Halloween (2018) – Spoiler-Free Movie Review

The wait is over and Michael Myers is back! Ignoring all sequels, Halloween takes us back to the original John Carpenter classic to tell the story of a very different Laurie Strode as she prepares and waits for the inevitable return of the Boogeyman. With huge anticipation and overwhelmingly positive reception, is Halloween the sequel we've all been waiting for?

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72 Replies to “Halloween (2018) – Spoiler-Free Movie Review”

  1. I’m so excited to see this tomorrow! My first Halloween movie in Theaters!
    Saturday : Omg I Freaking Loved It ! It was really good

    1. How was it?

      I thought it was fantastic. I saw h20 as a kid (skipped Kung fu resurrection) and saw both rob zombie atrocities in theaters. Best Halloween experience I’ve ever had. I wish this was out on video already so I can see all the extras Lol

    2. I need to ask you guys a serious question. Did the grand daughter and her friends have more screen time than Laurie Strode?

    1. +Tony well… thats your thoughts and that’s fair… but H20 is better to me because they wrote Laurie’s character way better.. she is more believable and her relationship with her child is more complex. Micheal is better in this movie… Sure.. and the kills are better..BUT a story is about it’s characters. Without character who cares! And the characters in H20 are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Way way better … This movie is so terribly written. It’s almost amazing in it’s disappointment

    2. gerald the_science_guy BOOYAH! EXACTLY! Was gunna say the same exact thing, but you did it for me! Lol AWESOME

  2. So that’s 2 YouTubers I watch that are disappointed with the movie you and Chris Stuckmann. I’m interested in what Lee thinks.

    1. It’s funny! Most of the people who overly ridicule the RZ Halloween Series, and just as much openly admit and bag on how bad the original series Sequels are! Lol! Kinda makes one wonder if those kind of people are actually as true of fans as they say they! Zombies movies(especially H2), where Great(they were just a different type of interpretation of the Halloween Series)! People really need to get over the fact that they were different and their own thing and just move on already! BEING DIFFERENT OR NOT WHAT ONES USED TO DOES NOT MAKE IT BAD, OR TERRIBLE,OR WHATEVER!!! Lol

    2. +Western Kratom 2 Hey hes not fat keyboard warrior . You probably are sitting in front of the computer criticizing someone who has 20,000 subs so good one troll. Cody isnt easily triggered.

  3. wow man. not even top 5? no way this movie is worse than 5, 6, h20, resurrection, or either zombie films. i just saw it, i honestly thought you were gonna be like “just kidding” or something when you said you were disappointed. best since 1978 in my opinion.

    1. Cody Leach watched the RZH2 review right after this one. for some reason your opinion on 2018 made me think you like RZH2. i’m on the closer side of defending it than hating it but still can’t say it’s better than the new film. btw love the channel man. disagree here though

    2. NBG CHEESE You stupid fucks need to stop determining your opinions off this movie based off of his opinions. Seriously, grow some fukin balls

    1. Peter i honestly really enjoyed Cult of Chucky but can understand why people didn’t. But I’m with you here. I for the life of me honestly can’t understand what so many fans are loving about this movie. It was an atrocity and so boring. Laurie wasn’t even the main focus the way the trailers made her seem. With the house of all the booby traps and isolation, I was expecting to see Michael break through all her defenses and have a battle along the lines of Nancy with all her booby traps against Freddy Krueger in the original 1984 nightmare on elm street. There was hardly any showdown at all. All those doors opening and closing weren’t even used against Michael. They were all used for herself. It actually almost came off like she “over prepared” more than she needed to. Such a huge letdown.

    2. I agree!!! What i loved about this movie is Jamie Lee Curtis. But her character was completely underutilized (including Judy Greer’s character). The 3rd act, although exciting compared to the rest of the movie, was still extremely underwhelming! At the very end of the movie, the people in the theatre looked at each other and were like…”was that it?” All the “good scenes” were spoiled in the trailer. The closet scene in the trailer made me very excited to see what was going to happen…and then that scene was so short and clogged with stereotypes. You have the blonde chick who is running away, and then she suddenly slips and falls before she dies. Then you have the little kid who runs away in such a comedic way, that it took all the suspense away from that scene (not that there were any suspense to begin with). And then her boyfriend gets killed offscreen. What the hell was that about? Also very disappointed with the score…it was dull and underwhelming, unlike the original movie and even some of the other movies. It sounded louder and better in the trailer tbh. But there were things i liked, its just that the shittiness overpowered the awesomeness, so i cannot remember everything i liked. Going to have to watch it again just to make sure i saw the right movie. 😱

    3. Peter yes! I have been saying that too. IMO John’s score sounded way better on audio and over YouTube, yet somehow it just didn’t transfer well onto the screen at all and was playing way too low IMO. it wasn’t effectively utilized whatsoever. And then you have Michael killing a young kid here in this movie for the first time, which also now brings my qualm of why adult versions Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace were never written into this movie to help Laurie considering they survived Michael too. She wasn’t the only survivor like they make it seem.

