Halloween Movie Review – Collider Live #25

Cue the Halloween theme song, Beardo, because we’re talking the new film in the franchise, which some of us saw last night and we’ll be giving our thoughts on it. We also welcome in David Dastmalchian (The Dark Knight, Prisoners) to talk about his role in this year’s Ant-Man and the Wasp! Join host Kristian Harloff, Roxy Striar, Josh Macuga, Mark Reilly, Cobbster, Cody, Beardo, and Alex for a spoopy time today!

00:00 Collider Shoe Talk
05:47 Roxy only likes Jaye from After Thoughts
15:22 Grasping at Straws and talking about comedians
39:42 The Flash movie delayed again…
44:51 Fantastic Beasts 2 and Colin Farrell thoughts
52:58 did you know Jeff Bridges had a famous father? (Hot Shots!)
1:05:47 what did the crew think of the new Halloween?
1:37:50 David Dastmalchian (from Ant-Man and the Wasp) in studio!

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54 Replies to “Halloween Movie Review – Collider Live #25”

  1. This will be my first halloween movie ive seen in theatres and i cannot wait michael myers has always been my favorite horror icon i cant wait to share the expierence with the audience opening night

    1. 🔵 *HaIIoween [2OI8]* Fᴜʟʟ Mᴏᴠɪᴇ: t.co/5IiJcXFqC0
      An óutstanding móvie!! Sehr zu empfehIen, es auszuprobieren!

    1. 🔵 *HaIIoween [2OI8]* Fᴜʟʟ Mᴏᴠɪᴇ: t.co/5IiJcXFqC0
      An óutstanding móvie!! Sehr zu empfehIen, es auszuprobieren!

    2. Alright well my argument is that Macuga was doing the Deniro face in this instance, and it was a funny thing too zoom in on, bc he knew they were zooming and he was playing too the effect. Random zoom-in I can understand were you’re coming from I suppose, but in this instance, the joke was the Deniro face , I found it funny.

    1. And his knowledge is great! Referencing long halloween and the beyonder. So cool when a true nerd gets to help bring these movies to life

    1. I love “live” but yeah they get so caught up on that show and Kristian defends them so hard, I listened three different times it’s so boring and redundant for me personally

    2. I listen to them every week they’re great. Plus there’s like 6 hours of collider live a week they talk about it for like 20 minutes MAX

    1. What I don’t get is Kristian brings up a criticism they said in their show and when people try to defend themselves Kristian instantly goes for the “did you listen to the show?” Like dude they’re commenting on the criticism you brought up and he doesn’t let them

    2. +miguel trigo I feel you. If Kristian isnt on afterthoughts defending the peeps on the live show, i dont want him doing it on the live show. Let the shows have their back and forth naturally

    1. Sco true. Brett is so funny.

      Although, I can understand why roxy was upset with everyone being more upset towards her and all.

  2. Definitely the most fun show on Collider to watch! And I love that it seems like people (celebs and such) enjoy being on the show! They seem to do real nice relaxed quick-ish interviews. Dave Dastmalchian seems like a super awesome guy to be around and seems like Kristian may be trying to snipe him for the Movie Trivia Schmoedown! All for that idea!

  3. Brett didn’t slam his headphones onto the table. He lightly took them off and put them on the table. Roxy seemed super hyper defensive during it. Brett I think had a fair point and kept being interrupted by Roxy for her thinking his comments were directed towards her when it wasn’t. She did it over and over again. Is she like always looking for some type of confrontation. I still like her voice on the show, and her expressing her opinions at the table. But I think she may have been a little in the wrong in that specific situation.

    1. +Tim Chindles Roxy wasn’t the only one to get hate over that episode. Brett got tons of hate over it on Twitter, live chat, and the comments. The reason people were mad with Roxy is cuse she called him unprofessional live during the show. In my opinion she could have done that during the break or after the show, pulled him to the side and given him advice. Not try to embarrass him live during the show.

    2. I really love Brett but he was being such a baby about it even after they were done talking about it he was acting like a kid that didn’t get his way like whatever man get over it you have a different opinion and just move on you’re on a live show, not the time to act like that

    3. “Kathleen Kennedy’s Lucasfilm Deal Extended for 3 Years – Collider Live #18” It’s the last one Brett was on up till now.

      I agree Brett should have let it go after his initial comment. But then Roxy trashed him on air by calling him unprofessional. She would have been professional had she talked to him about it off air. Now there are more comments calling Roxy out, but it’s not because she’s a woman. It’s cause she was really mean to Brett on air for no good reason.

  4. We havent seen brett in so long you guys should have brett host an episode to make it up to us, imagine what a beautiful train wreck that would be

    1. Wait . . . What?!? “Fair enough”? Are you being reasonable online right now? What just happened?!? I . . . wait . . . . huh . . . what . . . . DOES NOT COMPUTE; DOES NOT COMPUTE

  5. God the more I hear Roxy the more I don’t like her. Need to rewatch hot shots. Two days in a row with anime themes for the break. Nice.

    1. I literally had to look up the word vapid and after doing so……………I concur…………after also looking up that word. Spot on

  6. Kristian has this habit of trying to guess what someone’s gonna say next..like just stfu and let them finish lmao 😂

  7. the zooms on Macuga was the best aprt of the show. I laughed every time you showed the DeNiro face. So good. Kristian, The Wangers know what they’re doing, let ’em roam free! Also Yissssss, Brett is back tomorrow, I am super hyped to see him again

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