How it Ends: in Depth SHTF Movie Review & Analysis

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In this video I do an in depth analysis and review of the recent netflix movie 'How it Ends'. Overall I rate the movie more highly than most critics at 6.7/10.

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87 Replies to “How it Ends: in Depth SHTF Movie Review & Analysis”

    1. He has a best actor in a leading role Oscar along with all the work he can handle. Great actor, not at all underrated.

    1. The most terrifying/destructive aspect of Yellowstone would be the vulcanic ashes. It is too small for many air filters to stop and will turn into cement in the Lang’s. Most simulations I saw show that it would cover most of North America with in 2-5 days …

    2. He would have had to drive past Yellowstone on the way to Seattle, or near it. Didnt seem bad til he got to the coast.

    1. The Secret Government Bunkers were interesting.
      The virus and rain, was a bit over the top.
      but it makes a good time wasting show , none the less.

    1. The ending ruined it for me, it felt like there was so much more and it was just getting interesting and then they hit us with that new character in Seattle…

    1. It wasn’t bad. The script sort of sucked. But all the details were awesome. I would recommend our beginner preppers to take notes.

    2. Clifford Starks I didn’t even know about the movie but am now logged into Netflix and watching it as we speak 👍🏻👍🏻

  1. How about a CME causing a pole shift which make volcanos go off such as Yellowstone and the off shore volcanos near California. The seismic activity offshore causes a tsunami and washes over the costal states. Still not sure about the military significance though.

    1. bphase123 what a bought the plate subduction zone in North west at least 5 type st Hellas volcanoes are in that zone 9.0 rictor would release a huge tsunami . Depends on location of earth quake . Not to mention it trigger effect on the ring of fire and related volcanoes in that zone.

    2. That is as believable an explanation as any others presented here. The movie was pretty ludicrous in that regard: trying to combine every imaginable type of apocalyptic event into one, yet failing utterly to explain what actually happened. I came away from it being both disgusted with the unrealistic creative license taken, yet also impressed with how effective it was at what seem to be the real mission of the film — to show the confusion and danger and unpredictability of an SHTF scenario. The value of the film to me was the exploration of work human psychology would do under those huge, terrifying circumstances. In a not shell, people will quickly turn savage, so you better be prepared. Have your gear and defensive measures sorted out in advance, keep your distance, avoid contact as much as possible, reconnoiter your routes, etc.

    3. Solar Flare was definately involved with the colored sky and taking out the power grid. Much like the Carrington Event.

    1. I personally liked the ending … it was one of those sappy “found refuge” types or “everyone dies” … it left a bit of hope and that life goes on even if it doesn’t

    2. They forgot (or cut out) the girlfriends part of the story … although, if they hadn’t done that they would probably be accused of coping TWD, as the storyline (sequence) seems to strongly resembles that of Rick, his Wife and his Cop Buddy, that he then had to shoot in that field *twice* … even though the guy was obviously not his budy, but the wife’s (somehow) and they would also have had to explain how she survived the thing i explained in my comment. So yeah, bit lame because you don’t get to build up a connection to their side and get to go under the skin of the ‘blooming?’ relation between the couple in the woods… …what i find a bit weaker though is the whole ’empty road’ movie type deal, sure i get that maybe the budget wasn’t there to get that many people and cars on the road (or do it with CGI), but the lone road movie at the main start sort of ruined some part of the reality of it. Heck, if you know how long it took the Military to deal with Katrina, surely they wouldn’t have set up check points in under a day…

  2. I really like how you use the movie review as a vehicle to share knowledge about after the collapse similar to how you do with the walking dead

  3. The critics were hard on the movie because there was no feminist taking charge, and no cuck wearing a vagina hat.
    See, it obviously doesn’t reflect real life.

    Thanks for the review

    1. +Nick, I don’t disagree. My point was that Martin went on an immature rant saying that critics were hard on the movie because it wasn’t feminist enough, when it appears that is completely made up, and it’s just Martin blaming feminism for things it has nothing to do with. Which reminds me of those INCEL guys, who go around blaming women for being so horrible because they can’t get laid when the real reason they can’t get laid is because they are shitty men.

