.

    I do think this is better than the second due to how much more creative and manic it is. Overall, I had a fun time.

  7. I have a theory: What if this film was supposed to be the Popeye movie that the director was trying to make? Instead of making that movie he reused animation and jokes that were supposed to be in the popeye movie.

    1. I’m also looking forward to that Popeye movie. He said it’s not actually canceled it just got held back for the Emoji Movie. It’s coming soon.

    2. I might’ve just been Sony Animation that said it, but it’s been delayed since Gennedy is working on his Primal show

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