Halloween (2018) Spoiler Talk Review: Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

Michael Myers is back in theaters with the release of Halloween (2018), but how does the new film, which ignores all of the previous sequels, measure up to the original? Mike and Chris give their spoiler filled review on the new Halloween!

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57 Replies to “Halloween (2018) Spoiler Talk Review: Let The Bodies Hit The Floor”

    1. You are absolutely right PuReAbelxo that was one reason why I did not enjoy it. It was pretty much a fan flick. Meant to clear up fan theories and have a final showdown with Michael and Laurie.

    2. Dee Ross well, that was the point of the movie… it was pretty damn entertaining aswell. Considering you know, its a movie…

  1. I love this movie so much, I did think the flashback scene with Judy Greer as a kid was a bit forced, as well as the initials on the rifle. No horror movie is perfect though, but it live’s up to the original.

    1. Zombie’s mask was my 2nd avorite. Zombie’s film had great potential sans the white trash beginning. The second film was garbage. Don’t turn MM into Jason Voorhees.

    1. Im not a superfan of the franchise, but Ive always enjoyed the first 2 movies. True classics in the horror genre, and for the first one just a solid movie in general.

      That said, no way could I see this being “better” than the original. At best, I could see someone saying its “as good” as the original tho.

    2. Thank you! I said the exact same thing and all of my horror snob friends told me I was crazy. The original is iconic and will always be what it is, but aside from the score it’s just not a very good movie overall. The first time I saw the original I laughed through almost 80% of it. This one has its issues of course but oh man was it good!

  2. HALLOWEEN Sequel brings back Laurie Strode. Pretends previous sequels never happened.

    Next is TERMINATOR 6 which brings back Sarah Connor, pretends last three sequels never happened.

    Will ALIENS be next, to bring back RIPLEY and pretend the last 6 Aliens films never happened??

  3. I watched it yesterday, my opinion might be skewed because I’m a fan. I honestly enjoyed it. The soundtrack/score was another character in its self. It added another layer of awesome to it. Danny Mcbride and David Green killed it! Overall, go watch it!

  4. Its James Jude Courtney that plays Michael…Nick Castle was in one scene, when she sees him for the first time in the mirror.

    1. marty uribe you thought you would never say anything bad about a Halloween movie until this one? This one was worse than almost all of the sequels to you? That’s unbelievable to me that you liked them all but this one.

    1. I can’t wait to throw the “It’s just not for you” line, like TLJ lovers were tellin’ me. And then of course the classic, “It’s almost breaking records at the box office, so it must be good”, excuse. LOL

    1. GameSpot Universe the twist with the doctor was very clever and I loved the moment when the hunter and hunted swapped roles. It’s not a cage it’s a trap !

    2. I loved when the camera follows Michael after he bumps in to the kids (like the first Halloween) for like 10 minutes while he casually kills a couple of people in their houses. It was really nicely done.

  5. Rest in peace to Donald AKA dr. Loomis and Mama Voorhees the original character from Friday the 13th Donald 94 Mama Voorhees 2015 rest in peace

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