  4. The best 2 characters Witiker and the machanic girl should have been the focus, both leave the movie too early.

  5. No way lol I watched this movie like 3 hours ago lol I thought the guy was stupid for only taking the two tanks of gas by the wrecked train with military equipment everywhere.

    1. Also if it was an anbush to make that convoy crash the gear would have been gone already or about to be gone… Just a thought

    2. I thought of the scene more as a euphemism than an actual event. Basically in an earlier scene ones sees the calvary racing to the rescue down the tracks. Later we see the train wreck which is the federal response. And the only thing that the heroes get from the train wreck is a couple of cans of gas, which are actually diesel and foul up their caddy. Having watched some of the videos from people after natural disasters in the US the federal government is going to be about useless in a crisis.

      One can take the symbolism one step further and tie it to the Native Americans. The American train going West that ends in disaster.

    3. He could of taken a humvee. And plenty of ammo and rifles. And maybe MREs. And btw, the gas was most probably diesel. Not flammable and can’t be used in a gasoline car.

    4. I would had camped out there, grabbed 4)249s and all the ammo that could break my back with, and guess what? One HMWV was on all 4s..I’m driving that! Locked steering wheel or not! 3 degrees to the left, 3 degree to the right..not my 1st rodeo. I used to repo Commanders & SGM vehicles in Iraq! (long story) Good times! What a rush! There would had been tons of 1st aid, road flares, shovels, tools, armor, MRE, water, a multitude of goodies. That was like the goldmine, and he just walks past it all. I was like “WOW!”. But that’s just me. That cache (cash) would had been a game changer.

    1. I wanted to B!tch slap him! (Ppte) but I do believe that there are people like that. I thought he took too long to smarten up.

    2. glen1arthur no way are people just jumping out of perfectly moving vehicles in the middle of a fire storm to help someone change a tire and not see it as a set up. I remember how people acted during Katrina. That’s real.

    3. Yep you might be surprised how stupid and naive some people can be. I know people that get scared when there is a gun on a table in the same room as them. Lol

  6. It was closer to an ABC Afterschool Special. I give it a 5 only because the disaster scenes were pretty realistic and cool looking. Acting was a 3.5. Firearm handling by a 27 year military veteran was a 1. Turning it into 6 episode mini-series would have been awesome because then each scene could have been developed better and given the actors time to be … better actors 😀

  7. I noticed a few details that give me an idea of the cause. First was the scene with the compass spinning. Next was the recurring shots of flocking and migrating birds. Finally was the sight of the aurora borealis.
    These all are controlled by the Earth’s magnetic field.
    The compass not pointing North means that magnetic North isn’t there anymore, the fact that it was spinning mean the magnetic field was moving.
    The birds flocking in the desert is a symptom of the avian natural sensitivity to the magnetic field has steered them into the desert. Furthermore, there were multiple shots of birds migrating away from the disturbance in the magnetic field.
    The aurora borealis is commonly seen in the far North where solar winds and the magnetic field work together to illuminate the gasses in the upper atmosphere, but he was in Iowa, not Alaska or Northern Canada. Maybe this magnetic field disruption is bigger than just a rift but actually the beginning of a pole shift? If this is a pole shift, then this is JUST the beginning of the disaster and going to get much worse.

    Some things to consider about the Earth’s magnetic field is that it’s basically trapped electricity. If you don’t believe me, consider lightning. It doesn’t magically appear from space, it comes from the Earth, goes into clouds, and returns to Earth. Lightning comes from the Earth and if something is wrong with the Earth’s magnetic field, this will stimulate more lighting.
    It’s long been known that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions release small EMPs, but what people don’t realize is that the Earth is a huge magnet that holds the earth’s crust together within the magnetic field. If that magnet is disrupted, so is the crust, and cause Earthquakes, release EMPs, cause tsunamis and volcanic eruptions.
    Move the magnet, and you move the crust.
    Thru the whole movie, once the event began, none of the radio stations or HAM operators had a clean signal. They all had some measure of static over their transmissions. This is another sign of a disruption in the magnetic field. If you ever watch videos of live transitions during earthquakes, you’ll notice some snowy static, that’s the EMP released from the Earth. (Not hard wired video or recorded in camera, but radio transmitted video to it’s recorder.) While some people may argue that the static is caused by the shaking, I know that no amount of shaking can cause static, RF signal interference cause static.

