THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS MOVIE REVIEW 2018 – We’re back with another Double Toasted review and today we have a funny movie review for a new children's movie called THE HOUSE WITH A CLOCK IN ITS WALLS starring Jack Black and Cate Blanchett. Based on a book series of the same name, we follow a young boy who moves in with his uncle after the death of his parents, but his uncle is a Warlock and as such an adventure begins. In this funny video, we take a look at the trailer before going in-depth int our review of the film. Let us know your thoughts on the film down below!

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  1. If you want to read a book that clearly influenced Rowling, read ”The Worst Witch.” Wizard school books were ten a penny in Britain back in the ’90s, she was just the one that got lucky.

    1. The minute I first heard of Harry Potter I immediately recalled The Worst Witch. They used to play the live action special on HBO all the time back in the day with Fairuza Balk, Charlotte Rae (RIP) and Tim Curry

    2. In JK’s defense, she wrote the classic young wizard-in-school story with greater worldbuilding and more memorable characters than had been done before… because Harry Potter is The Worst Witch meets Lord of the Rings, lol.

    3. I haven’t read it but I bet the depth isn’t close to Harry Potter. I don’t like Harry Potter really so I’m not being defensive but I highly doubt she was lucky and didn’t just outperform the other books.

    1. 🔴 Watch/DownIoad *The House with a Clock in Its Walls* fiIm:

      Novi trending filmovi, preporučljivo je gledati !!

    1. 🔴 Watch/DownIoad *The House with a Clock in Its Walls* fiIm:

      Novi trending filmovi, preporučljivo je gledati !!

    2. HaydenC27  I generally find that when people say, “I don’t want to hear X talk about politics,” they really just mean, “I don’t want to listen to someone who disagrees with my point of view.” It’s not as though there are actual rules about who is allowed to talk about politics and when that should be. Half the people with a political talk show are not experts on politics.

  2. OMG! Jack Black’s role as a warlock is giving me Skulduggery Pleasant vibes. He is exactly Gordon Edgley. Who read that book series?

  3. I was forced to read the book when I was ten, and it was pretty good. Would like to go see this, but for one thing. Don’t feel like sitting in a dark room full of children for two hours. Learned my lesson with The Incredibles 2. This should be out on cable/streaming soon enough.

    1. DetroitAlan01
      Just don’t go see children-targeted movies during the opening week(s), when I saw THWACITW it was 50/50 kids/adults and the theater was only like 25% full.

  4. jack black ruins this for me. why is he always the same in every movie, you can edit him from his movies and change them one another and you would not see anything different.

    1. movie star = persona. marilyn monroe is always marilyn monroe. jack black is always jack black. you can call it type casting but when that type gets you paid who cares. hemsworth could learn from him since thor is the only persona that makes money at the box office……..

    2. you are all over the place. first of all, i am not talking about typecasting, because that means that an actor or actress doing the same role in different movies. jack black does not do the same role in different movies, he does different roles but he interprets the roles as just simply being jack black, every single time. think of kevin james, adam sandler lately.

      the difference between jack black and people like monroe or astaire or even the rock is granted that these people do their own thing, have their own skills, but they do struggle to do more, to give more. jack black is just lazy because i doubt being annoying takes too much effort or talent.

      any job you do gets paid. some well, some not so much. what makes you you is not what you do, is how you do it.

  5. Ohhh dude Green Inferno is one of the grossest movies I’ve ever seen, the first guy they sacrifice literally is screaming and dying for about 5 minutes while they cut his limbs off and THEN his head (why wouldn’t they just start with the head)

  6. I only now found out from this review that Eli Roth did this. Good for him, I always love seeing horror directors like David Lynch and David Cronenberg delve into unexpected directions, and I honestly think the dude is capable of making better movies.

    1. Jesse Shade yeah I mean he tried earlier this year with Death Wish. He started out trying to make a revenge film remake but it ended up becoming too much of his torture porn style and lost focus

    2. +Celebrity Strudel
      It sort of reminds me when Wes Craven’s CURSED stunk up theaters in 2005 (thanks for the PG-13 reedit, Harvey Weinstein!), we saw Wes follow it up a few months later with the relatively enjoyable thriller RED EYE (even though its ending is terrible). My point is that Eli Roth’s got the same career resiliency as Wes Craven had, and I appreciate that even if Eli’s movies usually miss the mark for me. But then again, so did many of Wes Craven’s movies–and mind you, nothing but love and respect for Wes Craven.

  7. 29:44 why has it become a requirement to have fart and poop jokes in kids/comedy movies.. this continuous trend is getting old 🙄👎 like, I swear it started in the late 90’s with adult comedy flims like dumb n dumber.. but it seriously needs to rest😓

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