BUMBLEBEE 2018 MOVIE TRAILER #2 REACTION – Double Toasted Reviews

BUMBLEBEE 2018 MOVIE TRAILER #2 REACTION – Double Toasted Reviews – What's trending now on YouTube is the newest trailer for Bumblebee as well as mashup compilations of people's reactions and you may be surprised at OUR reactions as we're talkin' not only the new trailer, but the best fights and scenes from the trailer including the rest of Transformers' lore. Could this wash the bad taste out of our mouths from the Transformers series? Find out in this trailer breakdown!

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52 Replies to “BUMBLEBEE 2018 MOVIE TRAILER #2 REACTION – Double Toasted Reviews”

    1. You know what, i know theres kids out there today that really like the G1 look, but i think its a psychological thing, that in their mind they dont want to get into something that was before their time because they feel away.

      And i know theres oldskool fans out there who are ‘open-minded’ and actually like some of the other TF iterations, i’m one of them. G1 and G2 will always be the best to me obviously because i grew up with them, but i did also get into Armada and Energon and the animation was very detailed in those series. I like the web-series too thats pretty good.

  1. ShhhhHHHHHHiiiiiiit. Lol man I wish Martin was here to remind Korey that once again a TF trailer has got him hyped. Hopefully this movie doesn’t let him down.

  2. If John Cena’s character was played by The Rock then I could totally see him fighting Bumblebee cause almost every movie he’s in he does some overly outlandish stuff

    1. Tbh im not even interested in Beefcake John Cena in this movie, im just focused on the G1 Transformers and i hope we get plenty screentime of them too.

    1. And it would be cool if they could get a really good voice impersonator, who could sound alot like Scatman Crothers (they did it well for Tarkin in Rogue One).

    2. +David D. They could do Blaster Arsenio Hall did his voice and he is still alive. Hell Frank Welker is also and he did the voices of at least ten Transformers including Rumble and Frenzy in the cartoon and Cummings also does Ironhide but Michael dumbass Bay did not want Ironhide real voice.

  3. Damn wish Martin could’ve reacted to this but Oz cool too *edit damn I see why Korey saved this reaction for Oz. Pulled out OG Prime still in the package

    1. Hell, you would be surprised at how many actual fangirls (yes, GIRLS ^_^) out there are into ‘Gear on Gear’ action thanks to Transformers ^_^

  4. “I was damn near in tears, but then I saw it. I was damn near in tears because I saw it, cause it was some ol’ bullshit.”
    Good one, Oz. hahahahaha

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