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Black Panther #1 Review today from Beyond The Trailer! Breakdown of how the Ta Nehisi Coates comic might mirror the 2018 movie!

Black Panther #1 Review today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives a breakdown of the Ta Nehisi Coates comic and how his version of Black Panther might give clues as to what we'll see in the Chadwick Boseman and Ryan Coogler Black Panther movie in 2018! What is your reaction to this new Wakanda? The Dora Milaje? Will The Golden City, The Great Mound of Vibranium, Necropolis and more be featuring in the 2018 full movie? And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

Intro – 00:00
Movie vs Comic? – 00:49
Bottom Line re #1 Issue – 1:29
Can Coates write COMICS? – 2:19
New Suit Abilities! – 3:36
Wakanda Intro – 5:23
Should you read Black Panther #1 – 6:08
Coates' Wakanda – 6:51
Wakanda Locations – 7:59
Science vs Soul – 10:23
Dora Milaje – 11:32
Supporting Characters – 13:09
In Conclusion – 14:02

Interact with host & creator Grace Randolph!
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35 Replies to “Black Panther #1 Review – Comic vs 2018 Movie Breakdown – Beyond The Trailer”

  1. I know you didn’t particularly enjoy this comic Grace, but everything you presented here makes me want to read it. It all looks very interesting.

    1. +2CentComics I KNOW RIGHT?!!! Nothing she says matches the images she’s showing on the screen.
      -She’s like: “…Needs a better Artist”…and I’m looking at the art, and going…”Uh…WHAT?”
      -She’s like: “It has no Heart or emotion”…the man is bending the limits of science to bring his sister back from the dead…going “Sister…how much longer must I be parted from you”. And I totally feel for Tchalla as he’s literally watching his own people turn against him…also I wanted to choke T’Challa’s mother for maintaining that execution of that girl, whose only crime was doing the morally right thing. The book is just AMAZING!!
      -She’s like: “The writer doesn’t know how to write comics”…and meanwhile I couldn’t put the book down. It’s a page turner.

      End of the day…it’s just a matter of personal taste. She doesn’t like the book.

      But the biggest WRONG in this video: “Comics is a dying industry!”
      Meanwhile Comics is not only THRIVING…it is INFLUENCING other industries, like classical literature, film, videogames, fashion, etc.
      Plus there’s this:

    2. +Egie Asemota the concept of afro-futurism reminds me of an old video by a south african singer Simphiwe Dana called Ndiredi

  2. i have to disagree with you on this review. i connected with everyone in this comic. it was a mix of the writing and art that PULLED me in. the emotion on everyone’s face just was so FREAKING COOL

  3. Coates probably did this on purpose. The first issue of the comic mainly serves as a setup for us as an introduction to what is actually going on and then the next couple of issues will focus on T’Challa and how he overcomes these situations overtime.

    Oerall I liked this issue a lot

    1. +sulti1274 I just hope it doesn’t go the Reggie Hudlin route. Granted, I’m basing my knowledge of that particular story off of the BET cartoon, but upon scouring the internet the comic itself doesn’t seem too much different. Good setup, poor execution, both in terms of character arcs and social commentary. Coates has a much more elegant style to his writing, so I have hope that this will be a better story.

  4. I’m definitely going to be picking this up. Couldn’t grab it today unfortunately. Everything I’m hearing has been great! From what I’ve heard, Coates is a masterful writer.

  5. Hi Grace. I just read that new Black Panther comic and MAN! was it amazing. It really did a lot well. Wakanda now has a proper Afrofuturistic aesthetic (seriously the buildings, kimoyo and the tech) and it is also Progressive (Ayo and Akena). this is just the opening an it is meant to set up the world and main story.

  6. I read BP and I absolutely loved it! The female manipulator’s name was Zenzi.  Coates was paying homage to the real life freedom fighter Miriam Makeba. ‘Zenzi” was her nickname

  7. Grace, Coates is not a hack. He won the National Book Award. He’s giving nuance to a character and backstory thats been underdeveloped since the Priest run
    Also Brian Stelfreeze art is damn good in this issue. He does Black hair and skin tone very well. Trust me many artists can’t pull that off.

  8. I hope that the black panther movie has a similar tone as Winter Soldier. it was an almost perfect marvel movie imo. Arguably the best one.

  9. Ha,ha,ha! Man, Grace you definitely don’t know your Panther history. While I respect your opinion and everything you do with your channels, I have to disagree with your assessment of issue #1. It was fantastic!!!

