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HALLOWEEN 2018 MOVIE REVIEW – We’re back with another Double Toasted review and today we have a funny movie review a new horror film called HALLOWEEN (2018). It’s not a remake, but a direct sequel to the original movie. It ignores all the other sequels and continues the story of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) as she has to fight off Michael Myers again 40 years after his original attempt to kill her in the original. In this funny video, we take a brief look at the trailer before going in-depth into our review of the movie. Let us know your thoughts on the movie, and the series as a whole, down below.

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65 Replies to “HALLOWEEN 2018 MOVIE REVIEW – Double Toasted Reviews”

  1. This was the funniest review they’ve done in an long time. I laughed all the way through it. Korey actual likened his pursuit of certain weapons to marketing! And Martin basically called Michael’s actions Darwin’s work. Their commentary brought me back to the very first DT video I ever saw, which was their review of the first The Force Awakens teaser. “JJ Abrams is letting you know that those prequels were bullshit!” Brilliant! I’m off today and saw the movie at 11 am. Thanks for brightening up the end of a really tough work week for me.

    1. if been 40 years from halloween I and II, then micheal should be way older and also the fact no-one heed laurie’s warning that everyone should be prepared, boi and also people need to realize that this takes place after the events halloween 1 and 2 and not full remake but more of continuation

    1. Yup, cuz I was trying to reply to a comment, but kept getting denied, not realizing the video was removed and my app had it in cache.

  2. Michael Myers was on a killing spree in my Neighborhood. But he stopped and spared me once he saw the toasty goodness I was wearing from Dtmerch.com

  3. ok guys we love you but seriously that shudder ad was like a shopping channel promotion not saying sell out but my god it was cringy

    1. 🔴 *Alreády wátched HáIIoween 20I8′ ‘ fiIm:* t.co/cyOEDOCijj
      Ungláúbl¡cher.. film! Sehr zú empfehlen.. es áúszúprób¡eren!

  4. Myers is pure evil no reason ,he kills at random he is the boogeyman, Carpenter wanted The audience to question if Myers was human or supernatural that’s what makes him scary

    1. Its true a monk trains to reach the divine, spiritual state of Nirvana, many of them spend their whole lifetime to reach such a state where the body is honed.

      With Micheal Myers its the opposite, as you said pure evil, no compassion he will just kill. Everyone gasped when he went in the house and walked up to the baby crib.

  5. Like Corey said, he’s a shark. He kills. He’s evil. The motivation is kill. Also, he didn’t stumble upon those characters. He saw them earlier and stalked them. He knew who they were.

    1. 🔴 *Alreády wátched HáIIoween 20I8′ ‘ fiIm:* t.co/cyOEDOCijj
      Ungláúbl¡cher.. film! Sehr zú empfehlen.. es áúszúprób¡eren!

  6. I saw the film last night and honestly I liked it as a typical slasher film, and I liked that Laurie was a badass with a gun but but besides that the movie just sorta played out how I expected it beat for beat I mean that one scene surprised me in the car but besides that everything else was pretty generic imho It still was amusing to me how Michael was still INSANELY STRONG for his age even though they creators said they were gonna make him more “Realistic” for this film in various interviews Probably hittin dem Isometrics lol. Though If I can be real While I really enjoyed this movie, I honestly preferred the ending to H20 better, and honestly prefer that as the ending to the series. I mean I know Halloween has so many different “pick your adventure” ways of watching it now so honestly I just like to pretend Resurrection doesnt exist and he H20 was the definitive ending I mean it works and I watch a doc on the only reason they made resurrection was for MONEY so to me I can just pretend that doesnt exist haha. I’d honestly give this film a low matinee as It did exactly what I expected it to do.

    1. +MrFlipperInvader792
      Back to basics? Didn’t know Busta Rhymes doing karate and saying “Trick or Treat muthafucka” was back to basics😂

  7. A head shot still probably won’t work. He got shot 6 times in the original and got up. You just wasting bullets to be honest

    1. *Spoiler* – That’s the only thing l wish they discussed in detail: how in the blue hell after getting blasted and falling from the balcony did they catch him.

    2. 🔴 *Alreády wátched HáIIoween 20I8′ ‘ fiIm:* t.co/cyOEDOCijj
      Ungláúbl¡cher.. film! Sehr zú empfehlen.. es áúszúprób¡eren!

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