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The fourth chapter in the Insidious franchise finds Elise battling demons and spirits in her childhood home. Is this new chapter worthy of the franchise or is Insidious The Last Key yet another January horror disaster?

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  1. Right the first 2 was great. When they dive away from the main characters from the other two movies. They should of stop it there. Got to give credit to the woman she holes that story on her shoulders really strong she’s a great actor does a good job. for a woman in her 70s but other characters in the movies don’t hold a candle to her when it comes to the acting. They just not worth watching. this movie was so so I don’t think they can come back to doing another movie. If they did the next one will 100% go straight to DVD with all different bad actors I think its funny how the director push in a romance in the movie. A lot of people felt awkward by it. And it did nothing for the movie.

  2. Hey man will you be doing a review for Jeepers Creepers 3, or is that bad that it doesn’t deserve to be reviewed?

  3. Prequels have been good lately. Annabelle creation & Quija origin of evil worked so they made this one. I think it’s haunted house fatigue.
    Good review I just noticed her as the elm street high school teacher this year. ?
    Yeah no James Waan is a deal breaker, he’s like the Spielberg of horror movies. Waan will probably be remembered for being this generations John Carpenter.

  4. You and I have the same opinion about this movie Cody. Just like I said in my review, I didn’t like the main demon at all. It was’t threatening or scary-looking at all. It look more like a rag doll to me. The humor between Specs and Tucker, which as been funny in the first 3 movies, it’s funny at all in this one. It looks forced and none of the lines were funny. I still enjoyed film mainly because of Lin Shaye’s performance. But, it s time to closed this series out as we don’t have to this become the next Paranormal Activity.

  5. I find it was a great build up only to end on well a fart really. I love love love Insidious and honestly in contrast to you hated 3 (Not all of it) And 1 and 2 would have been fine on their own to end there. There was originally talks to make a mini t.v series about Elise, Specs and Tucker as a homage to ghost hunting shows and honestly I wish we got that instead. These demons would make for great 20-40 minute segments and that’s it ya know? I don’t want this series to fatigue and die off like many great series have. I feel they should make the real 3 to show what happened with the girl at the end of 2 and just close it.

  6. Disagree. From best to worst by number of film: 1, 4, 2, 3. Though I would like to see your review of #1.

  7. Definitely the weakest link in the series, the only thing story wise that bothered me was how in the end smacking the main demon in the face with the lantern got rid of it? That just seemed like a cheap way to get rid of it, maybe I ended up missing why that worked, but the guy who plays the father in the flashbacks (I can’t think of his name, from the collector movies) was cool, I really enjoy him and he did pretty good with the role, definitely spot on about the humor, was pretty cringe

  8. Finally got around to watching this. All I can say is that I love the first one, I like the second and I did not like the third and fourth ?

  9. Looks interesting…. I might get trought the franchise only for this movoe even if it’s not that good, but not as bad! Btw, are young to do reviews for The Conjuring Series or The Exorcist 1973?

  10. Part 1. great
    Part 2. Ok
    Part 3. Ok
    Part 4. Meh
    Great vid man love ur channel!

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