    1. I agree it’s like she expected a grand slam home run in the first issue. this was a fantastic issue and artist Brian Stelfreeze is phenomenal.

    2. +Action_D I’m with you. I’ve enjoyed her reviews (mostly of movies) but it’s quite obvious that she’s oblivious. Also, Steelfreeze’s art is great (though I’ll admit art is always objective). And she’s obviously much more interested in movies since almost EVERY comment was followed by: “I wonder in the movie…”

  10. Overall I Really Enjoyed The Introspective Perspective on Wakadian Society that The First Issue presented. The Artwork Fit the story in my personal opinion. Looking Forward to this Series and the Upcoming issues.

  11. Black Panther just defeated Doctor Doom at the end of Secret Wars, when Doctor Doom was essentially God. Pretty huge, arguably more important than marrying Storm…

  12. Grace- Wakanda was never portrayed as a society of d same class level 4 all Wakandans….der r different tribes through d Kingdom with some tribes being pro-futuristic/science & others being pro-mystic/ ancient traditions. Both these aspects of d kingdom is perfectly wat BP/Tchalla represents both as a lead super-scientist(& supposedly amongst d top 10 smartest people in d MU) AND being d avatar of d PANTHER GOD/BAST who bestows upon BP supa-enhanced abilities & senses in addition 2 his advanced tech. Also not dat this is also a brilliant “snapshot” (if u will) of d challeng d African continent is going through currently regarding advancement towards their future in science & technology in contrast to African traditions & cultures going extinct. I honestly request u get d collected edition of Christopher Priest’s Run of Black Panther.

  13. I think this was a first book in a series. Things will be fleshed out, over time like they are in a lot of books. we need patience, in order to see the bigger picture in context. Ryan Coogler should use the original stories of the Black Panther, but focus on making it action packed and fun. If he can do that, things will be fine.

  14. I read Coat’s Black Panther and I really enjoyed! In fact, all my local comic book stores ran out of Black Panther(Black Panther sold 300K copies and had to reprint). Firstly, If you or anyone didn’t know T’Challa (Black Panther) personality or lack of emotion for bringing back his sister. T’Challa and other young princes are taught how suppress emotions and treat all problems as a “matter of fact”. Because Black Panthers kill their opponents they can’t have regrets, sadness etc. I actually read all Black Panther comics and yes T’Challa love his family and his country’s people, however he can turn off his emotions almost like a sociopath. In Hudlin series T’Challa’s mother was kidnapped and threaten with death, but Black Panther didn’t care and had less emotion. T’Challa had love and expressed it to Ororo aka Storm, however T’Challa devise a plan to kill her if he needed to. I’m sure the comic series will pick up for non Black Panther readers, but Coat’s Black Panther series started off similar to other Black Panthers comics.

  15. “The most famous thing Black Panther did was married Storm” That is slander to Black Panther’s fans!!! No, marring Storm was a simplistic synopsis all non Black Panther readers locked on to……. lol

  16. As a longtime BP fan, my guess would be that explaining the ins and outs of Wakanda is a move based on the fact that Black Panther IS Wakanda, and Wakanda is the Black Panther. Everything T’Challa says, does, and is, is because of and for what Wakanda is. Not since Captain America has a character been more deeply rooted in the Land for which he fights. In fact, T’Challa is even more inspired by Wakanda than Steve is America bc while Cap fights for what he’d like his Land to be, BP fights for what his Land actually is. It’s a self-sustaining Country rich in both material wealth and spiritual wealth. While America is a Land divided, Wakanda has found a way to to live in Harmony and oneness with each other and with the Land itself. Imagine the pride of coming from a Land with Wakanda’s resume! They are essentially living in a utopia of sorts. Many have tried to overtake them, yet they are undefeated. They rank up at the top of the list in just about every category. Now imagine being part of the Bloodline responsible for making it that way. And imagine being next in line to rule it. Consider being born, raised, and even bred to put your Land first. Now imagine being that way in a World whose citizens oppose that. It’s hard to even imagine living in a near utopian society, so my guess is that the writer is trying to get us on that mental wavelength prior to getting into the meat and potatoes of any single one character. The effectiveness lies in the ability to view the World and the story through the eyes of the protagonist. Therefore, the writer is responsible for painting a picture of Wakanda so vivid, that by the time he introduces T’Challa to the story arc, we the readers love all things Wakanda just as much as the Panther does. We should have the desire to suit up with T’Challa and fight for whatever cause he does.

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