UNFRIENDED DARK WEB MOVIE REVIEW 2018 – We’re back with another Double Toasted review and today we have a funny movie review for the Blumhouse horror film, Unfriended: Dark Web, also known as Unfriended 2. The first Unfriended had a gimmick of being a found footage movie through a laptop screen, this film follows that trend but leans away from the Supernatural elements. In this funny video, we give our Unfriended Dark Web reaction, along with a brief look at the trailer. And, as always, let us know in the comments how you felt about the movie. Have you had the urge to youtube Unfriended dark web explained? Have you any interest in visiting the dark web? Let us know down below!
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    1. As a survivor of spousal torture (broken ribs, cheekbone, stolen money, headfucking) I don’t find this amusing. My husband is in jail for what you call ‘wife beating’. Wife beating/rape and/or pedophilia isn’t a joke. Behaving like it’s a funny experience is the reason nobody takes me seriously. Men stick together and laugh about how they hurt me. Beating your wife is not a joke.

  1. The guy in the thumbnail looks like he busted a nut to the sight of dtmerch.com ! You can get your backpack, beanies, phone covers.

    1. Oooooohhhhh! Can you feel it Cody?! Oooohhh!! It’s like a symbiote latching onto me!! Featured by Double Toasted.

    1. VoiceoftheBoa2 makes me wonder what the counter would be for, not only this film’ trailer, but also for the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom trailers. Cause Ik they spoiled A LOT of that film in the trailers

  2. Crap! I had NO idea this SEQUEL was an ACTUAL THING till I walked outta the theatre after watching Hotel Transylvania 3 and seeing the poster above entrance to the restroom! LOL

    1. No, not even close. From the trailer at least, the movie doesn’t take place on the deep web. Which would have actually been an interesting idea than just videos from the deep web.

  3. Even if these found footage films had good stories, I refuse to watch them in the movie theater. If I am going to spend that kind of money, I don’t want something that looks like I am on Google Hangouts or Skype. You pay the cost for a movie ticket to get a theatrical experience, which means you want to see visuals and cinematography that are worthy of the ticket price. Movies like this, even if they have an engaging plot, are only worth seeing on streaming video.

  4. A matinee? Are you kidding me? How can you get invested in characters that are nothing more than slasher fodder? Thank you Martin. At least one of you two has some sense.

  5. If Korey Coleman drank Coffee before this and Overlord reaction…. Korey should drink coffee during every show because his energy and Martin’s coolness make a damn good balance.

  6. LOL at 5:05 Korey is about to say “STAY AWAY FROM THE TRAILER”… but before gets to say Trailer… the UNFRIENDED: Dark Web trailer pops up as an Advertisement.

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