The Predator (2018) | Movie Review

Okay, let’s talk about how Shane Black messed up the Predator franchise in more ways than one.
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81 Replies to “The Predator (2018) | Movie Review”

    1. But AVP 1 with Lance Henricksen/Bishop was excellent!! AVP 2…wtf was that? I guess this 2018 movie is just a notch above AVP 2. Barely.

    2. shitmandood WTF movie did you watch??? This new Predator movie is the absolute worst Predator movie that has been made so far. AvP2 may not be good but it’s way way better than this trash that just came out. At the very end of the movie they definitely jumped the shark!!! GOD AWFUL!!!! I disagree with Alachia on this movie. This new Predator movie is the absolute worst Predator movie to date bar none.

    3. That’s news to me. So Predator 2018 is the worst of it. We have a new record set for the Predator franchise. It cost $88 million to produce Predator 2018. It made $24 million on the weekend. roffles, man. Dammit, but that is still too much profit for this movie.

    1. Is the “ME TOO” movement really that dedicated to destroying every man ever…not just the ones who really are “predators” of people but even the ones who, twenty, thirty, even forty years ago mentioned, ion passing, that someone was ‘cute’? Demolition of men has become a passion for the third wave feminazi movement…Enough already! Stop denigrating men for one minute and maybe, just maybe, you will see men rising back up to the standard of protector, provider that you have now made men afraid to even WANT to be for fear of demolition through just a hint of complaint from some ‘me too’ mouth who speaks either truth or untruth but the damage is done! No more!

    2. No doubt!! He would make awesome one-liners to that Doctor chick about licking Tapioca pudding off his you-know-what!!!!

    1. gildas wantier There is no predator movie is not going to out do the first one I already know that after predator 2.Hands down.

    2. All of these opinions are very subjective. One movie maybe be liked by some people by some other people won’t. In my opinion, you can’t objectively say movies, tv shows, books, etc. Are objectively good or bad. Its really depended on a persons own tastes

    3. gildas wantier The reality of truth is there are good movies and bad movies period o I forget this new generation of humans are straight stupid you that type of person who can’t tell the difference between the bad movies and good ones you are dumb as hell seriously.

    4. Blade Runner 2049? You mean Ryan Gosling’s stiff acting with a dumb, blank look on his face for nearly 3 hours? Yuk! La La Land is pretentious and overrated, the movie is just Hollywood fellating itself. Guardians 2 is alright though. Dunkirk manages to take dramatic WW2 events and turn it into a cinematic Ambien overdose.

    1. A predator with character development is what they should make, always the predators get killed and are portrayed always as the same ,but they can make a yautja with personality and objetives evolving whithin a history

  1. What I want to see from a Predator movie – and I’m probably in the minority here – is more depth about the predators and how their society works. All we ever get is that they are some kind of space marauders, which doesn’t explain how they became space faring or how they can even sustain a culture.

    1. Mike theJedi I’d Recommend PREY as well. It began the lore expansion that Hunters Planet expand on.
      I always found it an interesting dichotomy that the majority of male Yautja hunt, yet they’re society is matriarchal. Plus I always laugh at how Dachande Fondly remembers being thrown across the room with one arm in a fit a passion by a female while mating. He was such a character.

    2. Bryon Azoulay I think it’s more that many people want a film that focuses on the predator as the main character, with few or no humans in it. They want to see the culture from the Pred’s eyes, not a human point of view like before.

  2. It’s sad that Shane Black, the man responsible for such greats as The Last Boy Scout and The Nice Guys, and Fred Dekker, the responsible for The Monster Squad and Night of the Creeps, are the ones who made this mess of a movie. Of course I should’ve taken it as a bad sign that Brad Jones said to walk into this movie with the expectations of a mid-90s Fred Olen Ray knockoff to achieve maximum enjoyment. Seriously… that’s what I have to set my expectations to, a knockoff, when going to see a movie about the Predator in order to enjoy it…

    1. Fred Dekker receives cool points for his ’80s work but he truly hacked out with RoboCop 3. Many forget about that.

  3. The Predator with Arnold I love.
    Predator 2 was good but not great.
    Predators was ok at best.
    AVP I actually liked. Better than Predators.
    AVP R was horrible.

  4. In my opinion, that first Predator movie’s theme was “facing your fear”. The Predators come to Earth as a rite of passage in to warriorhood, and slowly the characters of the film had to test their own warrior spirit whether they wanted to or not. Most of them ran from it, but in the end, Billy, and Dutch eventually faced it, head on. That yell Dutch gives when he is holding the torch is the ultimate challenge accepted. The audio cue when Billy is on the log and refuses to run any further is the perfect sound of facing your fear. It is supposed to be grim. That is why you face it.

    1. Hollywood just loves ruining our childhood from the 80’s they still got JCVD movies , Action Jackson and Alan Quatermain to go I can’t wait 🙄

  5. Alachia No No No. Predator the first one is a great movie. What plot holes are in that movie. The only one I can name is the mud with the body temperature.

    1. Mythbusters showed that mud can be used to obscure and reduce body heat detections of cause he still has his eyes open and not his entire body is mud covered in the movie haha Predator would of been to OP they needed to give him a flaw.

    2. I loved he first,the second one grew on my after a while and I enjoyed it,but less than the first.Every thing else I can pass

    3. True. The first one is a genuine classic. It really is a masterpiece. The only criticisms that could be levied against it come from people who have no joy or spirit, and clearly don’t get the appeal to begin with. It is perfectly acceptable if it’s not the movie for everyone. It would be like me wasting time seeing some insufferable chick flick and criticizing it. Why bother? It’s obviously not for me. Predator is a classic which no other movie has topped. It’s mainly an action movie, whereas Alien was horror. Aliens is basically somewhere in between the two, half horror, half action. That’s the trifecta right there. Alien 1, Predator, and Aliens. FOX has never topped these. No one has.

    4. The big, big plothole is self-destruct explosion. That should have killed Dutch. The other is when Dutch says, “Get to the chopper” how the heck does Anna know the location of the extraction point without a map or directions.

  6. Can’t wait for the sequel: Predator vs Cosby.

    Plot: Cosby slips the Predator a roofie laced Jello shot. Can Predator survive Cosby’s advances until dawn? Who is the ultimate predator?

    1. omg. I just laughed out loud. although I literally think that was the plot for the Pedators film.. the one on the game planet.

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