Overboard Movie Review

Mark and Kristian review Overboard.

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64 Replies to “Overboard Movie Review”

    1. Mega MovieZ i know, but im saying in terms of some of their points. Like harloff doesn’t think its for kids, Mark does. Harloff doesn’t think the remake was necessary, Mark does. That type of disagreement.

  1. Surprised to hear you guys were a little positive about the Overboard remake.

    Granted, this movie will be totally left in the dust and will still be considered garbage at the end of the year.

    1. Al’s Variety this movie looks terrible so does the other two movies coming out next weekend breaking in and life of the party aka 💩💩

    2. jack harrington You’d be surprised if those movies, especially Breaking In, does do well despite Infinity War. Plus, I said they were. I haven’t seen other reviews for the Overboard remake, so I don’t know if they liked it or not.

  2. The Goldie Hawn-Kurt russell movie worked once… It was not even great. It was just ok. only an idiot would try it again

    1. Sausage Party had a 80+ on Rotten Tomatoes. Not a legitimate rating source anymore, nothing but BIAS.

  3. I recommend the film instructions not included. Its also with eugenio derbez. Its a great movie imo

  4. Good review you guys 😂 honestly I am going see a quiet place tomorrow or saving my cash for deadpool 2 and solo: a star wars story 😎😉😈.

    1. jack harrington See A Quiet Place in the theater! It’s an amazing experience and an amazing movie! You won’t regret it!

    2. Really is a fantastic movie even if you aren’t a horror fan. I agree with Harloff’s view on the genre. It mostly sucks lol. I’d say Quiet Place is the best horror movie I’ve seen in years.

    3. Gregory Joslin Oh no you mean mainstream horror. Horror films with a wide theatrical release tend to suck. The only good ones lately was a Quiet Place and IT. Now indie horror is INCREDIBLE.

    1. Spudo wtff this was such an amzing movie and wqs focused on the hispanic mexican audience dumbshits. This movie was soo funny everyone wws laughing hard hahah it was such an amazing movie

  5. Why release this movie at this time. Is it because it’s a guy so it’s ok to take advantage of him

  6. This movie had very little marketing. Pretty much the only reason I knew it was coming out was the Cinemark Movie Club ad that runs before the trailers at Cinemarks.

  7. Sounds like a pc sjw movie! Original was so great. This one isn’t for me.
    Will not watch it.

    1. Lizzie Booth that may be correct. Thanks for your opinion about me. You are beautiful and clever. Have a good time in the cinema.

    2. I dont really care if a movie is a remake ill still watch it. Ive seen all the batman, spiderman, and superman movies. Who cares if they are remakes. Dont tell me you dont watch remakes.

  8. I love the Schmoes and love watching Collider but I would love for them to focus on this channel a little more and getting this channel to grow I feel like they’ve been trying to get from 290K to 300K for like 2 years

  9. The original was amazing and you can’t remake a movie that had Kurt Russell looks like Hollywood is definitely out of ideas.

  10. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell were already married when they made Overboard, hence the great chemistry. I’ve never seen a married couple have great chemistry on-screen since then. I haven’t seen A Quiet Place yet, but I hear they have great chemistry too, but it is rare in Hollywood, which I find incredible.

    1. Roger Gregory Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel have never been married. To be fair, they had already been dating for years when they filmed this movie.

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