    1. Except that a real pole shift wouldnt cause any of this. More likely a solar flare from the Sun that triggered a geological event.

    2. Scorch428
      Close, but no cigar. A CME could bend the Earth’s magnetic field, that’s correct. It could even shift it, that’s also true. And a CME could trigger a polar shift, correct. And a CME would release EMPs. But the whole planet would get hit by the EMP at the same time planet wide at the same time. But we didn’t see that.
      CMEs happen all the time and we see them all the time. In fact, scientists can see them hours before the CME will reach the Earth. What isn’t common is for a CME to be pointed directly in Earth’s path. If a CME was pointed in our path AND strong enough to have bent the Earth’s axis enough to spin a compass like a small motor, the solar wind also would have been strong enough to scorch the planet and darkened the sky with ash. I refer you to the Chicxulub meteor that darkened the sky so much that it led to the extinction of 90% of all animal and plant species on the planet. And that was only a 9 mile wide rock. Nothing nearly as powerful as the sun.
      If it were a CME, human beings in the sunlight would have gotten much worse than simple sunburns but no one was burning in the sunlight for days after. Also, the air would be like breathing burning hot steam and it wasn’t.
      The only major quakes in the movie were in already seismicly unstable ground because the magnetic field is moving and the weak spots will move first. However, didn’t you notice the rumbles even in non quake zones? Or towards the end, when the crust layer was moving so in the West Coast and moving East? So much that the entire bedrock was becoming unstable and collapsing Eastward into what was previously stable ground? Was the sun doing that or was the crust moving?
      If you really believe it’s a CME, put on some SPF 30,000 and ride it out.
      But the Earth is basically a big magnet, Earth’s crust is floating on liquid thats held in place by the magnetic field. When the poles move, the crust moves with the magnet too. And despite what they taught you in school, the Earth’s crust isn’t solid. It’s mostly rocks, sand and soil packed together that are prone to moving with very little provocation. The grinding of rocks and bedrock plates is strong enough to release regional EMP waved. This is a scientific fact that’s recorded in every earthquake. A CME would release one single EMP that would affect the whole planet at the same time, not regionally as it was portrayed in the movie. Cracks and sinkholes are constantly forming and moving because it’s much more fragile than people realize and held together by such a fragile force of nature.
      And please, before you reply with a 5th grade answer that the crust is held in place by gravity, please rethink that reply. There is so much more involved than just gravity.

    3. So Horror Animo, what happens if you hold a small magnet freely suspended inside the field lines of a large magnet? and what happens to the small magnet if you flip the large magnet upside down? … see the light yet ? 😉 … if not click *more*

      And consider where the light generally comes from, then read the above again… 😉

  8. Tail lights have reflectors build into them so merely taking out the bulbs or the fuse / relay wont prevent other car’s headlights from reflecting off them from behind. Duct taping over them is the quick and easy way to stop that light reflection.

