(7-15-2018) DR UMAR JOHNSON Talks “The First Purge Movie Review”

Dr.Umar Talks "The First Purge Movie Review" Dr.Umar Speaks today Sunday July 15th@4pm, Temple Beth El, 3927 Bridge Road in Suffolk, all children 17&Under Free, elders 65&Older Free, college students $10 w I.D., $25 online, $30 door, drumarjohnson.eventbee.com, 757-609-0166, drumarsuffolk@gmail.com, 844-4DR-UMAR


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  1. The mercenaries in Chicago are the police. When the police kill someone that gets included in the statistics. They killed a man today on 71st. People are gathered there right now ready to riot

    1. CHAIRMAN DIQ , If these stankn krakkers can murder their own (6 million+) euro zews…… what do you think that these bloodthirsty rednecks will do to the Black Community.

  2. Dr. Umar peace and blessings be upon you. It is not a coincidence that you now are back in the same place you started your movement for FDMG. You are closer than ever. Prayers are going up. ☝

    1. Bryan Ralph Right! And that’s what ppl don’t get. There’s this local charter school that just opened in a small STOREFRONT. So you are 1000% correct that you don’t need a large building for a school. I wonder whoever told him that he did though 🤔

    2. Vicky Fullard Hear yee, hear yee! Praise God my Nubian bruthas and sistas. I’m here to share the gospel and relay a very important message. Have you seen the light; have you heard the good news? Dr. Umar Johnson is the anointed one. He is the one referenced in scripture! Dr. Umar Johnson’s reign will bestow upon us the knowledge, the spiritual guidance, the bounty that is his love. We are lost and adrift in the white man’s world and with Dr. Umar Johnson’s divine grace and unparalleled moral compass, he shall illuminate the way. Heaven be thy name and graciously bless he who blesses the anointed… Dr. Umar Johnson. 🤴🏿

      Once Dr. Umar Johnson is discovered to be the chosen one and the true messiah, he will take his rightful place, ascend to heaven, and put an end to the wretched genocide perpetrated by whites on this planet. God bless us all and God bless the 2nd coming of the one mentioned in scripture… Dr. Umar Johnson for which by his Pan Afrikanism love and unparalleled devotion we will conquer the coonery and hedonistic ways of the white man and his decrepit abysses of morality. Did you hear the good news my bruthas and sistas? All hail the true TRUE PRINCE of spiritual enlightenment is coming: Dr. Umar Johnson! 🤴🏿

      Y’all know deep in your heart that Dr. Umar Johnson is the rightful leader of our people. Let go of your anger and come join us to praise our savior, Dr. Umar Johnson. Set aside you inter-relational pettiness and your internal strifes and rejoice in his message and his never-ending love. Bask in Dr. Umar Johnson’s message and believe in him and he shall bring forth the destruction of the evil cave-dwelling caucasoid. Allow Dr. Umar Johnson to enter your heart and relinquish control of your materialistic heathen induced desires for it is only through Dr. Umar Johnson (the Prince of Pan-Afrikanism and the rightful heir to Jesus’ throne) that our people will gain understanding and freedom. Did you hear the good news my bruthas and sistas? The anointed one, Dr Umar Johnson, has risen and if you follow him… so shall you! 🤴🏿

    3. Taz Gatsby How dare you blaspheme our savior (Dr. Umar Johnson) the rightful heir to Jesus’s throne! You’re nothing but a trifling heathen!!! You are possessed by the devil himself. Cast thee demons, I command you in the name of the trinity… God, Jesus, and Dr. Umar Johnson! Can I get an amen my fellow Umarians 🙏🏾

    1. Chubb Tscott , If these stankn krakkers can murder their own (6 million+) euro zews…… what do you think that these bloodthirsty rednecks will do to the Black Community.

