WHITE BOY RICK MOVIE REVIEW 2018 -We’re back with another Double Toasted review and today we have a funny movie review for a new movie called WHITE BOY RICK starring Matthew McConaughey. Based on the true story of Richard Wershe, who became a drug kingpin after working for the FBI at a young age as an informant. In this funny video, we take a look at the trailer before going in-depth into our review of the film. Let us know your thoughts on the movie down below!

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55 Replies to “WHITE BOY RICK MOVIE REVIEW 2018”

  1. I’m up at 3 am with a nasty cold, my two year old is tossing and turning with a cold AND a fever (I know, poor baby 😥), and I I have to take him into the doctors in four hours but at least I have DT! ❤️

  2. I was looking at the tv spot and thinking “We need a ban on rise and fall story that involves drugs set in the 70-80-90”

    We don’t really need new one after the wolf of wall street

  3. This movie was made solely because of the “White Boy” part of the story. White folks think it’s some great anomaly or contrast to see themselves involved in drug running and distribution. Y’all been there from the beginning. It’s just that nonwhites usually get the sharp end of the stick and the media attention.

    1. +james jordan Nicaraguan Contras were terrorist or were they freedom fighters? They were fighting a communist regime, but nonetheless you’re right about cocaine being sold in black communities with CIA involvement.

    2. If you are interested accurate information regarding Rick Wershe’s story please visit our page. Thanks in advance! Free Rick! facebook .com/FreeRickWersheJr/

      “Detroit media coverage of the story of Richard Wershe, Jr., better known to the public as White Boy Rick thanks to relentless media use of that nickname, has been deplorable, shoddy and often wrong for close to 30 years. The inexcusable erroneous reporting calling him a “drug lord” and “kingpin” is one of the reasons Wershe has been in prison since age 18. Detroit’s news media owes it to this man to finally tell his story correctly.” www. thedimedroppers. com/2015/09/a-media-smear-that-has-lasted-nearly-30.html

    1. dbzking02 I agreed with Korey’s criticisms but I don’t think that brought the movie down to a rental. I think it’s worth matinee price.

  4. That real cop who played Eddie’s chief in Beverly Hill’s Cop was suspected of taking money involving some of the white boy rick associates.

    1. Also, that same chief is the one that first movie was based off of. Eddie was playing him, according to a mutual association. Of course some things were exaggerated for film but yeah that was supposed to be his story.

  5. It was not that bad growing up in the 80s in Detroit don’t let these movies give you a negative view of our city n as far as white boy Rick he wasn’t no notorious gangster now that’s funny. Detroit is no different than any other city. But as far him being kingpin it was a whole lot of ppl in there teens driving the latest Mercedes, BMW or cars in Detroit in that era.

  6. The trailer was misleading. It gave me the impression that this was going to be the white version of Straight Outta Compton and it was anything but that. This isn’t to say the movie was bad, this does feel like something you would catch at a film festival. While I agree with all the points Korey made, I actually really enjoyed the film. #highmatinee

    1. https://youtu.be/qns48PtK2io
      This trailer. And when I say the white version of SoC, I meant that I thought we were going to get a fun, glamorized and dramatized biopic – I think a better comparison of what it seemed like we were getting is something along the lines of American Made. Instead it’s a dreary hipster film.

  7. I know this a movie review show, and you got to review movies that you have to watch. This one don’t even look that interesting to me. Really like you said in the other videos that this months is nothing but a drag. There’s like nothing out there really worthy to go out and spend my money on. I’m just looking forward to that Black Alien Tar movie. You know the one that possess the dude in a black goo, and likes to eat human limbs off. Ether than that there’s nothing else. I’m kind of sad that Henry Cavill is no longer the boyscout in blue, and Affleck is gone. I told my wife about that and she just don’t care on bit. I had to suffer in a lonely cold room all by myself. There’s no point in making any DC movie ever again. This show I’m watching is weird. It’s about a ancient vampire that wants to do good now so in modern time he becomes a detective, and help others in this job while fighting the urge for blood. It’s pretty corny, but fun to watch. I wish that moviestop would have stayed, but they didn’t last. Now I got to order dvds from Amazon now. I hate waiting for it in the mail, all because I to cheap to pay extra for fast shipping. I had one order that I place just the beginning of this month just for a small single lock, the damn thing won’t arrive till October. That’s freaking crazy.

  8. Most of the drug crews in Detroit were made up of teens with the kingpins being those who made it to their 20’s. Rick wasn’t in business long enough to make it kingpin status, but it’s still a crazy story.

  9. Definitely did NO research for this review. Richard Wershe Sr wasn’t selling all the guns legally, the dude was even selling grenades. The reason the FBI was able to get Rick to be an informant was because they had all kind of stuff on his dad. Rick was keeping his dad out of prison by doing it. And the thing about the actor Richie Merritt not having any range, that’s because he’s not an actor at all, he didn’t even know who Matthew McConaughey was. They found him at a high school in Baltimore and they were about to give up trying to cast from that area, but the principle of the school told them he had the perfect person for the role because he stayed in trouble and fit the part perfectly. Matthew McConaughey said he and the crew were scared that Richie would say screw it and hop a bus back home at any time. Haha

  10. I just spit out my orange juice during that “Juicy” video commentary…can you just do a video on creepy music videos? LOL!!

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