UPGRADE MOVIE REVIEW | ONE OF 2018'S BEST?! – Is it true?! Is this one of 2018's best movies according to the Double Toasted movie review podcast? Find out as Korey and Martin reviews this movie, showing clips and scenes from the movie as well as trailers 1 and 2, and discuss how they felt about the movie before seeing it, and how their expectations were, and were not met! Let us know what you think of this movie after you've seen it, and post your thoughts in the comment section below this funny video!

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49 Replies to “UPGRADE MOVIE REVIEW | ONE OF 2018’S BEST?!”

  1. What they need to do is UPGRADE to this TOASTY GOODNESS and hire my mans Corey Coleman aka KOOLMANZ as the Lead Acting Role


    1. Jeremy Jahns says every movie is good, except movies that are popular to hate.

  2. Why do people keep knocking Blumhouse? Everybody keeps underestimating them, but they brought us Get Out and now this… I think they might actually make a good Spawn movie…

  3. Seeing this on either Friday or Saturday. Comparisons to HARDCORE HENRY are a very good thing in my book.

    1. Ghastly St. Paul I think The Raid and John Wick are the best modern action movies. Are there any recent movies like that?

  4. Regarding the villain problem, I think the big bad of Upgrade was supposed to be the OS for stem. It would be like if “Karen”, from Spiderman: Homecoming, took complete control of Peter Parker and then forced him to do horrific things. All of the sudden, the Vulture would’ve been the secondary antagonist to her.

  5. I was going to see this just because of the great choreography and shots in the trailer. It being a good movie is just a bonus.

    1. vemon better be a success because if it fails people are going to make fun of it that it got beat by a low budget movie with a tom hardy look alike hahah

  6. Just saw the movie, and although it takes themes that have been used before. It’s like nothing I had ever seen and it left me like WTF?!
    It’s gooood. 🙌🙌

    1. Roberto Febus yeeeeeeeah. Definitely. I was a bit stunned at first but I am digging it the more and more removed from it I get.

  7. I just stumbled onto Double Toasted by accident because u were the first review to pop up for Upgrade. Damnit Korey it’s been a minute I miss Spill and the rest of the gang from over there but I never realized that u kept at it. I think that you were always the person that I agreed with completely, we have some of the same thoughts and impressions about whatever movie you were reviewing. Keep up the good work.

  8. What I like about the concept of this film is that despite the exploitation element, it is firmly planted in a very real future. A future that makes more sense than most recent sci-fi films. Body modification via implanted wetware. You lose a limb or function to it? No problem. We’ll give you something better. It’s like Cronenberg body horror that has a little tongue in cheek vibe. I hope it gets a sequel.

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