    1. +TheJoker27780 Rob Zombies Halloween 2 was great up until the point Laurie wakes up from the dream. Opening scene is awesome. Brad Dourifs performance was incredible especially when Danielle Harris character dies. Kills are pretty good and brutal, but thats the end of my positives. The movie imo was the worst Halloween movie, period.

    2. Halloween 2018 for me is right up there with H1 & H2 (Still dont know why H2 was ignored and Laurie not being Michaels sister didn’t change anything about the new movie)

    3. I was thinking the same thing lol. He loves Rob Zombie’s Halloween II.
      I guess because Michael Myers doesn’t grunt and doesn’t stab somebody 11 times in this movie.

    4. I liked RZ2 but this new one i liked better does it discredit me to because i like Rz2. I love the new one 8.5 but like Zombies part 2 like i asked does it make me not a Halloween fan too cause ive been one longer then most of you criticizing Cody. While he might have not been a Halloween fan all his life he is still a horror fan with his own opinion.

  4. Just saw it: Man it was way better than you are giving it credit for!! This movie was about PTSD and, even though its a popular opinion, done in a much more believable way than H2 (which I didn’t hate btw.) I think it was going to be impossible to live up to the hype because of how mad its been since the last couple reworks/reboots (F13 reboot was good.) Everyone has an opinion, obviously you are entitled to yours as I love your reviews, but I feel like you might like it more on a second watch without the hype. The cop scene I think was a throwback to Halloween 5 with the two dunces imo. I could be wrong though.

    1. Watching a few bad reviews before I went in to watch it definitely helped to take a little of the hype edge off. Loved the movie.

    2. No no no, H20 was much more realistic it is totally unbelievable turning Laurie into a Sarah Connor type character was nonsensical.

    3. DNICE41 H20 wasn’t bad but the script wasn’t great. She trained for 40 years, reliving the event over and over again. You got to see her training. 40 years is definitely enough time for someone to become proficient with firearms. Plus, since JLC is against firearms, she only uses Winchester, revolver and that shotgun (all weapons that JLC claims fall under the 2A.) I don’t think she was Sarah Connor per say but definitely badass. A different version of PTSD than H20 but superior in my opinion

    4. +Kyle Bardwell I accept the internal logic of the premise it’s just people go through horrible things all the time. They dont spend decades building a base camp full of booby traps and ammunition waiting for said bad thing to happen again. I thought it was an over the top reaction by the character that borders on fantasy. It didn’t fit with the more grounded tone of the rest of the film.

    1. I need to ask you guys a question. Did the grand daughter and her friends have more screen time than Laurie Strode?

  5. The movie gave me mixed feelings just everywhere, I left and was just like I don’t know how to feel. 😕 that emoji describes my reaction after walking out of the theater.

  6. Your review is 100% exactly what I thought!! I couldn’t stand the daughter actress in the role and I actually said during movie (daughters husband)…”did he really just say that” and the dr character made me laugh to myself when I thought about the head elf from THE NIGHT THEY SAVED CHRISTMAS! LOL your gunshots were the scarriest part of my night

  7. Honest and fair review brother. Obviously I enjoyed a lot of the things that you didn’t like, but that’s what opinions are all about. Opinions are not facts and for people to attack you because of your opinion on a movie is just wrong. Had to get this out there.

    1. I’m with Cody on this one. This could of been a MUCH better movie.
      The writing was atrocious. I DO NOT WANT sustained humor in my
      Halloween movie! Sorry. And there’s so much that disappointed me.
      It all comes down to the script, and that script had problems.
      They re-shot the ending, parts of the third act!
      It was a mess, the ending was stupid, but overall still worth seeing for fans as
      Michael is great and it had some decent kills. But again, it could of been a
      much better film.
      I prefer H20 honestly.

    2. I need to ask u guys a question. Did the grand daughter and her friends have more screen time than Laurie Strode?

  8. My main negative is the “new Loomis” I was so upset at the direction they took that character but that’s my opinion. Absolutely agree with you there! Still good. Probably most kills in franchise

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