THE DARKEST MINDS MOVIE REVIEW 2018 – We’re back with another Double Toasted review and today we have a funny movie review for a new young adult film called The Darkest Minds. The film, based on the book series follows a group of teenagers who have powers and try to survive in a world where adults fear them and think what they have is a disease. In this video, we look at The Darkest Minds trailer and give our in-depth review of the movie. Will this just be another typical young adult film or will it be something more? Find out in this funny video. And, as always let us know your thoughts on the film down below.

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  1. I remember seeing the trailers for this and was, “Aww great. Another one of these movies. A post-apocalyptic young-adult movie based on a novel”

  2. The minute I saw the trailer on TV, I was like “Here we go. Another one of those teen movies trying to ride that Hunger Games wave.” I’ve been waiting for DT to review this!🍿🍿🍿

    1. The YA genre is the most fucking contrived genre of anything. It’s just Teens + some kind of arbitrary way to divide them into factions.

  3. This is like Costco or Wal-Mart brand X-Men. You buy it only because it’s dirt cheap from the actual name brand

    1. Y’all know it was based off a book that came out 6 years ago when that genre of dystopian was still alive and well. Read before judging just saying

    1. Rascoe Hunter since Battle Royale came out every single book about an apocalypse starring teenagers was trying to copy its formula starting with the Hunger Games

    2. Give it a couple of years/months. We’ll be seeing another fad rise up to replace this one. We’ve had fantasy, kid’s fantasy, YA supernatural romance, YA apocalypse SF. That’s human culture in a nutshell. Something becomes popular and suddenly everyone wants to milk that cow until its udders rot off.

    3. Austin Devine
      Aw c’mon. The woman who wrote The Hunger Games swore up and down that she didn’t copy Battle Royale. These days, don’t we HAVE to believe her?

    4. Rascoe Hunter
      Yeah. It was based off the novel Battle Royale. That became a Manga (comic book) of the same name and they based the movie off those.

      What the movie Battle Royale DIDN’T do was rip off a different property.

  4. The first book in this series was written in 2012. That was the time period when young adult post-apocalyptic dystopian science fiction series were the thing in YA literature. 2012-2015 was also when a lot of these series were turned into films. The studio bought the rights to The Darkest Mind series in 2014 – they should have made this film in 2015. I think The Darkest Minds would have been VERY popular, if it had been released in 2014/2015. Sadly, it missed its time.

    1. Jar of Mayo I agree. It may have become a standard: “can we watch this?” film, like all the others. But, most people won’t remember it a few months later

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    3. 2016 was when the YA genre began dying. Alegiant part 1 and the Fifth wave were failures and they were released that year.

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  5. Korey’ point on race concerning a black male lead was right on point. But don’t you dare tell Hollywood that…

    1. Wolf Lord Bradley
      In Hitch Will Smith was going to star with Cameron Diaz as his love interest, but she lost the role because producers felt the audience would have an issue with a black man kissing a white woman. Diaz was replaced with someone browner, i.e. Eva Mendes. So even Will Smith has experienced this prejudice.

    2. @Wolf Lord Bradley I can only name three times Will Smith has had a white female love interest. Margot Robbie in Focus, who is foreign and the problem is American A List white actresses never have black love interests. Bright where his wife is white in the movie for about 2 minutes and don’t really have a romantic moment. Hancock is the most hilarious one where Charlize Theron is meant o be his lover but she is in a relationship with Jason Bateman and it is in the plot that if she is close to Will Smith he dies lol and he Finned where he only got a kiss from her when he was in coma unconscious. What is with Hollywood and white women only being able to kiss black men when they are in comas? I still remember I Robot where his co-star was a white woman. He saves her numerous times in the movie and he is the big hero and at the end of the movie all she gives him is a hug. You know if that roles had been played by a white actor they would have kissed. The FInn character in Star Wars exposed the racism in Hollywood. When they thought Zack Efron was going to be Finn they wrote the FInn character as more of a badass and more of a overt love interest o Rey. But when they cast John Boyega they re-wrote the character to be more of a buffoon, a space janitor and less of a romantic love interest for Rey.

    3. @Letternumber The irony is Cameron Diaz is actually Hispanic but because she had blonde hair and blue eyes people think she is white. I read in the Hitch movie the white actress in the movie was meant to be the love interest of Will Smith but the producers believed it was not believable that such an attractive white women would date a black man so made her the love interest of Kevin James lol and hired Eva Mendes as Will Smith’s love interest. The classic trick of Hollywood, giving Black character other minorities as interracial love interests. So you insert a chubby Asian woman as Finn’s love interest to prevent the Rey and Finn relationship from developing. Also the British media state the reason Idris Elba will not be given the James Bond role is because the American producers believe American white men couldn’t handle a Black James Bond having sexual relations with numerous white women. I don’t get why American white men are so afraid of Black male sexuality because agents in porn also tell porn actresses not to do scenes with black pornstars claiming it will hurt their career. White men in America seem really insecure

    4. Delboy0 you are right, most intelligent comment about what I have been seeing in Hollywood for decades. All the black men, even the lead black men in all these movies are written as weak characters.

  6. To quote (and also twist) the words of the great Korey Coleman from the old Mortal Instruments review, “If you haven’t seen ‘Twilight’, ‘Percy Jackson’, ‘Beautiful Creatures’, ‘A Wrinkle in Time’, ‘The Giver’, ‘The Hunger Games’, ‘The Fifth Wave’, ‘Divergent’, ‘I Am Number Four’, and ‘Harry Potter’, then boy ‘The Darkest Minds’ is just for you.

    1. And Stranger Things cause there’s a scene that rips off those scenes were the kid is seeing the monster in his mind

    1. 👨 🔴 *The Darkest Minds film 2018 **#now** available here: [ **** ]*

      Film incroyable! Fortement recommandé de l’essayer!

  7. They did the same thing in Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li: They had a full Asian girl as Kristen Kreuk’s younger self, which was very obvious. Then, over time, Chun-Li became biracial….lol

  8. Towards the end some dude yelled “Damn you Thanos!”

    Best part of the movie for me tbh. At least my theater had fun with it. 😂

    1. erickiam25 Animorphs, like the TV show and books with the kids turn into animals and their book covers feature a member transforming. There was a tv show too but I’ve never seen it. Yeah are we ready for an Animorphs movie if folks have no clue what these kids turning to animals was about?

    2. Jeremy Ray yeah i saw the show it wasn’t that good it was cheap. I think that’s what kind of killed the momentum . But the book series was still great . It still has potential to make a great film . If it had k.a. Applegate on as a writer or consultant .

  9. NOT EVEN LYING… When I saw the trailer for this in the theater, I thought exactly what Martin said it looked like… a SEQUEL TO LOGAN. I leaned to my friend and said “The New Mutants?” thinking it was gonna be about the NEW X-Men. Then the title came up and I said “WTF IS THAT?”.

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