From #BeyondTheBlackRainbow director, Panos Cosmatos, comes a heavy-metal odyssey of romance, revenge, deranged bikers, crazy evil, and of course… Nicolas Cage! This is our MOVIE REVIEW!!!

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45 Replies to “MANDY (2018) – MOVIE REVIEW!!!”

    1. I already pre-ordered the Blu-Ray. I also loved this movie when I saw it in the cinema. I plan on doing a double feature with this and Beyond the Black Rainbow, which I also really enjoyed. Neither film is for “normal” people though. 😛

    1. kenchun24 alright, relax buddy. This movie was not as profound as u think. You’re the kind of guy that would look at a blank canvas and call it art.

    2. While the film will have its fans and praise from critics, this will certainly have its detractors as well. It’s a primordial love or hate film especially for a film that relies on metaphors and visual style for a relatively simple tale of revenge. I absolutely got into it after the halfway point and will definitely see it a few more times to further my understanding of the film.

    3. kenchun24 how hypocritical, u criticize people that don’t like art house films, but when people criticize your taste in film, its because they don’t appreciate art? Stop trying to make yourself feel special, its pathetic

  1. Thanks for joining us, #RejectNation!! What’s your favorite off-the-wall Nic Cage performance?!

    Also HUGE thanks to everyone who’s been downloading and following us over on the #StardustApp!! To check out more of our 30 second reviews, reactions, & micro-sketches, download the app and don’t forget to FOLLOW US FIRST!!!

    1. The Reel Rejects I do have stardust and I did review it and it was incredible and amazing, best movie from him in a very very long time, truly a masterpiece comeback, I expect more from him when he returns to spider man into the spider verse comes out on December 14,2018 the same day as my dads birthday, so I’ll hope it’s good as it worth it, going to catch it up. But anyway, awesome reviews guys, good job, I’m proud of you

    2. Please react to Special gift****Donnie Mc Clurkin’s with Lynette Hawkins(HD) & to My Last Day (English)– the Jesus Anime

    1. lol Stallone directed cobra, Panos may have been the named director but he had nothing to do with that movie lol was all stallone

  2. Absolutely good, nick cage came back and he had the best performance I ever seen and it is truly a masterpiece and excellent, such a good movie to watch

  3. I dunno what it is… i love your reviews/reactions… but the volume of your videos is super low. I always struggle to hear what your saying. :/

  4. totally had a similar experience in my theater. People were laughing during the bathroom scene while i sat there gobsmacked by Nick Cage’s raw performance. Really weird.

  5. I like the Metal Album art cover moments in the film.. and the bathroom freakout scene, I thought Nic Cage was actually reined in a bit and did not go full-out crazy as one would expect

    1. His manic energy was used effectively for his character arc and the surreal nature of the film’s world fits his type of performance and character perfectly. It’s why this is one of his most memorable roles in years.

    1. I had no idea he made the score for this movie but now it makes sense, almost any movie that guy made music for was fucking amazing. Even the music In Dishonored (the game) was amazing thanks to this genius. RIP indeed 🙁

  6. I feel like Nicholas Cage works more than any other actor. He’s in so many damn movies, nothing really good but an actor acts.
    I feel like he’s earned his honorary comeback

  7. I was at the Egyptian too with the Q&A, from the right side of the first floor. (First time at the Egyptian) Infinitely better projection than the first time I saw at Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival in Korea, and also enjoyed it even more this time around.
    I saw 23 Nic Cage movies this year (almost all VODs), and it was completely worth it when I actually got to see Nic Cage in the flesh.
    Honorable mention of “Mom and Dad,” which also features the incredible Cage rages.
    Dishonorable mention of “Arsenal” for having the worst Cage hair.
    Super dishonorable mention of “Left Behind” for being the worst out of the 23.

  8. The Cage forged an axe from molten lava, participated a chainsaw fight and crushed a man’s head while hopped up on pure liquid LSD, nuff said

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