  3. The knowledge you hold is FORBIDDEN SILVER AND GOLD, smh brother you are on your game to the 100th 🔋 power. Modern day martin luther malcolm x walking talking Black Panther in the flesh. Government better not touch you bro for the weight of power knowledge you withhold. My gosh!! Dr umar johnson 💪

    1. iamwilliam2012

      I am building a school for green children of color on mars. Send me your donations for the Nat Turner Martian school of justice! Power to the people and my wallet! ✊🏾💸💰✊🏾

  4. Deep intellectual knowledge drop on the “First Purge” movie 🎥. We are seen as a “Project” and our own will sell us out for 💰Cash for coonin. The experiment of 1967 Univ of Penn is mind blowing.

    1. Vicky Fullard Terry Turner You both are some ignorant mo-fos believing this jiggabooing fool who’s real name ain’t even Umar Johnson. For heaven’s sake, do some research. Jermaine Shoemake is a troll, a smooth talking hustler, a plague that preys on poor (uneducated) black folk. Don’t fall for this trifling heathen. Question what he says… DON’T BE ZOMBIES! 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

    2. Johnny McCoy You’re right, Umar is our savior! What would lead me to think he’s not? I mean, just look at all the marvelous things he’s done for our people. I sincerely apologize for my earlier, derogatory statements concerning his illustrious career. He truly is worthy of our praise. I’ve seen the light! I’m now a committed Umarian and I shall abide faithfully to Dr. Umar Johnson’s teachings. I will go now and repent for my earlier blasphemous comments towards our great leader. Praise thee and praise those that cherish and worship the anointed one… Dr. Umar Johnson… the ONE and ONLY true Prince of PanAfrikanism 🤴🏿

  5. WOW……. All this is good but wait till yall hear the end. 1967 UPenn Martin Seligman Learned Helplessness…. Great example Dr. Umar. Talk that, Yall better listen to this man.

    1. Edward Greene , If these stankn krakkers can murder their own (6 million+) euro zews…… what do you think that these bloodthirsty rednecks will do to the Black Community.

  6. COONS are Brainwashed & Influenced by White Supremacy, whether Rich or Poor, whether Educated or Uneducated, whether Sober or Drunk. COONS have been MENTALLY manipulated, and don’t have the ALPHA gene (like a FEW of US) to resist this SLAVE mentality. It’s an engrained and taught SELF-DESTRUCTION they (the COON) cannot shake.

    1. Xavier Truth , If these stankn krakkers can murder their own (6 million+) euro zews…… what do you think that these bloodthirsty rednecks will do to the Black Community.

    1. La’Toya Lang No sister I’ve never seen the movie but I plan to watch it now. As I’ve said before many of these movies are prophecy concerning future world events

  7. No disrespect intended, but you talk too much!! Idk why u would tell people about a pending bid on a school WHEN U KNOW THERES PEOPLE OUT HERE TRYING TO STOP YOU!! For u to be soooo smart, sometimes the things u do aren’t soooo smart!! Unless your just talking with No intent to buy anything anyways #HumbleYourself & I pray your successful completing your goals

    1. +black Superman you are depressed mentally…your spirit has to be free. that’s where your peace comes from brother.

    2. How classic to answer a question with a question….I’m not sure if animals have souls. I’ve never asked one.. Judging from your brilliant and carnavorish response, I’m assuming they don’t and you think its okay to end their soulless lives and partake in their cancer causing flesh. Whatever floats your canoe..But please be a considerate adult and answer the question..Are dead animals killed or murdered?

    3. HQ Goods The bible says to “”not kill” but really it says “not murder” meaning its a sin to kill senselessly but not when you are protecting yourself or your family. I There is a BIG difference. I study the bible and bear arms just like the good book tells us to. The problem is people have been brainwashed and made docile by these pimp preachers AKA the right hand of the gov.

  8. I believe this is happening all across America in Urban communities. They are killing black people and we don’t even know…..

  9. I know I’m not the only one that sees this blatant scam. He almost always is “about to get the school”. Some, and I mean SOME of what Brother Umar says is true and correct, but he himself is a deceiver. I feel bad for the morons in our tribe. I should start a cult full of single mothers. LOL.

  10. 3,6,9 what’s the next number? Of course it’s 12! Why? Because it’s a pattern! No disrespect doctor but, you have a pattern.

    It might be best to stop speaking on that school. Just ask the people for a donation for your lectures and support your channel. And if the school comes as a by product of personal donations then great!

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