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  1. Sounds like another perfect Tyler Perry movie to watch at home. Bring on the crazy! Thanks for reviewing Sharronda.

  2. That Easter crowd will definitely go see it regardless so great marketing strategy for on Tyler’s part launching it on a holiday where his core demographic will go to brunch and a movie after church!

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    2. Kiwi The Beauty yeah a bunch of women teaching the children about the Easter (Istar) bunny then go watch angry black women hate black men on the big screen…great marketing strategy!👍

    1. You think so? I didn’t think he would go anywhere with that invention, and I didn’t foresee Diane coming back into the picture AT ALL.

  3. This movie was excellent. It was more than I expected it to be. I think Tyler perry did a great job and it was nothing like his other movies. I really think this movie was great and would watch it again anytime.

    1. Because its tyler. No matter what he does, rather its good or bad, I feel like people are not fair when they judge his movies. I don’t like every one of them, but I like this one.

    2. I agree…. Being a black American. I liked the movie and I’m not a Tyler Perry fan. You notice most people talking negative is our own kind. Always putting each other down. I hate this….I don’t like that. If this was an all white cast…..they would be saying it was a great movie.

    3. 2KGrind09 unfortunately it wasn’t about the money…. It’s the promises. Even if he gave her the whole check and left her it wouldn’t have filled that void. He took the best years of her life. She was stressed, overwhelmed, overworked, exhausted while he entertains his dreams. She grown now…… Time is gone!!!

  4. What i like most is that I noticed this time it wasn’t filled with black church vibe, I’m glad this was different from the others and taraji played this role very well.

    1. Yes he puts a lot of the Church in his Movies, but what actually shocked me was he had a Sex scene Soft Core but a Sex scene he usually never does that in his Movies.

  5. I loved the movie, and it’s not over the top many women of all races can identify with marrying a man early in life struggling to get to a certain point and then seeing them SHINee with another woman, I didn’t realize all the feelings that I had crammed inside my body and I actually wanted to cry..( even though I’m remarried now ) You gave s good synopsis but you probably haven’t struggled with a man and put your hopes and dreams to the side for a man, and his dream when I divorced my husband I was literally an empty vessel. Even though you do get certain material things you’re not enjoying it with that man you thought you would be with a successful black man that dates black women is not easy to come by

    1. OMG!!!! thank you for sharing! I agree! Nothing was over the top about her actions. Real life….but timing could’ve been well used. What happened to Robert? His wife? Melinda?

  6. The lady said it wasn’t good! This is best movie I’ve seen All year, compared to Black Panther. Tyler Perry gets into people minds and homes with this one. Thumbs down to this video, and hands👏🏽 to Tyler. Brilliant Film.

    1. I have disagree. It was more like Lifetime movie not a theater type of movie. It was not a good movie.

    2. kevin This movie was not better than Black Panther. You must’ve seen the Huey P Newton movie by accident hahaha

  7. The movie sucked, the ending was horrible, definitely didn’t need 2 hours. We still don’t know if the ex husband was alive or not at the end. He gave her 10 million dollars, she could have bought her own boat, a few diamond rings, and her own high rise condo if she wanted… This movie is just not good. Plus I kinda thought Diana planted her wallet in his truck because she knew what she was doing and she knew it would piss off his wife. I felt like she had a plan all along… I wish Tyler Perry would have included that type of twist instead of his predictable scripts as usual.

    1. mrs marie george

      She had her uterus removed when she was 20. Unless she was going to adopt there was no way for her to have kids.

    2. Shantastic1206 yessssssssssssss!!!! All these people saying it’s good, I’m thinking I missed something. Terrible storyline.

  8. I thought it was a pretty good movie. You don’t know whether to be on her side or his side when it comes down to the end of everything. The ending was definitely abrupt and I did notice the green screen a tiny bit when I was watching the movie. But overall it’s a really good movie I think. Makes you really think

  9. This was a great movie…These relationships exist now, it’s not to the extreme of the movie. However, women invest in a mans dreams, he was a loser with her, however flourished with someone else..

    1. Thats true, lets not forget that other woman had the ring and the life after taraji was divorced and made it very clear she did not want him back , but wanted him back when she knew he was happy and 75 million dollars richer.

    2. ImSoShaniece Folks don’t like the truth…Yes, usually women don’t want the man when he’s dreaming until his dream becomes a reality and he break through..

    3. Exist N Nature exactly!! Most people thought it was a diary of A mad black woman kinda of film but really it was about a man and woman trying to find happiness while all she wanted was a simple life he wanted to be great

    4. I have to say the idea for this movie is definitely a great and this happens to a lot of people women and men. The execution of this movie was horrible. Watching that movie I felt like there was a certain moment where the movie was funny but it was funny because it was trying to be funny not because it was a funny moment but just because a joke was thrown in there just to be there. I have to say I feel like this movie had no real flow. Then the breakup when Taraji P Henson’s character finally decided to kick Robert out it just really felt non-organic. I would have liked to see at least three more scenes of Taraji P Henson’s character questioning her love and Devotion to Robert before she decided to kick him out.

  10. Just saw it today, and I wouldn’t watch it again. It wasn’t very well put together. They didn’t go into depth of what mental disorder she had, the last scene ends abruptly and leaves you with too many holes and honestly some of the actors could’ve been better.

    1. Briana Cherry She has split personality disorder. As for the ending Robert dies from massive blood loss and his new wife takes over his business.

  11. I hate how people try to blame Diana. When he cheated on Melinda with her when they were in college, Diana made it clear that she had no idea he was in a relationship. And when he saw her years later she let him know how she didn’t appreciate the fact that he didn’t let her know that he thought he was in a relationship. And people keep saying that she planted the wallet but he explained that her father drove a truck and she wanted to drive it because it reminded her of him. She also waited till after he was divorced to actually pursue him. She respected the marriage. You can’t get mad at her for being upset that she was being harassed imagine you get with someone whose ex significant other divorced them because they thought they were doing stuff they weren’t doing and then they harassed you, you would be mad as well.

    1. over him cheating on her, it’s clear she had some mental issues,(he saw that when he bumped into her when they first met) he should not have cheated on her, espcially after all she was doing for him. As a woman i would think you would understand that, and as someone that has been faithful, and cheated on, i can understand her anger, now you add her mental state of mind to that, and that’s what we saw. Dude was responsible for that.

  12. I swear bitter women are mad that the man ended up being genuine. All the women in that theater wanted him to be a bad guy. So sad.

    1. Chioma L. Robert was norcistic and lacked character by using people. Yes he loved his wife but he had some mental issues too.

  13. I saw it last night and there were definitely things that he could’ve done better on. He needs to consult and research more before a final script. The back drop of that city was fake and I didn’t understand trying to make it seem like they were in Atlanta, when they weren’t. I didn’t pay to see this movie, used a pass, but I’m so happy I didnt! The Family that Preys is still his top movie!

  14. I like how the movie at first had you rooting for Melinda but then towards the end you were like “naw girl, you taking this too far” lol

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