    1. Paint would work too, but duct tape is multipurpose and can be peeled back off and used for a million other things.

  9. *Time Stamp*

    4:00 Seperated Family members during unknown SHTF
    4:29 Fabricated News
    6:01 Power grid is down
    6:36 Bug Out Bag
    6:55 *Military* presence with Jets in sky
    7:20 Get Outta Dodge *GOD*
    7:58 Bug Out Location *BOL* for wife
    8:48 Traffic Jams are crazy ~ No EMP, cause cars are running.
    10:31 Explore different Bug out routes , from city
    10:55 Satellites , cell phones, GPS is down (is it an Emp, solar flare??)
    11:42 Female Bait / Male Marauders are at gas station (Barter item = Cash)
    *Nanny State* LOL
    14:43 Dealing with a *Military* Check point
    17:05 Railroad Train with *Military* Tanks , equipment etc.
    18:02 Passing through a Max Prison area and shoot out
    18:53 Pass through a Native American reservation & Pick up a female mechanic.
    *The native prophecies have arrived* Nature is communicating a Big SHTF.
    22:01 Duct tape vehicle lights ~ Escape and Evade prepper action / Compass is spinning wildly.
    23:33 City lifestyle vs Rez lifestlye.
    24:41 Crazy Lightning storm and clouds
    25:06 Jericho town = Road barricades set up *Trespassers will be shoot*
    26:14 Having rural town friends = Prepper Passport = more info and resupply areas.
    27:11 Down passenger airplane (EMP ?? ) & Temp is increasing.
    28:07 Scavenger skills in play
    28:44 *Military* Helicopter (4th Military Presence in the movie)
    Mention of Army Base ,Minute men , Missile Silos,
    She says *Just the Irony , that Cheyenne, Chinook , Chickasaw, Apache. Just think its funny that the Army named its Helicopters after Tribes they tried to wipe out.*
    29:42 Geomagnetic Storm showing in Power lines.
    30:42 they receive a temp cell connection and the road is filled with Refugees heading away from Wild Fire
    31:32 Gas robbery scene / Native Girl leaves group.
    32:22 Derailed Military Train / Scavenger skills in play. (5th appearance of military)
    34:22 Prepper medical skills are in play for the father / Medical kit a must have.
    35:08 Operating Power plant
    35:48 Bridge Troll marauders
    36:28 Member of group dies / Death is inevitable in SHTF , deal with it.
    37:05 Hunter scene / source of food is hunting , trapping, foraging, NO MORE GROCERY STOREs.
    37:25 Meet up with Desperate refugee Families whom are travelling to safer lands (CANADA)
    38:19 Bug out location *BOL* for resupply, cache, rest. (Fathers home)
    39:00 Barter Skills in play ~ Home for Vehicle
    39:15 No more Ammo , City is destroyed , Air is polluted, Massive deaths in city
    40:57 Wife has bugged out to mountains, and left message on survived apartment wall.
    41:15 Cabin scene … delusional neighbor, pregnant wife,
    41:59 Northern lights show up at night ….camp Fire scene, Neighbor and wife, describe the Giant Waves hitting the City in minutes….Software Engineer Neighbor is full of conspiracy theories based on his War Game simulations and tons of SHTF scenarios believing it to be a Coastal Nuclear bomb, which creates an earthquake and Tidal Waves, followed by a Virus , to take down the power grid & communications, creating mass chaos.
    44:10 How Cults are started.
    Ending : Neighbour gets shot by Husband..

    1. Duff Man HA!😃
      I like to think it was a courtesy for those that would like to go to the exact moment in the video of a particular topic being discussed. Maybe.

    2. Kanzee thanks for your Time Stamp review. I love doing that on videos too. Although I tend to add more of my own commentary kind of like the video series produced by “Cinema Sins” (Everything Wrong with…) I love his videos because I catch a lot of stuff too. Whether people realize it yet or not, Candian Prepper is performing a valuable free service by reviewing & gleaning what can be used from such movies/TV shows.
      My wife jokingly likes to say: _”The first person to die will probably be the guy that hasn’t seen as many disaster & horror movie as I have!”_ HA!

      As for my causal analysis, as I’ve already admitted, while anything is possible, I believe my analysis is the most plausible. Thanks!

  10. Ever see something so stupid it gives you Forrest Whitaker eye? That’s what I had when they killed the fake cop and left his shotgun and revolver behind 🤦

    1. CTFU. I like that saying. But I was thinking the same exact thing.
      If I’m going across the country I would want to have as much weapons ammo an supplies as I could get

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